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Split Job Networking: 5 Tips to Protect Your Placements

Networking with other recruiters to successfully complete more placements, is one of the most basic and fundamental ways to rapidly increase your annual billings, with limited additional effort. Some search professionals avoid performing 'splits' because they have concerns of unethical behavior by other partners, they fear the possibility of being cut out of the deal, or they previously had a bad experience with another individual or agency.

How can talent acquisition specialists effectively leverage split job networking, avoid the risks commonly associated with split job partnerships, and how can they effectively increase this revenue stream to best grow their business?

Here are five essential tips to help you take your split job strategy from idle to overdrive in less than 24 hours:

1. Only work with split partners who you've had an opportunity to screen and qualify.
Let's face sharing your job order or candidate with another recruiter or agency, you are potentially opening your business up to potential risk and loss. You have to take precautions to protect your client and candidate from the very beginning of the partnership. Properly vetting and reviewing the credentials of prospective split job partners up-front, can help prevent you wasting time and money.

2. Always ensure your split fee agreement is complete, and signed by both parties before conducting business.
Remember to come to terms with all facets of the contract before disclosing information about your client and/or candidate. If you aren't able to agree on terms, continue your search for new split partnerships.

3. Discuss and implement a schedule for feedback.
When you're working with a split partner, you should expect to have access to obtain feedback on a timely basis. This allows both parties to mutually fine tune the search, and move closer to a potential placement. If either partner takes issue with connecting on a regular basis or as needed, reconsider the value of the split partnership.

4. Set up a system to track all candidate referrals and the activity of your split partners.
Working as a split job partner, whether you are the Job Order Recruiter or the Candidate Recruiter, requires staying organized and on-top of the activity. Providing prompt feedback can be challenging when you've lost track of candidates. Keeping on top of which candidate was referred to which split partner can become daunting, too. Make sure you can track, manage and measure the activity of your split partners, at all times.

5. Consistently grow your split job network, to ensure you always have a steady source of business beyond your regular clients.
Successful recruiters are always recruiting. Those professionals who regularly utilize 'splits' should always be networking to gain additional, quality partners.

Did you know.....SplitAlliance, powered by RecruitAlliance, can optimize your split job networking capabilities. This platform was designed by recruiters-for recruiters and addresses important concerns, such as:
~providing access to a network of screened and qualified split partners.
~allows members to seamlessly track and manage split relationships.
~automating your split recruiting efforts, saving you time and money.
~allows you to generate a quality pool of candidates in the shortest amount of time.
~empowers recruiters to work on more recruiting projects - simultaneously.
~enables your business to expand into new industries, niche markets, and serve more geographical areas.
~providing a viable alternative to hiring a team of recruiters, and the expenses associated with growing your agency.
~dual membership in RecruitAlliance provides you with access to new clients-with no cold calls or additional business development efforts.

Split job networking, done the right way, is one of the most profitable revenue streams in recruiting. By becoming a member of an organization like SplitAlliance, recruiters can easily remove the pitfalls associated with performing splits, and quickly begin making more placements.

To learn more about SplitAlliance and their services, visit their website at


Does the next Presidential election determine the future of the recruiting industry?

RecruitAlliance makes recruiting easy - in any economy!

If you listen to the opinions of your local and national news programs and media outlets, you already know the public perception on the matter. If you look back in history, recruiting ebbs and flows with the economic cycles; but the need to acquire top talent has never left the "marketplace."

Headhunters and third-party recruiters (TPRs) have created high billings in a variety of economic conditions. Having the ability to change direction and evolve to meet the needs of your clients' has always been the requirement that ensures success for recruiters.

Since 2001, RecruitAlliance is the website that has been connecting quality organizations with professional recruitment agencies. Companies simply sign on to the platform to post their fee eligible positions, and recruiters receive an immediate notification of your talent needs. They compete to fill your jobs quickly and efficiently.

RecruitAlliance accomplishes a task that few companies can deliver - they facilitate quality relationships between recruiters and hiring companies - instead of being that middleman who holds recruiters hostage for a hefty percentage of their commission.

