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Attention Employers: Join the Year-End Hiring Challenge, and get jobs filled now!!

Do you have jobs that have been open more than 30, 60 and even 90 days? Has your internal team struggled to fill those hard-to-fill jobs, but they also have to balance their time filling the jobs you have active applicants for, on a timely basis? Is sourcing for those tough roles taking up all of your teams' precious time? Then join RecruitAlliance's Year End Hiring Challenge!!

As the preferred talent acquisition marketplace for global companies, RecruitAlliance can help busy talent acquisition departments streamline and manage relationships with recruiting agencies. Whether you work with your current preferred vendors in the marketplace, or opt to begin new partnerships with other agencies in the network, you are in control of the fee you pay upon hire, and you only deal with one payee. Every placement comes with a 90 day, money back guarantee (*outlined in the terms and conditions), and instead of merely interviewing an active applicant pool, you'll gain access to passive top talent.

RecruitAlliance is risk-free (never pay anything if you don't hire through the marketplace), saves you time and money, and much more!

Learn more about the Year End Recruiting Challenge now!
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