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Social Media Recruiting Strategies that Work

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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about social networking and strategies that work.  Remember, if you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

How to Use Facebook for Social Recruiting Messaging: When it comes to sourcing and recruiting, you should not ignore the potential of Facebook given that it has 1.38B monthly active users and 890M daily active users.  Also, you should know that according to Jobvite’s 2014 Job Seeker Nation Report, 76% of social job seekers found their current position through Facebook. Jobvite also found that while job seekers flock to Facebook, recruiters prefer LinkedIn when searching for potential candidates.  Read more...

How to Effectively Source Using Social Media & Networks: Sourcing talent via social media requires an entirely different mindset than sourcing with other forms of human capital data, such as resumes/CV’s, employee directories, conference attendee lists, etc.

Back in early 2009, one of only 2 guest posts ever co-written on my site was published on the topic of non-standard descriptors and the role they play in social media. Valerie Scarsellato was a Sr. Sourcer at Intel Corporation at the time when she put together the framework for the original article on sourcing via social media, and she has now moved into a Segment Marketing Specialist role at Intel and is loving it.  Read more...

Searching Social Media requires Out-of-the-Box Thinking:  Sourcing has always been a significant component in the recruiting lifecycle. However, in recent years, sourcing has taken a giant step into the forefront and has become recognized as the solid foundation at which successful recruiting rests upon in order to identify and secure top-level talent, no matter what industry you may be supporting.  Read more...

“Hard work keeps the wrinkles out of the mind and spirit.”  - Helena Rubinstein

4 ways to differentiate your staffing firm with mobile recruiting

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According to Pew Research Center, 90% of American adults have a cell phone. 42% of American adults own a tablet computer. 58% of American adults have a smartphone, and this number is increasing every day. With the rise of smartphone and tablet usage it's become crucial for staffing firms to develop and implement an aggressive mobile recruiting strategy.

What exactly is mobile recruiting, and how can an independent practitioner or agency establish themselves as leaders in this trend? What are the most effective ways to differentiate your search firm from the competition on the mobile front?

What is mobile recruiting?

Mobile Recruiting is the act of finding job candidates actively and passively through the use of mobile career pages and internet recruiting strategies through social platforms. Suprisingly, only approximately 20% of companies have mobile-optimized career sites, and a mere three percent have a mobile app. Clearly, mobile recruiting offers staffing firms an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

4 methods to stand-out from your talent acquisition competitors

1. Have your website optimized for mobile. The stats provided previously speak for themselves. A lot of recruiters do not have a mobile site. If you're running your operation on a shoestring budget, there are a variety of services that will quickly convert your current website to mobile. Mofuse, BMobilized, and Mobify offer affordable and reliable service.

2. Leverage mobile video interviewing, and include the file for your clients with candidate submissions. This is a game-changing move that will make partnering with your agency more attractive. Imagine how this will assist your clients in reducing their time to fill, while giving you a winning edge over your competitors. Video interviewing tools are affordable, and adding this as part of your service will undoubtedly generate more business. Learn more about video interviewing tools.

3. Focusing on mobile recruiting techniques enhances "the candidate experience." When the candidate has access to your jobs through their smartphone, can complete an application, conduct an interview, and access your social media sites to learn more about your search firm--they rate their candidate experience far higher. Think of the time your candidate will save by choosing to work with you, versus a competitor. Implementing a well executed mobile strategy shows candidates you are forward-thinking, and that you can get them in their target company.

4. Use your Social Media channels to connect and engage candidates, consistently. Recruiters find candidates via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. everyday. While it's a great sourcing tool, these mobile-optimized sites offer far more than an opportunity to find relevant names for your current search. Recruiters can build a dynamic and candidate-focused brand by interacting regularly and on a timely basis. Virtual assistants can save you time and money in this effort, while providing an excellent ROI.

Creating and developing a solid mobile recruiting strategy can catapult your staffing from typical to extraordinary.