Learn how implementing RecruitAlliance across your company will:
~reduce costs
~eliminate RFP process
~put an end to fee negotiations
~save time
~create quality connections with well-networked recruitment professionals
~reduce your time-to-fill while increasing your ROI

This November will likely be a historic election. While the Presidential race will determine the direction the country moves forward, there will continue to be a drive to obtain the highest quality talent within growth oriented companies and organizations in the U.S. To learn more about how to join RecruitAlliance, visit

The Greatest Challenge for Third-Party Recruiters Today

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RecruitAlliance helps third-party recruiters connect with hiring companies; reducing time spent on business development.The recruiting and staffing industry is in a constant state of evolution. New tools are being introduced in the market, at a higher rate than ever before. While many progressive companies attempt to evaluate new software as it is available, others have come to the conclusion their cost-per-hire begins to rise as they spend time and money involved in an endless evaluation stage. More interesting, is the fact that in spite of all the tools and technology being created, most forward-thinking companies are still actively utilizing headhunters to fill those positions that require talent from the passive pool.

What then, is the greatest challenge for agency recruiters today? A decade ago, hiring managers routinely hired your A-candidate with a mere recommendation and quality references. Today, organizations are more likely to run agency referred candidates through the same internal hiring process as the active pool. When was the last time your passive candidate interviewed?

That's right, interview preparation is the greatest challenge facing contingency recruiters today. Now more than ever, organizations embrace the behavioral-based interview. Without preparation, your A-candidate risks the possibility of failing, in spite of the fact he or she meets all of the qualifications of the position.

Preparing your candidates is as simple as spending 2 - 3 sessions simply going over the types of behavioral questions your candidate can anticipate over their phone and face-to-face interview. Your candidate must have the ability to articulate their unique value proposition by connecting the dots between their experiences, and the needs of the hiring company. Successful TPRs teach their candidates the following:

  • answer the interviewer's question as concisely as possible.

  • provide a recent example to illustrate your answer.

  • teach the candidate to discuss the positive impact their role played within the situation, and convey the results achieved.

  • RecruitAlliance connects agency recruiters with hiring companies, through a convenient cloud solution. To learn more, visit the RecruitAlliance website.

    Superbowl of Recruiting: Corporate vs. Agency Recruiters

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    RecruitAlliance helps corporate recruiters facilitate quality relationships with agencies.In Superbowl XLVI, the New York Giants and the New England Patriots battled it out on the field to determine the best NFL team for 2012. In the realm of recruiting, corporate recruiters and agency talent specialists battle it out to uncover the top talent in their target industries. Can these two types of recruiting specialists co-exist, to increase overall productivity for all parties involved?

    If we were to sit down corporate recruiters from across the country and ask them what's the most positive aspect of their relationships with external staffing and recruiting agents, you might be surprised to know that most of them realize that external recruiters are better equipped to deliver exceptional talent for their most hard-to-fill positions. Sure, they aren't thrilled to field call after call from headhunters marketing their MPCs, but the majority realize that these specialists can deliver "the goods."

    How can corporate recruiters build better relationships with the external agencies who can bring them the best candidates, when they are truly needed? Here are 4 tips to facilitate quality interactions with staffing and recruiting specialists, and how to maximize these partnerships to their fullest.

    1. Leverage technology to manage and communicate with agency recruiters. RecruitAlliance provides a cloud-based, enterprise solution that allows corporate recruiters to more efficiently manage these important relationships. The solution is seamless to use, takes minutes per day to monitor, and allows companies to fill their positions more efficiently.

    2. Put an end to unwanted headhunter calls. One of the greatest complaints of corporate recruiter is the constant flow of phone calls. RecruitAlliance serves as an organization's front-line defense against this internal productivity "buster." Companies provide instructions for agency recruiters on their career page, and they immediately know to visit the RecruitAlliance website to gain access to your fee-eligible positions, to quickly fill.

    3. Stop wasting time vetting your agency recruiters. RecruitAlliance does this for you. Every external recruiter member has passed specific criteria to gain access to the site. This allows corporate recruiters and human resources professionals to focus on what they need to accomplish.

    4. Realize that having access to quality recruitment professionals will ultimately benefit your organization. Third-party talent acquisition professionals can make your life much easier, when you least expect it. With RecruitAlliance, you're in control of setting the fee you're willing to pay, while eliminating the entire RFP process.

    If the Superbowl were between Corporate and Agency Recruiters, the end result would be a tie. Both hold very important roles, and once they choose to work on the same team, all parties win.

    What Social Media Recruiting Won’t do for your Organization

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    RecruitAlliance is your cloud-recruiting solutions.Since 2009, Social Media has been termed "the game changer" in the world of recruiting. Candidates and their contact information is more widely accessible than at any other time in history, and all employers have to do is create engaging content to easily reel in top talent. Has this been your company's experience? Are the A-players in your space knocking down doors to join your company, because you have a presence on social media sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs like WordPress or Blogger?

