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Attention Employers: Join the Year-End Hiring Challenge, and get jobs filled now!!

Do you have jobs that have been open more than 30, 60 and even 90 days? Has your internal team struggled to fill those hard-to-fill jobs, but they also have to balance their time filling the jobs you have active applicants for, on a timely basis? Is sourcing for those tough roles taking up all of your teams' precious time? Then join RecruitAlliance's Year End Hiring Challenge!!

As the preferred talent acquisition marketplace for global companies, RecruitAlliance can help busy talent acquisition departments streamline and manage relationships with recruiting agencies. Whether you work with your current preferred vendors in the marketplace, or opt to begin new partnerships with other agencies in the network, you are in control of the fee you pay upon hire, and you only deal with one payee. Every placement comes with a 90 day, money back guarantee (*outlined in the terms and conditions), and instead of merely interviewing an active applicant pool, you'll gain access to passive top talent.

RecruitAlliance is risk-free (never pay anything if you don't hire through the marketplace), saves you time and money, and much more!

Learn more about the Year End Recruiting Challenge now!

Scalable Recruitment: Meet Headcount Requirements Starting NOW

Your talent acquisition department has just been tasked with hiring 350 employees to staff a new location for your growing company. Your internal recruitment staff is already struggling to reach their performance metrics, and their requisition count continues to increase on a weekly basis. Staff morale is quickly plummeting, because the team feels they are on a 'mission impossible'. As a Human Resources (HR) or Talent Acquisition (TA) leader, how do win this challenge?

You've looked in to hiring a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company, but you're weary of handing over such a large project to an outside vendor. What if the RPO doesn't deliver? How will you explain to the executive leadership and the Board of Directors that you can't reach the headcount goals? You know that your internal recruiting team will scramble to attract and recruit candidates to fill the open requisitions, but will quality be sacrificed? This vicious cycle gets worse, and is perpetuated in the retention issues you'll have down the road.

Are you ready to find a solution that provides your company with a flexible, cost-effective option to put you in control of scalable recruitment?

Leveraging a Vendor Management System is the smartest way to accomplish your staffing goals, quickly and efficiently. Here are just some of the benefits of using a VMS:
  • Simple registration process.  Upon account activation, your internal recruiters can post jobs on the platform, and begin receiving candidates to review.

  • An easy way to work with your current recruiting and staffing vendors, or accept candidates from other members of the network.  Competition ensures recruiters submit only the best candidates, with urgency.

  • You control the terms of the relationship.  You stipulate the fee you'll pay upon hire.  You identify the guarantee period for the candidate.

  • Risk is mitigated.  Vendor Management Systems ensure you OFCCP compliant, and tracks all Vendor activity for reporting purposes.
  • Receive more understanding of Recruitment Partner performance through enhanced data and analytics.  See who's performing, and who your 'go-to' agencies are.

  • Enhance your diversity partnerships.  Some VMS's, like RecruitAlliance, enable employers to see which partners are certified Diversity entities.

  • Receive candidates for International job openings.  Make sure the Vendor Management System you use has the ability to handle a global talent pool, and assist you in filling those roles.

  • Scalable recruitment, without handing over the process to an RPO.  You remain in control of the hiring process.  Your internal recruiters view candidates and move them through the process, just as they normally would.  Pay the fee you set, only upon hire.

  • Centralized vendor payment system.  No more setting up multiple Vendors with Accounts Payable, or going through multiple credit checks with a variety of agencies.

  • Post unlimited jobs on the platform, and make unlimited hires.  Have recruiting support, on-demand.  Gain the flexibility to scale as needed.  There is no cost to use a VMS, like RecruitAlliance.  They only take a small portion of the fee paid to the Vendor.

If you're internal recruiting team cannot meet its hiring objectives, it's time to implement a viable solution that will save your organization time, money, mitigate risk, and improve your recruiting process.  Vendor Management Systems have been helping employers solve hiring problems, effectively and efficiently.  To learn more about a VMS you can implement today, click here.

