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5 Ways Employers Maximize Relationships with Recruiting Firms

The number of apps that are introduced on an annual basis has skyrocketed in the past five years. There are solutions to help you find passive candidates, connect with active candidates, follow, friend and network with targeted candidates to help fill your open jobs. Job boards have moved to a pay-per-click model, so the cost per hire should be decreasing as all of these tools are implemented. Has your cost-per-hire for key roles actually reduced? Just as important, has your ability to retain quality workers expanded?

If attracting and recruiting top talent were as easy as running an advertisement or posting a job, all companies would be set. The truth is, the recruitment of quality candidates for important, revenue generating roles within your company is a challenge. Since the hiring process involves relationship building, all the apps and software in the world cannot accomplish this task. They can only help you manage the relationship that the human interaction created, to begin with.

This brings us back to one very important point: Recruiting agencies play a crucial role in the delivery of top talent to proactive hiring companies. Today, we're going to discuss 5 ways employers can maximize their relationships with external recruiters, to ensure they have the highest quality applicants.

1. Use a niche search firm for your niche jobs. A recruiting firm isn't one size fits all. They are specialized, and focus on specific types of candidates. Sure, you have large firms that specialize in a variety of areas, and the idea of making a call to one company may seem attractive to the busy HR executive or hiring manager. Have you tried working with multiple, niche firms who specialize in national searches? Often gaining access to multiple candidate sources can elicit the right fit for your culture and organization as a whole. Having an army of niche agencies at your disposal will exponentially increase the chances they have your next new hire in their database, just waiting for a phone call.

2. Gain control over contract terms and fees. The agency you're working with has the perfect candidate, but they are attempting to do an 11th hour negotiation of the fee. They also want to keep ownership of the candidate for two years after your final decision, so their contract is heavily weighted in favor of the agency. In order to prevent this situation, it's imperative to ask the recruiting firm to agree to your contract, fee and all terms, prior to you seeing their candidate. This is the only way a company can control costs and ensure they are receiving access to the highest quality candidates. If you find this task to be unachievable, try looking in to a Vendor Management System that requires the recruiter agree to your terms, before you receive any candidate submittals.

3. Shorten your hiring process. Time kills the ability to hire good candidates. If you see a glaring trend that your best candidates are being hired by your top competitor, it could be a problem with the length of the hiring process. To shorten your hiring process, start with your recruiting partners. Are they able to reach HR or the hiring manager to confirm candidate interviews? Is there a long delay in response time? This is an opportunity to shorten the hiring process. Are agencies expected to go through HR for all communication with hiring managers? That's an inefficient and ineffective process that will result in you losing out on the best candidates. Most importantly, stop putting roadblocks up to prevent good candidates from being seen, and start removing them. Remember, hiring isn't about weeding out the ineligible candidates, it's about promptly plucking the right ones out of the pool and moving them forward in the process. Get aggressive about shortening the time-to-fill, and you'll see real results.

4. Communicate consistently with the recruiting firm. You want your recruiter to give you regular updates on their search efforts. The recruiter needs your prompt feedback in order to focus on the right candidates. Communication is the key to every successful business relationship, so even if the search ends abruptly, or the hiring manager is interested in an internal candidate, let the recruiter know immediately. They will appreciate your honesty, and it will allow them to focus on other clients who are ready to make a hire.

5. Automate the method for informing your recruiting partners you have fee-eligible jobs for them to work on. When you work with multiple agencies to fill your jobs, it can be daunting to attend to all of their phone calls, answer emails, and conduct a basic job scope. You can spend an hour or more per recruiting firm on these items. To save time and money, consider using a Vendor Management System to work with multiple agencies, and automate communication with them. For example, when you post a job out to agencies on the VMS, each of them receive an email notification there is a new job available for them to work. They have all the information to review, and to easily begin submitting candidates. If they have questions, they can message you through the VMS. It's a simplifies everything.

In spite of the fact new recruiting apps and software is introduced regularly, there will always only be one way to recruit the best talent; through human interaction. For this reason, headhunters, recruiting agencies and search firms will always be an important component in smart company's talent acquisition strategy. Learning to work external recruiters in the most effective and efficient means possible is an important piece to recruiting top talent in any market. RecruitAlliance is a Vendor Management System with an employer referred network of staffing agencies and recruiting firms, waiting to fill your most urgent hiring needs. Employers may sign up for their free* account and immediately begin posting jobs to the recruiting vendor network. Employers choose the fee they're willing to pay, the terms of the contract, and drive the hiring process. Recruiter members agree to all terms before a candidate is ever submitted through the platform. To learn more or get started today, go to

RA launches RecruitAlliance India, as part of International Expansion

RA Clear Crisp no shadow RA launches RecruitAlliance India, as part of International Expansion

RecruitAlliance is a Vendor Management Solution for hiring organizations that saves them time and money, while drastically improving their workflow.