    Here are three things Social Media will NEVER accomplish for your recruiting efforts, and the one tried and true way to hire top talent in any environment.

    1. Social media is like a huge Rolodex; if you don't reach out to your target prospects, you can't recruit them. In the old days, headhunters and staffing specialists used the phone book to find candidates. Sites like LinkedIn and others are merely another way to gain access to contact information. If your company can't attract and hire these candidates before your competitors do, the social networks have really only taken over where the Yellow Pages left off.

    2. Does your internal recruiting department have time to research and reach out to target candidates on the social networks, one by one? That doesn't sound like a reasonable solution for most HR departments. It's more likely that your job posting activities have transferred from print ads and online job boards, to one or more social networks. Essentially, you're still connecting with those active candidates you probably would have gained access to previously.

    3. Social media allows you to build a more engaging employment brand, but that's not free. Creating, updating, managing, and maintaining profiles on all the major social networks is time consuming and costly; not to mention the fact it requires that someone consistently engage in reputation management. Now more than ever, disgruntled employees or customers can post negative things on your social networks and the web in general, that must be addressed immediately. In days past, complainers contacted the Better Business Bureau, where these types of matters were investigated before being added to your file. Today, individuals can post whatever they want, without challenge.

    While the unemployment numbers have remained high, there's been no shortage of candidate flow for most organizations. Most of us in recruiting realize good candidate flow does not always equal quality talent options. While social media has provided employers with greater access to candidates and their contact information, the problem remains--how to take those individuals from just another entry in the "social media rolodex" to a new hire.

    Certainly, social media has a place in recruiting, but it only takes organizations a step closer to the best of the best candidates. Essentially, it provides unlimited access to the candidate pool you always had access to. Third-party recruiters and agencies continue to remain one of the top solutions for companies who want to fill key positions with exceptional talent. Employers can simplify the process of working with external recruiters when they utilize their complimentary membership with RecruitAlliance. To learn more about this powerful, cloud-based recruiting solution, go to

    Recruit Smarter 2012 (part 4): The Emergence of Applied Analytics

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    RecruitAlliance provides analytics to help you measure recruiting success.A quality analytics program is the corporate and third-party recruiter's best friend. With such a high influx of information created by recruiting programs, choosing which metrics to focus on is an incredibly overwhelming task for any professional. As a rule of thumb, to improve the quality of your recruiting analytics program, it's essential to target the fundamentals.

    Here are the top 5 tips to begin incorporating applied recruiting analytics in your organization, for a more effective and efficient hiring process in 2012.

    1. Think proactively, and stop problems before they have the opportunity to start.
    Have you ever encountered a problem in your recruiting process, that "snowballed" to the point you lost control of the situation, altogether? When you implement a quality recruiting analytics program, you have the ability to gain insight into problems before they ever begin. By having access to these analytics, you can solve problems immediately, as they surface, versus putting out fires after the fact.

    2. Utilize recruiting analytics, to optimize your candidate flow.
    Analyzing your candidate flow enables your company to examine the fairness and inclusiveness of your recruitment efforts. Applicant flow data refers to the analysis of differences in selection rates among different groups for a particular job. In addition, it aides companies in establishing how they will spend their money, time, and recruiting resources.

    3. Know and understand your best source of applicants.
    It's critical that your company track where your applicants are coming from, and their conversion rate from applicant to hire. Are your top-tier candidates coming from your membership with RecruitAlliance, where agency recruiters compete to fill your posted open requisitions, or is there a high number of applicants that are employee referrals? Transfer your recruiting focus, where you obtain the best results.

    4. Look at what happens to the candidates beyond the completion of the application process.
    If you're department has a high-volume of fall-offs, or applicants that are not hired because they accepted a different job, perhaps it's time to review your internal hiring process. Does your organization take longer than your competitors to on-board new employees? Is the candidate experience as good, if not better than other companies in your space? Determine your deficiencies, and make improvements, if necessary.

    5. Stop missing opportunities!
    One of the most costly mistakes in recruiting is procrastination and indecision. Are your hiring managers making timely decisions on candidates? Are qualified candidates being interviewed on a timely basis? Are your offers being accepted, or rejected? These are the metrics that most heavily impact any organization.