RecruitAlliance is a Vendor Management System with an employer referred network of staffing agencies and recruiting firms, waiting to fill your most urgent hiring needs. Employers may sign up for their free* account and immediately begin posting jobs to the recruiting vendor network. Employers choose the fee they're willing to pay, the terms of the contract, and drive the hiring process. Recruiter members agree to all terms before a candidate is ever submitted through the platform. To learn more or get started today, go to

Sourcing for Jobs with Candidate Shortages: 4 Tips to Find “Purple Squirrels”

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RecruitAlliance empowers you to uncover purple squirrels.Sourcing for Jobs with Candidate Shortages: 4 Tips to Find "Purple Squirrels"

You've just been assigned a new requisition that has gone unfilled for the past 18 months. It's a straight-forward position, but you know there is a highly limited pool of candidates who even meet the minimum qualifications. Worse yet, your executive leadership is looking to you to fill the job at a lower salary than what is being offered in your area. From a corporate talent acquisition perspective, purple squirrel requisitions hurt a recruiter's metrics. You can be a recruiting super-star, and never fill this position—under these circumstances. From the search firm's perspective, you have two options; you can either meet with your client and discuss changing the parameters of the search (backed with supporting data), or politely decline a losing TA battle.

Have you ever received a "Purple Squirrel" assignment from your company? Have your "success metrics" been clouded by factoring in the negative results from your "Purple Squirrel" search?

Here are 4 Tips to help any company or recruitment firm attract and acquire top talent, regardless of the difficulty of the search.

1. Leverage the power of a Vendor Management System. VMSs allow you to post your requirements, include the fee you're willing to pay, all on your contract terms. Recruiting Vendors compete to fill your open requisitions. They are required to agree to your terms, or cannot submit their candidates. Vendor Management Systems can be the best way to get your "purple squirrel" job in front of the maximum number of Recruiters' eyes. When you're dealing with the law of large numbers, this provides better assurance that a Vendor will locate and submit a matching candidate.

2. Analyze the job requirements with the hiring manager, and re-examine the minimum requirements. Are there areas they will take a little less on education and more on practical experience? Would they consider a candidate who is short on experience, but has more education? Will they consider training an internal candidate who can be groomed for the position? Have a deep conversation with the hiring manager, and see where small changes in the requirements will be acceptable.

3. Cold-call, cold-call, and then do more cold-calling. The general rule of thumb is "purple squirrels" do not have to apply for jobs. They are almost always recruited by a firm. Therefore, their resumes are not in databases, and you're often lucky if you find them on social media. These types of searches require intense names' sourcing through a variety of methods and picking up the phone to chat with the candidate. For this reason, most corporate recruiting departments leverage recruiting firms to receive prompt results.

4. When you connect with a "Purple Squirrel"--do something different than your competition. If your candidate is local, offer to take him or her to lunch. Take the steps to create a business relationship that will result in hiring the candidate or receiving referrals. Send these people out a birthday card each year. Find simple and special ways to keep the doors of communication open. For recruiters, these relationships are worth their weight in gold.

Remember, when the talent pool numbers are low for a specific search, there is no quick fix. These are unique assignments that require thought, time, and dedication....all before you even start calling the candidates! Set practical expectations for "purple squirrel" searches, and don't waste your time using typical sourcing strategies, like job boards, career fairs, and Google Ads. Focus more on identifying the pool, getting their contact information, and connecting.

RecruitAlliance is a Vendor Management System with an employer referred network of staffing agencies and recruiting firms, waiting to fill your most urgent hiring needs. Employers may sign up for their free* account and immediately begin posting jobs to the recruiting vendor network. Employers choose the fee they're willing to pay, the terms of the contract, and drive the hiring process. Recruiter members agree to all terms before a candidate is ever submitted through the platform. Learn more.

5 Ways HR leaders can improve Strategic Perspective

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RecruitAlliance.comIn Human Resources, your strategic perspective determines how your company views and solves important issues relating to HR. Organizations struggle to create, implement and carry out their visions because they lack a solid strategic perspective.  HR leaders strive to make better decisions on behalf of their company, to coincide with their understanding of the business’s strategic perspective.  They must consider the past, present and future of your business objectives, to provide them with the big picture. Senior management makes better decisions in all areas of the company, once it has a strong vision of its objectives.

Unfortunately, having a strategic perspective is much easier theoretically than in practice.  Today, we’re going to give five ways HR leaders can improve this important skill, and assist other leaders within their company to provide buy-in.

