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Looking for ways to Reduce your Cost-Per-Hire?

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RecruitAlliance can reduce your cost-per-hire.Cost Per Hire
Cost per hire is a well-known metric, calculated by dividing the total staffing costs by the number of hires. Total staffing costs break down into fixed and variable costs. Fixed costs include recruiters’ salaries, staffing infrastructure, and overhead. Variable recruiting costs are made up primarily of sourcing costs, but may also include agency and assessment fees if applicable.

Cost versus Quality
The true challenge for human resources and hiring managers today is in gaining the return on investment for the quality of hires. While technology continues to evolve, and create new ways to connect with candidates, it does not remove the issue of engaging the upper-tier individuals who can generate more revenue for your company. Essentially, when all of your competitors have access to the same technologies and social media to source candidates - you're involved in another battle in the war for talent.

There is one solution that has been helping busy corporate HR and Recruiting departments since 2001. RecruitAlliance(RA) is a web-based platform available to qualified employers at no cost. Here's how it works:

1. The employer posts their jobs open to agencies on the RecruitAlliance website.
2. Contingency recruiters compete to fill the vacancies, at the fee set-up by the employer.
3. The recruiters submit all of their qualified candidates through the RecruitAlliance platform, and employers receive instant notification.
4. All communication may be done through RecruitAlliance, preventing the need for intrusive phone calls and interruptions.
5. Employers have complete access to advanced recruitment reporting analytics, right on the RA website.

Employers are able to fill their jobs faster, while naming the fee they're willing to pay may drastically reduce the organization's cost-per-hire. To sign up for a complimentary employer account today, click here.

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