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5 Tips to Launch Talent Acquisition into High Gear by Ditching the Job Description and Implementing Powerful Job Marketing Ads

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According to the Small Business Administration, the job description is a written summary of the duties and expectations of a job, designed to ensure your employees and potential employees understand their role. While the formal job description is useful once a candidate moves through the screening and qualifying process, it is not necessarily a tool that initially attracts top talent.

How can corporate and agency recruiters optimize the job description to create a powerful, magnetic marketing machine, while building a crucial recruitment brand identity?

Here are five tips to launch your talent acquisition efforts into high gear, by simply ditching the traditional, formal job description, and implementing a quality, job marketing ad.

1. Write an ad using verbiage that is pithy, descriptive, and includes bullet points. Keep the format neat and clean, but ensure it speaks directly to the candidate. Providing potential candidates with a list of qualifications does not 'sell' you or your company.

2. Sandwich information about the job and your company, with enticing reasons why a candidate should want to work for you. A job marketing ad serves to gain initial interest, and does not constitute a complete description of all tasks and duties associated with the position. It's intended to get the candidate excited about the opportunity, and avoid providing too many unnecessary details that will be discussed during a phone, video or face to face interview.

3. Incorporate employee video testimonials in your job marketing ad. Savvy candidates want to understand why you should be their next employer. Nothing does a better job of making this case, than seeing and hearing your current employees briefly discuss why they love their job. Filming the video testimonials does not have to be a great expense. A webcam with a solid color wall for the background and a little editing can go a long way in making a high-quality testimonial.

4. Include links to your social media on the job marketing ad, so candidates can learn more about the topic of conversation around your company. Facebook has passed 1.23 billion users per month, and Twitter has more than 115 million active users per month. Other social media platforms are experiencing exponential growth, month after month. If you're not focusing on leveraging social media in your job marketing ads, you're not realizing the power of these dynamic recruitment channels.

5. Always include a 'Call to Action' in every job marketing ad. Unlike a traditional job description, the job marketing ad should be interactive. Including video, social media links, and a button or link where candidates can apply, on the spot, will ensure you increase your applicant flow quickly.

Recruiting the best candidates in today's competitive market requires moving outside of the traditional 'post and pray' mentality, leaving the formal job description out of the initial recruiting phase, and implementing a quality job marketing ad campaign. Taking these measures will make your talent acquisition department more effective, and ultimately, drive the best candidates to your jobs, while improving your recruitment brand.

Competitive edge in talent acquisition: Get it now.

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Regardless of your industry or market segment, finding new and creative ways to gain competitive edge is a constant challenge faced by all organizations. The ability to source, recruit and retain high-caliber talent is the one resource that most deeply impacts any organization's bottom-line.

Today, we're going to examine 4 strategies your company can quickly implement to effectively gain competitive edge quickly and efficiently.

1. Engage in an aggressive passive sourcing strategy. In today's candidate pool, recruiters must carve out time in their schedule to connect with passive candidates. While the active pool may be large and create a high-volume of work for HR departments on it own, spending a portion of the week on passive sourcing is a critical piece of winning the war for top talent.
2. Leverage technology to improve company branding and visibility. Is your organization utilizing video for interviewing and promotion? Numerous case studies indicate video shorten recruiting cycle, and incorporating promotional videos through sites like Youtube and Vimeo create a greater presence for your employment brand.
3. Social media allows your company to connect with candidates on a deeper level. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogging are just some of the most prevalent ways to increase your candidate reach on a reasonable budget. While the rules of social media change frequently for businesses, the ROI is well worth it.
4. RecruitAlliance helps hiring companies utilize third-party recruiting resources in a one-step process. Simply log in to your employer account, post your fee-eligible positions along with the fee your willing to pay, and receive only on-target candidates from vetted third-party recruiter members. RecruitAlliance reduces your time to fill, and increases your quality of hire.