  1. Have a well-defined strategic thinking process, and share it with all members of the HR and Talent Acquisition team.  In the world of science, the scientific method is the gold standard “thought process.”  In HR, it’s important for leadership to apply a strategic process to all problems, to ensure issues are addressed consistently, efficiently and quickly.  Do you conduct brainstorming sessions with other leaders within the company?  Are you leveraging if-then flowcharts, to provide continuity in decision-making?  Just as HR leaders must create policies and procedures for other matters, it is just as important to create and follow a strategic thinking process.  If your company lacks this infrastructure, why not create a committee to work on this issue?  The only mistake you can make is not getting started.

  2. Observe and find trends that affect your business.  HR and recruitment is the first line of defense in seeing trends in the talent pool.  When Compensation identifies rising salaries, and your company is slow to address the change, your organization loses out on hiring the best people.  This one issue negatively affects every aspect of your company.  Human Resources leaders are in the ideal position to monitor trends, and and strategize on getting ahead of future problems that will result.  Are you setting hiring benchmarks and monitoring the results.  Does your ATS and VMS provide that important data, so your process is simple?  Staying in front of the talent trends can empower your company to become more profitable.

  3. Gain an understanding on what perspective adds to your organizational goals. All businesses strive to become and remain profitable.  HR is gaining more accountability for their role in increasing the bottom line, through their direct impact on recruiting, retention, and reducing the costs associated with acquiring the most impactful human capital.  HR leadership must begin to troubleshoot problems from a strategic perspective, to ensure they have the tools and resources to attract top talent, provide competitive salaries and benefits packages, and retain those employees in a more long-term situation.  For example, your company may regularly use recruiting agencies to fill C-level and director level roles.  Have you evaluated that process?  Have you reviewed which agencies are worth using in the future, and who has the most competitive fees? With talent, we often find ourselves willing to pay any fee, because our internal team could not produce results.  To add strategic perspective to this problem, think deeper.  Do you have a Vendor Management System that streamlines the process of working with agencies?  Are you in control of your Vendor contracts, and you set the fee?  Are you accessing data and analytics to help you determine which agencies are providing the talent that makes retention problems a non-issue?  Learn more about Vendor Management solutions.

  4. Is HR leveraging the digital intelligence perspective?   An effective and practical perspective requires accurate information. Gaining competitive intelligence through the internet has been a typical way of information gathering since the it was introduced.  This highly useful method of obtaining data from other companies and end-customers is an increasingly important way to drive business decision making.  If you aren’t already, consider optimizing your talent communities and having feedback mechanisms built into your career-social pages.  As you review competitors’ websites, make note of how they approach information gathering.  This is a crucial piece that strengthens HR’s strategic perspective.

  5. Embrace conflict as part of your process. The quest to build your strategic skills can be uncomfortable.  HR leaders must learn to embrace challenges, and be prepared for opposition to their ideas.  Providing organizational leaders with factual information to support your perspective and showing them how your path positively impacts the bottom line is crucial to your success.  If others are opposed to change, you must continue showing the leadership the value of making the changes you are proposing.

Gaining strategic perspective starts by first changing your mindset. HR leaders and hiring managers have the unique power to impact the organization’s bottom-line, through the delivery of a clear, strategic contribution.  Adopting the five recommendations mentioned offer a starting point for aligning human resources and talent acquisition with the strategic vision of any business.

RecruitAlliance is a Vendor Management System with an employer referred network of staffing agencies and recruiting firms, waiting to fill your most urgent hiring needs. Employers may sign up for their free* account and immediately begin posting jobs to the recruiting vendor network. Employers choose the fee they're willing to pay, the terms of the contract, and drive the hiring process. Recruiter members agree to all terms before a candidate is ever submitted through the platform. To learn more or get started today, go to

5 Ways Employers Maximize Relationships with Recruiting Firms

The number of apps that are introduced on an annual basis has skyrocketed in the past five years. There are solutions to help you find passive candidates, connect with active candidates, follow, friend and network with targeted candidates to help fill your open jobs. Job boards have moved to a pay-per-click model, so the cost per hire should be decreasing as all of these tools are implemented. Has your cost-per-hire for key roles actually reduced? Just as important, has your ability to retain quality workers expanded?

If attracting and recruiting top talent were as easy as running an advertisement or posting a job, all companies would be set. The truth is, the recruitment of quality candidates for important, revenue generating roles within your company is a challenge. Since the hiring process involves relationship building, all the apps and software in the world cannot accomplish this task. They can only help you manage the relationship that the human interaction created, to begin with.