Since 2001, RecruitAlliance has been connecting employers and recruiting agencies, through their proprietary, cloud-based, vendor management portal.  Headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, the company recently launched operations in Hyderabad, India.

In the U.S., RA’s recruiting tool has aided some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 organizations in reducing their spend per hire, mitigating risk, and optimizing the talent acquisition process, across their enterprises.

Over the company’s 15 years in operation, RecruitAlliance has helped employers and recruiting vendors successfully collaborate to fill more than 17,000 critical requisitions and earn millions of dollars in fees.   The website is user-friendly, while effectively tracking and managing candidate submissions for fee-eligible openings at entities of all sizes.  RA’s solution works alone or in tandem with other applicant tracking systems on the market.  Employers may join the website and utilize this powerful tool at no cost.

According to the company’s Director and Chief Technology Officer, Chandra Shekar Reddy, the decision to begin operations in India is the result of several key factors.  “India is a fast growing economy and with the recent change in government, the focus has shifted to employment, industry, and skill development.  The business community is very optimistic on high growth in both the short and long-term.   Massive growth in e-commerce has led to volume hiring, and successful organizations such as Amazon and Alibaba are already considering India as their next potential investment.”

Existing U.S. clients, such as Wells Fargo, Bayer, American Greetings, Dollar General, Wesco Distribution, TRW and others are poised to benefit from RA’s International growth, as they can access a single platform for their global talent acquisition operations.  Enterprises and businesses who are looking for expansion in both countries can use RA to quickly ramp up their headcounts and gain competitive edge.

RecruitAlliance offers a proven and validated vendor marketplace, reducing their cost per hire and time to fill ratios.  Employer members can build a network of recruiting partners who produce results, while positively impacting their organizational retention rates.  To learn more about RecruitAlliance India, contact their office directly:

Hyderabad Office:  +91-99084-66996

Email: or


5 reasons smart competitors are already leveraging RecruitAlliance as part of a comprehensive recruitment strategy

Comments Off on 5 reasons smart competitors are already leveraging RecruitAlliance as part of a comprehensive recruitment strategyWritten on July 16th, 2012 by
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RecruitAlliance empowers your team to fill jobs faster and more efficiently.We live in an era where new software, recruiting tools and websites show up on the scene with high frequency, to help recruiters, human resources and hiring managers uncover top talent faster than ever before. For every organization, time is money; it stands to reason that speeding up the hiring process will have a positive impact throughout the company.

RecruitAlliance has been helping savvy, strategic companies with a true vision and focus on "quality of hire," since 2001. Not your modern day "tool of the week," RecruitAlliance is a long-term solution that drives results.

Here are 5 reasons your competitors are already utilizing RecruitAlliance (RA) to fill their key roles, and why you should sign up for your complimentary employer test-drive today:

1. RA empowers hiring companies to post their fee-eligible roles on this "members only" website, and begin receiving qualified, on-target candidates from professional, vetted external recruiters in as little as a few hours. All recruiting agencies who are members of the platform are screened and approved before they are given access to the site. Stop shopping for quality recruitment agencies to partner with for your niche searches.

2. Put an end to the RFP process. With RA, all recruiters must agree to your terms and conditions prior to submitting their first candidate to you through the website. For some companies, the RFP process alone can add weeks and even months to a priority candidate search. With RecruitAlliance, all obstacles between you and highly desirable candidates are removed.

3. Your company sets the fee you're willing to pay upon successful hire. RA works like a job board that is accessible exclusively by employers and third party recruiters. When you post your requisition, you include the amount you're willing to pay along with a thorough job descriptions and candidate "must haves." You remain in control of costs at all times.

4. Experience the power of large numbers. When you work with one or two recruiting agencies occasionally, they aren't always the best partners for all types of searches. When you post your fee-eligible position on RA, those recruiters who specialize in the space you're seeking qualified candidates will submit qualified individuals for your review - because they already have them in the pipeline. This significantly cuts down on your time to fill.

5. RecruitAlliance literally automates the process of working with external recruiting vendors, while providing hiring companies with real-time reporting and on-going results. RA removes the obstacles of working with third-party talent acquisition companies, and creates a cloud-based environment that stimulates more fills - more efficiently.

Ready to test-drive RecruitAlliance? To learn more, visit

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