In order to stay on top of your competition, it's imperative your organization focus on hiring the the best talent. Passive sourcing, leveraging technology, maximizing social media, and incorporating RecruitAlliance as part of your overall recruiting strategy can greatly differentiate your company from your competitors.

Three reasons the phone blows social networking away in Recruiting

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RecruitAlliance connects employers and recruiting agencies, to fill jobs faster.Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., are all venues Corporate and Third-Party Recruiters are exploring to find candidates for their open requisitions. These social networking platforms offer millions of connections, and the possibility of communicating with top talent--without ever picking up the telephone to make a cold call. Social media has created an environment in which companies and their recruiters can literally avoid communicating directly with candidates, and thus garner interest in their open positions more efficiently. While leveraging social networks is an excellent long-term strategy, does it really make sense for those immediate talent needs? Let's take a look at three reasons the telephone should always be the recruiters' first choice when recruiting top talent for pressing opportunities.

1. Verbal communication with a candidate develops rapport and trust much faster than through social network messaging. Is it really possible to build a relationship via email or any other type of text messaging? While some might think so, there's something to be said for traditional telephone conversations. Once of the best things about speaking directly with a candidate is the fact you can determine whether or not they are interested in making a career move, without having to wait for their response.

2. As more recruiters utilize email and social media to connect with candidates, those who utilize the phone are differentiating themselves. When a candidate has a question or concern, they are not going to send you a Facebook Instant Message, or Twitter Direct Message--unless that's the only option they have. They're going to call you, so they can get answers. Likewise, the phone empowers recruiters to provide quality customer service to their candidates, with very minimal effort.

3. Short term recruiting is very different from long-term talent acquisition strategies. The phone provides recruiters with the immediate feedback to fill jobs ASAP, versus in three to six months. In order to be an effective recruiter today, professionals must utilize a variety of methods to create a consistent flow of quality candidates.

Since the very beginning of time, the phone has been considered the most important tool for Human Resources, Headhunters, and Staffing Agencies, alike. When immediate feedback and answers are necessary, there is nothing else that truly compares. RecruitAlliance is a tool that connects hiring organizations with recruiting agencies, in a convenient web-based platform. Employers post their positions and choose the fee they're willing to pay. Recruiters compete to fill those positions, and submit their top candidates through the website. Test-drive RecruitAlliance now.

What Social Media Recruiting Won’t do for your Organization

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RecruitAlliance is your cloud-recruiting solutions.Since 2009, Social Media has been termed "the game changer" in the world of recruiting. Candidates and their contact information is more widely accessible than at any other time in history, and all employers have to do is create engaging content to easily reel in top talent. Has this been your company's experience? Are the A-players in your space knocking down doors to join your company, because you have a presence on social media sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs like WordPress or Blogger?

Here are three things Social Media will NEVER accomplish for your recruiting efforts, and the one tried and true way to hire top talent in any environment.

1. Social media is like a huge Rolodex; if you don't reach out to your target prospects, you can't recruit them. In the old days, headhunters and staffing specialists used the phone book to find candidates. Sites like LinkedIn and others are merely another way to gain access to contact information. If your company can't attract and hire these candidates before your competitors do, the social networks have really only taken over where the Yellow Pages left off.

2. Does your internal recruiting department have time to research and reach out to target candidates on the social networks, one by one? That doesn't sound like a reasonable solution for most HR departments. It's more likely that your job posting activities have transferred from print ads and online job boards, to one or more social networks. Essentially, you're still connecting with those active candidates you probably would have gained access to previously.

3. Social media allows you to build a more engaging employment brand, but that's not free. Creating, updating, managing, and maintaining profiles on all the major social networks is time consuming and costly; not to mention the fact it requires that someone consistently engage in reputation management. Now more than ever, disgruntled employees or customers can post negative things on your social networks and the web in general, that must be addressed immediately. In days past, complainers contacted the Better Business Bureau, where these types of matters were investigated before being added to your file. Today, individuals can post whatever they want, without challenge.