This brings us back to one very important point: Recruiting agencies play a crucial role in the delivery of top talent to proactive hiring companies. Today, we're going to discuss 5 ways employers can maximize their relationships with external recruiters, to ensure they have the highest quality applicants.

1. Use a niche search firm for your niche jobs. A recruiting firm isn't one size fits all. They are specialized, and focus on specific types of candidates. Sure, you have large firms that specialize in a variety of areas, and the idea of making a call to one company may seem attractive to the busy HR executive or hiring manager. Have you tried working with multiple, niche firms who specialize in national searches? Often gaining access to multiple candidate sources can elicit the right fit for your culture and organization as a whole. Having an army of niche agencies at your disposal will exponentially increase the chances they have your next new hire in their database, just waiting for a phone call.

2. Gain control over contract terms and fees. The agency you're working with has the perfect candidate, but they are attempting to do an 11th hour negotiation of the fee. They also want to keep ownership of the candidate for two years after your final decision, so their contract is heavily weighted in favor of the agency. In order to prevent this situation, it's imperative to ask the recruiting firm to agree to your contract, fee and all terms, prior to you seeing their candidate. This is the only way a company can control costs and ensure they are receiving access to the highest quality candidates. If you find this task to be unachievable, try looking in to a Vendor Management System that requires the recruiter agree to your terms, before you receive any candidate submittals.

3. Shorten your hiring process. Time kills the ability to hire good candidates. If you see a glaring trend that your best candidates are being hired by your top competitor, it could be a problem with the length of the hiring process. To shorten your hiring process, start with your recruiting partners. Are they able to reach HR or the hiring manager to confirm candidate interviews? Is there a long delay in response time? This is an opportunity to shorten the hiring process. Are agencies expected to go through HR for all communication with hiring managers? That's an inefficient and ineffective process that will result in you losing out on the best candidates. Most importantly, stop putting roadblocks up to prevent good candidates from being seen, and start removing them. Remember, hiring isn't about weeding out the ineligible candidates, it's about promptly plucking the right ones out of the pool and moving them forward in the process. Get aggressive about shortening the time-to-fill, and you'll see real results.

4. Communicate consistently with the recruiting firm. You want your recruiter to give you regular updates on their search efforts. The recruiter needs your prompt feedback in order to focus on the right candidates. Communication is the key to every successful business relationship, so even if the search ends abruptly, or the hiring manager is interested in an internal candidate, let the recruiter know immediately. They will appreciate your honesty, and it will allow them to focus on other clients who are ready to make a hire.

5. Automate the method for informing your recruiting partners you have fee-eligible jobs for them to work on. When you work with multiple agencies to fill your jobs, it can be daunting to attend to all of their phone calls, answer emails, and conduct a basic job scope. You can spend an hour or more per recruiting firm on these items. To save time and money, consider using a Vendor Management System to work with multiple agencies, and automate communication with them. For example, when you post a job out to agencies on the VMS, each of them receive an email notification there is a new job available for them to work. They have all the information to review, and to easily begin submitting candidates. If they have questions, they can message you through the VMS. It's a simplifies everything.

In spite of the fact new recruiting apps and software is introduced regularly, there will always only be one way to recruit the best talent; through human interaction. For this reason, headhunters, recruiting agencies and search firms will always be an important component in smart company's talent acquisition strategy. Learning to work external recruiters in the most effective and efficient means possible is an important piece to recruiting top talent in any market. RecruitAlliance is a Vendor Management System with an employer referred network of staffing agencies and recruiting firms, waiting to fill your most urgent hiring needs. Employers may sign up for their free* account and immediately begin posting jobs to the recruiting vendor network. Employers choose the fee they're willing to pay, the terms of the contract, and drive the hiring process. Recruiter members agree to all terms before a candidate is ever submitted through the platform. To learn more or get started today, go to

