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Staffing marketplaces: 4 ways they help Recruiters increase their billings

RecruitAlliance.comFor talent acquisition professionals, recruiting marketplaces (also referred to as Vendor Management Systems from the Employer side) are websites where companies post their fee-eligible jobs and recruiters submit their qualified candidates.  The job posting employers update the candidates’ status in the marketplace, as they move through or are rejected from the hiring process.  How can recruiters leverage this emerging trend to make more placements and earn more money per year? Let’s take a look at the top 4 ways staffing marketplaces help recruiters increase their billings, while reducing the need to make additional business development calls.
  1. Jobs posted in marketplaces are real openings with urgent needs.  One of the most exciting parts of a recruiting marketplace is the fact any participating employer must post their fee-eligible jobs.  Employers agree (per terms and conditions of participation) that the job is a confirmed opening.  When recruiters work outside of a web-based platform, they may receive a job order, but once a candidate is submitted the recruiter never hears back.  Recruiting marketplaces help to ensure search professionals spend less time working on unqualified jobs.
  2. Recruiters can view hiring stats on the Employer, prior to submitting their candidates. Most marketplaces provide access to valuable data on the employer that shows how long they’ve been a member, how many jobs they’ve posted, what their average time is to provide feedback, and how many hires they’ve made through the marketplace.  When a staffing specialist sees an employer who is not receptive to candidate submissions, they can determine the value of that job order to their agency.   This insight allows the recruiter to focus on job orders they know they can fill, and thus increase revenue.
  3. Marketplace websites track all candidate submissions and hires. Outside of a marketplace, recruiters may email, fax or verbally present a candidate to the hiring manager.  That candidate may not be hired immediately, but months later the employer can opt to move forward.  If the recruiter is not tracking all of their past candidate submissions, this scenario can create high financial loss for an agency.  With staffing marketplaces, all activity by both recruiters and employers is tracked and managed, to keep all parties in compliance with the rules.
  4. Streamlined billing and payment system. Many recruiters find their Clients’ invoicing and payment process to be lengthy, and designed to hold up payment to the recruiter.  When working through a recruiting marketplace, most offer billing and invoicing that can be completed directly through the website—saving all parties time and money.  Instead of jumping through hoops to collect their fee, recruiters can spend only a few minutes to see that their invoice is submitted and know when they will receive their payment.
Recruiting marketplaces or Vendor Management Systems are quickly becoming the preferred way third-party agencies connect with top employers to gain access to their fee-eligible job orders.  While some recruiters feel they are giving up an element of control in the recruitment process, others are finding it’s an efficient and effective way to make more placements in less time—all while increasing their billings year over year.   RecruitAlliance is a recruiting marketplace that has been in business since 2001.  Recruiter members gain access to job orders with exceptional companies like Wells Fargo, Bayer, Wesco, and many more.  To learn more, visit

Recruiting Tips to Earn a Candidate’s Trust in 10 Minutes or Less

Recruiters should be committed to creating a quality candidate experience.The best active and passive candidates are inundated with communication from your competition in the staffing and recruiting industry. With all the "white noise" from sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, the major job boards, and via email, it becomes a necessity that top talent acquisition specialists focus on capturing the candidate's attention immediately; gaining their trust within the first 10 minutes of their first conversation.

How can agency recruiters create a true connection with the most highly regarded candidates in such a short amount of time?

Here are three tips to help you build solid rapport with job candidates fast, and make more placements this month.

1. Immediately differentiate yourself from other recruiters.
Don't just tell the candidate about an immediate opening--take the time to learn about his or her short-term goals, target employers, and immediate reasons for considering a change at this time. Your interest in the individual will be a refreshing change from what they routinely encounter when dealing with other staffing professionals.

2. Build loyalty by being loyal.
Take the time to explain how you work, and be available to the candidate when you say you'll be. Check in with him or her on a regular basis, to increase rapport and increase trust. How many recruiters do you know who reach out to a candidate, only to never be heard from again? Make the way you conduct business different, and candidates will believe in the service you provide.

3. Describe your commitment to creating a quality candidate experience.
If you don't explain the reasons and benefits for this person to work with you, they won't. Most likely, they'll work with other headhunters who reach out to them, and ultimately risk your potential placement.

Successful recruiters know they must be committed to building trust and loyalty from the very first interaction with the candidate to ensure a more positive experience for all parties involved.

Build your clientele and place more MPC's this quarter. Try RecruitAlliance for 30 days free, and watch your commissions grow.

The Five Characteristics of an Exceptional Recruiter

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Place more MPC's with RecruitAlliance.It seems that every time you power up your computer and access your email, you receive notifications of a new tool for recruiters to make your job easier. There are internet-based tools and recruiting software to assist you in sourcing, background screening, testing, interviewing, and all activities leading up to the placement. With all of the new technologies available to make your life easier in the world of talent acquisition, are you really making more money?

Exceptional recruitment professionals know what it takes to generate big billings. Let's talk about what it takes to be an exceptional recruiter, and how you can stop spinning your wheels and begin working "smarter."

Incorporate networking in your everyday activities. Powerful recruiting specialists don't punch a time-clock, and they never stop sourcing. Everyone they meet is a potential candidate, and they leverage those relationships on a regular basis.

Set time aside daily for social network building. LinkedIn and Facebook are just two of many powerful social networking sites recruiters regularly utilize. If you consider yourself an "old-fashioned" headhunter, it's time to embrace technology and get in the social media game.

Blogging for candidates. Are you attacking your recruiting gig from all angles? Maintaining a blog that offers valuable content for your target candidates is an excellent way to capture the interest and trust of your audience. Be sure to have a link to your career center or include instructions for potential candidates to forward their resume, and you'll increase your incoming resume volume consistently.

Continually develop your verbal communication skills. The writing is on the wall for agency recruiters. If you can't reach out and physically speak with your candidates in such a way that they WANT to work with you over your competition, you won't be able to compete in the marketplace. The recruiting component of your job will continue to be the differentiator that makes or breaks your success as an agency recruiter.

Focus on the money. Top recruiting professionals know they must focus on those searches that generate the highest billings. They choose NOT to work with clients seeking a discount opportunity. or who do not value the time and energy involved in an external agency's process. A higher number of larger fees equals a greater annual income--it's just that simple. One way recruiters can save time in their business development process is through RecruitAlliance. Employers post their fee-eligible jobs on the site, and recruiters can submit their matching candidates, without a time-consuming engagement process. It's a great way to get your MPC's in front of top hiring authorities you may not have an on-going relationship with. Recruiters interested in signing up for a complimentary month on RecruitAlliance, click here.

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