While the unemployment numbers have remained high, there's been no shortage of candidate flow for most organizations. Most of us in recruiting realize good candidate flow does not always equal quality talent options. While social media has provided employers with greater access to candidates and their contact information, the problem remains--how to take those individuals from just another entry in the "social media rolodex" to a new hire.

Certainly, social media has a place in recruiting, but it only takes organizations a step closer to the best of the best candidates. Essentially, it provides unlimited access to the candidate pool you always had access to. Third-party recruiters and agencies continue to remain one of the top solutions for companies who want to fill key positions with exceptional talent. Employers can simplify the process of working with external recruiters when they utilize their complimentary membership with RecruitAlliance. To learn more about this powerful, cloud-based recruiting solution, go to

3 Tips to get the most from Social Media Recruiting

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RecruitAlliance can connect recruiters with fee-eligible jobs to fill, immediately!Uncovering top talent has often been compared to finding a needle in a haystack. Yet, recruiting agencies and headhunters make this task a part of their daily focus. Given the current economy, many employers and hiring managers find their pool of candidates has increased; but finding a quality candidate option is often just as challenging as ever.

In the search process, online tools have become an integral part of the overall sourcing strategy. Using social media for recruiting is one method of connecting with top candidates, if done correctly. Here are 3 tips to increase your social media recruitment success.

1. Connect with target candidates daily. Recruiting via the social networks is something you must do consistently. Set a specific number of people you want to talk to on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (and other preferred media), and don't stop until you've met your daily goals.

2. Specific social media sites provide different results. Seasoned professionals and higher ranking C-Suite individuals are likely to disclose they are open to new career opportunities on LinkedIn; but they aren't necessarily Tweeting about it. Entry-level candidates may post a Facebook update they're looking for a job, and are less likely to have a LinkedIn account in the first place. In a nutshell, higher level professionals hang-out on LinkedIn and like professional networking sites. Entry-level to middle management level candidates are more likely found on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Be creative in your social media messages. Posting a traditional job description as your status update on social media sites does not always have a positive effect. After all, you're competing with a continuous flow ow information. Don't be scared to sprinkle in conversational messages about current events, topics of interest, and even a humorous tid-bit occasionally. Keep it light, social, and you'll continue to grow a large pool of qualified candidates, leveraging social media.

For agencies interested in gaining access to hundreds of fee-eligible positions, posted directly by hiring managers and other third-party agencies interested in performing splits, visit RecruitAlliance. Sign up today, and receive a complimentary 30 day trial.

Beef up your Recruiting Agency’s Client List and Increase Revenue

RecruitAlliance helps you generate more revenue in increased placements.Whether you're an independent search professional or work as part of an agency, one of the most challenging things about your job is to increase the number of clients who regularly utilize your services. Most full-desk recruiters spend at least 50% of their day reaching out to prospective clients via phone and email.

The great challenge of all talent acquisition professionals is to produce more each day, which means more placements. Here are some tips to help increase productivity, and generate more revenue in your recruiting business.

1. Plan to succeed. No one plans to fail, they fail to plan. Be focused on your work, and know what you must accomplish during your day. Take time at the end of each work day to draft a list of tasks you must accomplish, and mark completed tasks off as you progress. This gives you a sense of accomplishment, and ensures you stay on track.

2. The phone is still your best friend. Yes, there is value provided for recruiters in the social networks and your favorite search engine; but this impacts your sourcing efforts. The actual recruiting portion of your job still requires that you have a high-comfort level on the phone. Don't let the internet tools distract you from the money.

3. Gain back those hours invested in business development, by aligning with RecruitAlliance. Focus on candidate development, and doing what you do best - uncover top talent for clients who have immediate needs. When you become a member of RecruitAlliance, you gain access to hundreds of new employers with job openings who need your great candidates. What if you can place 10, 25 or even 50% more candidates this year? RecruitAlliance can positively impact your bottom line - fast.