Staffing marketplaces: 4 ways they help Recruiters increase their billings

RecruitAlliance.comFor talent acquisition professionals, recruiting marketplaces (also referred to as Vendor Management Systems from the Employer side) are websites where companies post their fee-eligible jobs and recruiters submit their qualified candidates.  The job posting employers update the candidates’ status in the marketplace, as they move through or are rejected from the hiring process.  How can recruiters leverage this emerging trend to make more placements and earn more money per year? Let’s take a look at the top 4 ways staffing marketplaces help recruiters increase their billings, while reducing the need to make additional business development calls.
  1. Jobs posted in marketplaces are real openings with urgent needs.  One of the most exciting parts of a recruiting marketplace is the fact any participating employer must post their fee-eligible jobs.  Employers agree (per terms and conditions of participation) that the job is a confirmed opening.  When recruiters work outside of a web-based platform, they may receive a job order, but once a candidate is submitted the recruiter never hears back.  Recruiting marketplaces help to ensure search professionals spend less time working on unqualified jobs.
  2. Recruiters can view hiring stats on the Employer, prior to submitting their candidates. Most marketplaces provide access to valuable data on the employer that shows how long they’ve been a member, how many jobs they’ve posted, what their average time is to provide feedback, and how many hires they’ve made through the marketplace.  When a staffing specialist sees an employer who is not receptive to candidate submissions, they can determine the value of that job order to their agency.   This insight allows the recruiter to focus on job orders they know they can fill, and thus increase revenue.
  3. Marketplace websites track all candidate submissions and hires. Outside of a marketplace, recruiters may email, fax or verbally present a candidate to the hiring manager.  That candidate may not be hired immediately, but months later the employer can opt to move forward.  If the recruiter is not tracking all of their past candidate submissions, this scenario can create high financial loss for an agency.  With staffing marketplaces, all activity by both recruiters and employers is tracked and managed, to keep all parties in compliance with the rules.
  4. Streamlined billing and payment system. Many recruiters find their Clients’ invoicing and payment process to be lengthy, and designed to hold up payment to the recruiter.  When working through a recruiting marketplace, most offer billing and invoicing that can be completed directly through the website—saving all parties time and money.  Instead of jumping through hoops to collect their fee, recruiters can spend only a few minutes to see that their invoice is submitted and know when they will receive their payment.
Recruiting marketplaces or Vendor Management Systems are quickly becoming the preferred way third-party agencies connect with top employers to gain access to their fee-eligible job orders.  While some recruiters feel they are giving up an element of control in the recruitment process, others are finding it’s an efficient and effective way to make more placements in less time—all while increasing their billings year over year.   RecruitAlliance is a recruiting marketplace that has been in business since 2001.  Recruiter members gain access to job orders with exceptional companies like Wells Fargo, Bayer, Wesco, and many more.  To learn more, visit

Talent Acquisition Fail – 6 Mistakes Your Company is Making and How to Fix Them Now

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Talent Acquisition Fail - 6 Mistakes your Company is Making and How to Fix them NowTalent Acquisition Fail:  6 Mistakes Your Company is Making and How to Fix Them Now

Every small, medium and large business entity understands the importance of hiring good people.  Recruitment stands as one of the greatest expenses and operational challenges for most organizations.  Companies spend thousands of dollars per year to have the latest Applicant Tracking System, access the best job boards, and tap in to all of the niche resume databases.  They operate multiple career pages, manage social media platforms, and use staffing agencies—all to fill their jobs faster than their competitors.  What tools can companies’ leverage to gain access to top talent, while effectively managing the bottom line?  How can Human Resources and corporate recruiters expand their talent pool, without financial risk while focusing on retention—after the hire?

Let’s examine the top 6 mistakes most companies are making today, and discuss how to turn your recruitment process in to a well-oiled machine!

TA Fail #1:  Lack of a cohesive talent acquisition strategy.  When was the last time your TA team sat down to review the tools and systems currently in place?  Of those systems, which ones are providing the greatest return?  How often are you evaluating these methods, and getting rid of the ones that aren’t driving results?  In order to make a positive change that will impact the success of a company’s hiring process, you have to take a strategic approach.  Organizations’ who don’t adopt this way of thinking are sure to struggle in attracting, recruiting and retaining the right candidates.