    RecruitAlliance can help you tackle the challenges of obtaining quality metrics while utilizing external recruiting agencies. Know which company is sending you candidates that result in hires, understand and manage your annual agency spend, and put an end to the RFP process. To learn more, visit

    Recruit Smarter 2012 part 3: Attracting Passive Candidates

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    Recruit smarter in 2012, with RecruitAlliance.At the end of 2011, we learned the U.S. economy added 200,000 jobs. Interestingly enough, according to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the survey results they obtained from HR professionals in the service and manufacturing sectors indicate there will be a low rate of job creation for the month of January. According to SHRMs LINE Report, the number of requisitions is going down, while the need to find qualified candidates continues to rise.

    For third-party recruiters, corporate recruiters and staffing professionals, this means their focus must be to attract and recruit passive candidates in more creative ways. What's considered creative, in a world where active and passive candidates are inundated with your organization's message across the social networks, through email, in print ads, career fairs, and radio spots? Here are 3 new strategies you can implement, to begin recruiting the top passive candidates in your space.

    1. Consider starting a LinkedIn Professional group that specifically caters to your field. Setting up a professional group is a simple process, and you have the ability to send out invitations to your network. It's a great way to engage active and passive candidates more efficiently. As the administrator of the group, you have the ability to send out one email to all of your members once per week; so you'll never lose touch. Consider including a your hottest job opportunities in your weekly email, as well as other engaging conversation.

    2. Incorporate more high-touch techniques in your recruiting efforts. One of the greatest failures of HR departments and third-party recruiters is the fact they receive a candidate resume, and don't take the time to ever provide that individual with a quick call or personalized email. It may seem counter-intuitive to create more work for yourself, but even if the candidate you're contacting will never be hired by your company, you can't assume they won't refer you an amazing new hire. Add them to your weekly or monthly newsletter; and always create a positive business relationship with every candidate. Regardless of whether you intend to hire an individual, 2012 is the year to implement higher quality customer service in your recruiting process.

    3. Know who's working in key positions with your competitors, and set-up Google Alerts on those A-players. Your VP of Sales just resigned, and you're frantically attempting to post the requisition on your website, and with the major job boards. You've contacted your approved agency recruiters, or posted the position on RecruitAlliance; to streamline your workflow. If you have Google Alerts set up on all of the key VP of Sales candidates in your geographic area and space, you can literally provide that list to your team to reach out to them. If direct contact with a competitor's employee is not within your company policy, simply provide the candidate and company names to your third-party recruiters, and they'll handle the process for you.

    2012 is the year to Recruit Smarter. If your organization or recruiting agency wants to attract the best candidates in the market, it's essential to become creative and innovative.

    Recruit Smarter 2012: Create a more compelling job description

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    Connect with better candidates in 2012.  http://www.RecruitAlliance.comWith the new year upon us, it's time for HR to dig their heels in and begin filling some open positions. Take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back for expanding in this tough economy, and get to work on a job description. It's the single step that begins the process – and makes it simpler, from start to finish. Planning out what to include in your job description is not just attached to recruiting the right candidates for the role; it's literally part of a larger corporate strategy that ties the new hire into the company's future revenue production goals.

    Recruit smarter tip: Click here to learn how your organization can reduce third-party recruitment costs, and fill positions faster than in 2011.

    Here are five tips to empower employers to formulate more engaging and effective job descriptions:

    1. Include the nine essential details within the job description.
  • Job title and summary: define the position, write a brief description of the purpose and an overview of the position's main responsibilities. One to three sentences should suffice.
  • Key responsibilities: list between five and 10 responsibilities, and be transparent about how frequently a task will be performed.
  • Supervisor and department.
  • Qualifications and skills: include skills, years of experience, certifications, licenses, education level and necessary technical proficiencies.
  • Company overview.
  • Location and percentage of travel (if applicable).
  • Employment type: part-time, full-time, paid internship, unpaid internship, Per Diem, etc.
  • Salary range/benefits.
  • Contact information (when applicable).

  • 2. Embody your organization's culture. The goal is to attract people who are right for the position and the company. When putting the job description together, choose a writing style and words that match your company's values.

    3. Use direct language. Organize job responsibilities by hours or percentage of time spent on each. Avoid fuzzy descriptors, such as "often" or "sometimes" when distinguishing duties.