Independent and agency recruiters are always looking for new ways to more effectively manage their time to ensure success. By planning, staying on the phone, and partnering with RecruitAlliance, they are sure to increase their revenue faster and more efficiently.

What Google+ won’t do for Recruiters

Google + cannot replace RecruitAlliance!If you search the term "Google+" on your favorite search engine today, you're sure to find hundreds of articles and blog posts on the subject. Talent acquisition professionals and agency recruiters are buzzing with excitement over the fact Google+ is going to be the "messiah" of social media; connecting them to those illusive candidates to fill their most difficult-to-fill positions. While the social networks are a valuable sourcing tool for recruiting specialists, many of the highest caliber candidates may not be found using this method.

In its early stages, Google+ is available primarily for the individual user. For independent recruiters, it's essentially just another tool to have in your arsenal - but certainly not a "magic pill." Facebook currently has more than 300 million users worldwide.

Consider the fact that if we took all of the Facebook users and gave them their own island, that land mass would be the third largest country in the world. Therefore, most recruiters regularly access the "holy grail" of candidates via this more seasoned social network.

Google+ is like the "hot new restaurant" in town, that's having its Grand Opening. While it's new and fresh, everyone is checking it out. In the end, recruiters still have to know how to actually RECRUIT the best candidates, and make placements. Social media sites may cut down on initial sourcing time, but they certainly are not a complete solution.

One recruiting tool that saavy recruiters have been accessing since 2001 is RecruitAlliance. This web-based platform connects hiring companies with third-party agencies to create a win-win situation. To learn more, click here.

The Five Characteristics of an Exceptional Recruiter

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Place more MPC's with RecruitAlliance.It seems that every time you power up your computer and access your email, you receive notifications of a new tool for recruiters to make your job easier. There are internet-based tools and recruiting software to assist you in sourcing, background screening, testing, interviewing, and all activities leading up to the placement. With all of the new technologies available to make your life easier in the world of talent acquisition, are you really making more money?

Exceptional recruitment professionals know what it takes to generate big billings. Let's talk about what it takes to be an exceptional recruiter, and how you can stop spinning your wheels and begin working "smarter."

Incorporate networking in your everyday activities. Powerful recruiting specialists don't punch a time-clock, and they never stop sourcing. Everyone they meet is a potential candidate, and they leverage those relationships on a regular basis.

Set time aside daily for social network building. LinkedIn and Facebook are just two of many powerful social networking sites recruiters regularly utilize. If you consider yourself an "old-fashioned" headhunter, it's time to embrace technology and get in the social media game.

Blogging for candidates. Are you attacking your recruiting gig from all angles? Maintaining a blog that offers valuable content for your target candidates is an excellent way to capture the interest and trust of your audience. Be sure to have a link to your career center or include instructions for potential candidates to forward their resume, and you'll increase your incoming resume volume consistently.

Continually develop your verbal communication skills. The writing is on the wall for agency recruiters. If you can't reach out and physically speak with your candidates in such a way that they WANT to work with you over your competition, you won't be able to compete in the marketplace. The recruiting component of your job will continue to be the differentiator that makes or breaks your success as an agency recruiter.

Focus on the money. Top recruiting professionals know they must focus on those searches that generate the highest billings. They choose NOT to work with clients seeking a discount opportunity. or who do not value the time and energy involved in an external agency's process. A higher number of larger fees equals a greater annual income--it's just that simple. One way recruiters can save time in their business development process is through RecruitAlliance. Employers post their fee-eligible jobs on the site, and recruiters can submit their matching candidates, without a time-consuming engagement process. It's a great way to get your MPC's in front of top hiring authorities you may not have an on-going relationship with. Recruiters interested in signing up for a complimentary month on RecruitAlliance, click here.

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