TA Fail #2:  Under-utilization of staffing and search firms.  Recruiting agencies fill a lot of important jobs with top talent.  When you want to hire the CEO of your competitor, you’re not just going to give them a call and offer them a job.  (Imagine the talent war that action would start!) There are many examples of circumstances where agencies save the day and deliver quality hires—but the cost is directly related to the service they deliver.  When the Accounting Department is losing 15K per day in revenue because the CFO resigned, paying a 40K placement fee to fill the role seems like a bargain.  When your Emergency Department is down 11 nurses, and the 6 others on the team are ready to walk out because they’re being asked to work double-shifts without any days off, hiring Travel Nurses through an agency seems like a sound business decision.  There are tons of examples in the case to utilize staffing agencies.  You don’t pay unless you hire (unless it’s a retained search), and they offer guarantees that ensure you receive a reasonable ROI.  Forward-thinking companies today incorporate agencies in their overall recruitment strategy.

TA Fail #3:  No game plan for the internal recruiting team.  Let’s face it; recruiters today are inundated with apps, websites, tools, and more (usually with a cost) to source candidates.  Knowing what items work and what overlaps solutions you already have in place can be a daunting discovery process.  TA Directors and leaders should designate a point-person to review and demo new technologies, and share with the team before allowing individual recruiters to become distracted.  Always have the recruiting team focus on those areas that ensure results:  Direct communication with candidates, recruiter interviews and scheduled hiring manager interviews.

TA Fail #4:  Relying on an Applicant Tracking System to be the “Holy Grail” of recruiting.  Applicant tracking systems help employers save time and paper and help them stay organized. Without them, recruiters would have to spend much more time filing and shredding papers or moving and deleting emails. With applicant tracking systems, there is no risk of an employer accidentally deleting the email containing the resume of the applicant the company wants to hire. An ATS also makes it easy for employers to keep tabs on the hiring process and to communicate with applicants directly.  Those simple uses aside, ATS providers sell add-on modules that do everything from cross posting jobs to major job boards, email blasting the database, and even manage staffing vendors from within.  Has your team evaluated the ROI of your ATS?  Are you able to easily configure the system to do what you need it to, without spending thousands more on implementation, training, and roll-outs?  Applicant Tracking Systems are crucial in today’s business climate, but purchasing systems with too many add-ons may not be worthwhile in the end.

TA Fail #5:  Not using a Vendor Management Solution to manage third-party recruitment agencies.  We just talked about what an ATS should reasonably do.  A vendor management system (VMS) is an Internet-enabled, Web-based application that acts as a mechanism for business to manage and procure staffing services – temporary, and, in some cases, permanent placement services – as well as outside contract or contingent labor.  Imagine working with 20 staffing agencies to fill a set of jobs.  You have to have initial meetings with each agency, engage in regular phone conversations with the recruiters, go through negotiating the contract (fees, guarantee and terms), get everything approved through the legal department, and then wait to receive candidates.  Since time is money, this is a time-consuming and expensive way to manage these important Vendors.  When you leverage a VMS like RecruitAlliance, you have one contract, one fee and one platform to streamline the entire process—at no cost and with no implementation fees.  Vendor Management solutions like RecruitAlliance allow employers to manage their recruiting vendors and their agency talent pool more efficiently and effectively.  They even offer managed billing service, so you only have one payee versus sending checks out to multiple agencies.

TA Fail #6:  Avoiding evaluating the Customer experience in the recruiting process.  Corporate recruiters and HR have two sets of customers; internal and external.  There is a lot of discussion around providing a quality candidate experience—but isn’t the hiring manager’s experience just as important?  Talent Acquisition departments everywhere have lost their way when the spotlight is placed exclusively on how the candidate perceives the hiring process.  To ensure all parties have the best engagement possible, recruiters must openly communicate and stop hiding behind email.  Introductions can be made via email, but deals are closed either on the phone, through video conferencing, or in person.  The personal touch will never go out of style!

Technology has changed the way human resources and talent acquisition teams recruit top talent.  It’s imperative that we stop allowing tools and resources to distract us from recruiting the most qualified candidates, and focus on implementing a quality strategy that produces results.  TA fails are really just examples of recruiting challenges left to be won.  Organizations who take their fails and upgrade them to wins will experience an expanded talent pool, higher quality hires and an increased bottom line.

Sign up now for a free trial of Google Apps for Work, and take your business to the next level!

RecruitAlliance Joins ADP Marketplace to Offer Vendor Management Solutions to Help Companies reduce talent acquisition costs, manage risk, and streamline workflow.