    4. Be very specific in your job description. Poorly written employee job descriptions add to workplace confusion, hurt communication, and make people feel as if they don't know what is expected from them. Your well-crafted, position narrative must clearly identify and spell out the responsibilities of a specific job, or risk potential problems down the road.

    5. Bullet points are your friend. A job description should provide clear and succinct details that will both entice potential employees and provide them with a fair picture of what the job entails and how they can be successful if they are hired. The most straightforward method to use for formulating job descriptions is a bullet point format.

    Recruit Smarter tip: Click here to easily manage candidate referrals and job orders.

    A job description is a basic HR management tool that can help to increase individual and organizational effectiveness. Begin 2012, by creating a more compelling job description; assisting in the development of successful recruitment campaigns that clearly articulates the duties to be performed, qualifications required by the organization, and how the position contributes to the mission, goals and objectives.

    In part 2 of the Recruit Smarter 2012 series, we'll cover emerging trends in working with third-party recruiters, and more effective ways to manage your recruiting vendors.

    Fill Key Positions Over the Holidays with RecruitAlliance

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    RecruitAlliance can help you fill open positions over the holidays!Q4 can be a tough time of the year to hire top talent for your organization. The HR and Recruiting departments are operating on a skeleton crew to fit in year-end vacations and paid time-off. Team players who aren't taking personal time during November or December are often overwhelmed, and struggle to stay on top of their work load. Important requisitions often fail to get filled; both in-house or through your regular third-party recruiting agencies. Fortunately, the Holiday months don't have to remain less productive than the other three quarters.

    What if you could fill your open positions during these trying months, without adding any additional stress to your already stretched in-house recruiters?

    What if there's a more effective and efficient way to manage your relationships with third-party recruiters, that exponentially increases your talent acquisition power, while managing costs?

    RecruitAlliance to the rescue! At no cost to hiring companies, RecruitAlliance (RA) facilitates a better way to work with recruiting agencies, to hire on-target candidates faster and seamlessly. Our customized "cloud" solution automates working with high volumes of participating agencies simple.

    Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility, over a network. Leveraging the RA cloud solution this quarter can ensure your organization is set-up for a successful 2012. To learn more about RecruitAlliance, visit

    What are the unique challenges facing your recruiting department as we approach the new year?

    5 Tips to Increase Quality Referrals from Third-Party Recruiters

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    Categories: Corporate Recruiters
    RecruitAlliance facilitates quality communication between hiring managers and recruiters.The relationship between hiring organizations and recruiting agencies can be tumultuous. Employers often find they must work with a high volume of third-party recruiters simply to find one or two who actually produce results. This can be extremely frustrating for organizations who count on outside assistance in uncovering top talent to fill their needs.

    As with any personal or business relationship, in order for both parties to come together to meet a mutually beneficial result, each side must be open and willing to communicate their needs. Here are the top five tips to assist hiring managers in increasing the quality of referrals they receive from external recruiting agencies.

    1. Finding a good match requires more than just a job description. The job of a headhunter is to provide you with top quality candidates your company would not otherwise have access to. To ensure the agencies you work with have the ability to produce results, it's imperative to articulate the nuances of the position; necessary background/experience, soft skills, and the cultural fit.

    2. Why would an A-player choose to work for your company over the competition? What's uniquely special about your organization that will effectively entice them to become a part of your team? A good recruiter will inquire about what makes your company special. A great one will create a white paper/marketing plan that identifies how they will represent your company in the search, and exactly where they will recruit your target candidates from.

    3. Is there a reason other hires have not worked out in this role? Could there be a systemic problem within your department or organization that's creating the opening? In order for external recruiting partners to be successful in their search, this must be discussed with them, or the business relationship is set-up for failure.

    4. What type of personality is going to integrate well in this department/company? Understanding the soft skills required to perform a job are just as important as the target background, experience and employment history. In order for third-party recruiters to effectively refer quality matching candidates, you have to be prepared to articulate the personality traits necessary.

    5. Your feedback moves the search forward. Employers become frustrated with agency recruiters when they don't provide regular updates. Likewise, recruiters who do not obtain regular feedback from hiring decision makers have no clear direction for their search. Communication is clearly the key to ensuring prompt, efficient requisition fills.

    RecruitAlliance is a cloud solution that facilitates effective communication between employers and third-party recruiting agencies. It saves both parties time, and eliminates the RFP process. To learn more about leveraging external relationships to fill more positions with exceptional candidates, visit the RecruitAlliance website.

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