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RecruitAlliance Joins ADP Marketplace to Offer Vendor Management Solutions to Help Companies reduce talent acquisition costs, manage risk, and streamline workflow.

Application available on beginning June 28, 2015

JUPITER, FLORIDA – July 25th, 2015 – RecruitAlliance, Inc. today announced the availability of Vendor Management Solutions for download on ADP® Marketplace to help companies streamline their workflow, reduce talent acquisition costs, and manage the risk associated in working with external recruiting agencies.

RecruitAlliance joins an ever-growing lineup of critical HCM and business applications that enable employers to optimize decision-making by seamlessly integrating workforce data across their company through secure ADP application programming interfaces (APIs).

“RecruitAlliance is a cloud-based solution that positions employers to access top talent through partnerships with recruiting agencies, while placing them in control of costs, contracts, and compliance,” said Lou Volpe, President and CEO.

ADP Marketplace is a new cloud-based app store designed to help employers dynamically manage an ecosystem of enterprise applications from ADP and world-class partners. This enables companies of all sizes to extend the value of their workforce solutions seamlessly across their entire organizations via a secure, single-sign-on process.

According to the ADP Research Institute®, the typical large company operates more than 31 separate HR applications and 33 payroll systems*. Many HR systems currently lack the ability to share workforce data with each other – and other core business systems. Today’s constantly evolving business environment requires a digital enterprise application shopping experience and seamless data integration capabilities across solutions to drive meaningful business productivity.

“RecruitAlliance’s clients can access pre-integrated workforce data in real-time through one intuitive platform while tapping into a growing ecosystem of trusted HCM apps to meet their evolving business needs. Companies entrust many service providers to support various aspects of their HR and business operations and we’re providing them an intuitive platform to alleviate the management complexities, said Don Weinstein, Senior Vice President, Product Management, ADP.

“RecruitAlliance customers only need to sign into one platform where they can access workforce data, integrate other HCM applications through secure cloud infrastructure and utilize developer resources to enhance their existing HCM services.”

ADP Marketplace continues to add new HCM applications to meet the business community’s current and future needs. To learn more about ADP Marketplace, visit

*from “Harnessing Big Data: The Human Capital Management Journey to Achieving Business Growth” 2015

About RecruitAlliance

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, RecruitAlliance is the global provider of Recruitment Vendor Management Solutions for small, medium, and Fortune companies across all industries. Employer members gain access 'in the cloud' to a network of thousands of approved Recruiting Vendors who deliver top talent via the platform. Hiring companies leveraging RA gain control of talent acquisition costs and compliance through the use of one Vendor contract. To learn more about RA, visit

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About ADP

Employers around the world rely on ADP® (NASDAQ: ADP) for cloud-based solutions and services to help manage their most important asset - their people.  From human resources and payroll to talent management to benefits administration, ADP brings unmatched depth and expertise in helping clients build a better workforce.  A pioneer in Human Capital Management (HCM) and business process outsourcing, ADP serves more than 625,000 clients in more than 100 countries. The ADP logo, ADP and ADP Research Institute are registered trademarks of ADP, LLC.  All other marks are the property of their respective owners. Copyright © 2015 ADP, LLC.

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OFCCP Update: How it Affects Your Third-Party Recruiting Strategy


Is your organization aware of the recent changes made to OFCCP laws, and the level of impact it can create? Have you implemented a strategy to ensure your company reaches and maintains compliance, to prevent potential audits and fines? Do you have a system of checks and balances in place, to ensure your third-party recruiting vendors are documenting their searches per OFCCP guidelines?

Download - OFCCP Update:  How it Affects Your Third-Party Recruiting Strategy

This document will provide you with critical information on the following:

~ Learn the OFCCP's Internet Application Rule.

~ Gain an understanding of the impact of this rule on your organization's recruitment process.

~ Examine RA as a solution to ensure OFCCP compliance, while mitigating risk.

~ Gain access to additional Employer Resources, including links to the updated OFCCP manual from The Department of Labor.

This powerful White Paper will show you how to avoid potential audits, penalties, and fines for non-compliance.

To receive your complimentary download now, click here.

Did you know RA's solution can help you build a stronger candidate pipeline (both permanent and contract), expand your organization's Diversity strategy, eliminate the RFP process, ensure uniformity of contracts, and effectively control third-party recruitment costs?  Visit our website, or contact us to learn more.

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