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Staffing Agencies: Gain access to more quality job orders, with less business development efforts

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RecruitAlliance:  More job orders with less business developmentWhether you're focused on running a full-desk, exclusively on the candidate side, or working in client services, recruitment and staffing agencies who have access to more job orders with quality companies have more opportunities to generate higher billings.  In today's war for top talent, permanent placement and temporary placement firms must find new and creative ways to increase their client base, without spending additional time and resources on business development.  What is the most efficient way for independent recruiters, boutique agencies and multi-office staffing companies to generate additional clients, with limited effort?

Here are 3 ways every recruiting agency can increase business and move forward in perpetual growth mode:

1.  Focus on a specific niche.  The more narrowed your focus within an industry or vertical, the more you're able to recycle qualified candidates for multiple opportunities.  Firms who work within a specific space have the time necessary to know their clients' needs and gain greater insight in to their candidate needs.  It also affords agencies the ability to identify emerging needs within their scope, and yield a much greater understanding of the market.

2.  Have a search engine optimized website for your agency, and direct Clients to your site.  In spite of the fact we think all firms today have websites, the truth is many independent and boutique recruiting agencies simply do not believe this is a necessity.  This is a mistake in today's competitive business climate.  Agencies can easily hire a web developer to design and create a professional website for posting their jobs, providing additional information about how they conduct business, and to list links to their social media sites for less than $2500.00. Hiring an SEO consultant further ensures the agency will have a regular flow of inbound client and candidate leads.

3.  Leverage a quality recruitment marketplace to have a steady flow of job orders.  A recruiting marketplace is a website that connects agency recruiters with clients who have fee-eligible jobs orders.  One caveat to using recruiting marketplaces is not all are created equally.  Some allow clients to post their job and offer fees that are far below the acceptable average.  Others offer terms and conditions that can be deemed unacceptable by the agency, and make it nearly impossible to generate a steady cash flow.  As an external recruiter, make sure you research each marketplace before choosing the appropriate one(s) for your business.

RecruitAlliance is a recruitment marketplace that has generated millions of dollars in fees for agencies since 2001.  Their simple, easy-to-use interface tracks and manages all candidate submissions to real job orders with exemplary hiring companies.  They offer state of the art Customer Service, to support user issues with the platform, and regular web conferences to show Recruiters (Vendors) how to best use their website.  In addition, the platform is a split network, so recruiters can post jobs assigned to them by their clients, and receive candidate referrals from other Vendor members.  To learn more about RecruitAlliance and how it can help build your agency without additional business development efforts, visit

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Recruiting Agency Advice: 3 Tips to Take the Holiday Months from Slow – to Stellar!

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It's that time of the year again.....from Thanksgiving until the beginning of the New Year, business in the world of staffing and recruiting always seems to come to a screeching halt. Clients work on a skeleton crew, so decision-makers aren't readily available to meet candidates. Recruiting budgets may be tapped until the next calendar year. Candidates who were very serious about making the right move, are suddenly MIA (missing in action). The pressure to increase billings has not decreased, but your chances of successfully filling a job have significantly turned against you.

What do you do to meet your search firm's business objectives, and assure you generate enough fees to pay your own bills during these trying months?

Here are 3 tips to assure you finish the fourth quarter strong, and have more fee-eligible jobs to fill than you ever thought possible!

1. Sign up for a complimentary, 30 day Vendor trial on RecruitAlliance. What is RecruitAlliance, you ask? RecruitAlliance creates a win-win relationship in the cloud for Employers and Vendors, leveraging the power of the Internet to optimize your mutual best interest. For Recruiters, RA provides a means to expand their client base and boost their earnings based on their success filling job orders, without having to make cold-calls. Once your membership is activated, you simply sign in, locate job orders that match your area of expertise, and submit qualified candidates. Client members will review your submission, provide feedback, and move your candidate(s) through the process. Here's the good news! There's no need to request engagement, obtain permission, or jump through hoops to submit candidates for open requisitions.

2. Leverage the power of Split Networking to exponentially increase your billings. Every recruiter has heard horror stories of split placements gone wrong. It's the nature of the business, right? Not any more! With SplitAlliance, powered by RecruitAlliance, Vendor members can rest assured that every split job posting and every split candidate referral is tracked, date and time-stamped, in a secure/safe cloud-based environment. No more social media splits, where you're working with unscrupulous partners who aren't necessarily who they claim to be. SplitAlliance is for the serious Split Placement partner who sees the value placing more candidates, and filling more jobs. (Interested in learning how to explode your billings with split networking? Download this educational and informative White Paper.....

    The Split Job Networking Strategy: Happy Clients, Content Candidates, and Increased Billings.)

3. Focus on creating a culture of quality communication with every candidate you represent. If you've been working with a candidate who is very serious about making a job change, make it a point to connect through a variety of methods during the holidays. Leave a voicemail, send an email, leverage text messaging, and even send a LinkedIn group or Inmail message. Focus on how you've identified a job that they have identified as something they want to be notified about. If there's a pending interview you're attempting to schedule, use all of these methods. Remember, vetting your candidates up front eliminates these issues over the holidays. A good candidate will tell you, "If I don't make a change before mid-November, don't reach out until January 1st of the new year. A truly strong, most placable candidate will tell you, "Call me when the right job comes available, and I'll do whatever it takes to make the interview." Candidate control may be a myth, but connecting with your candidates and understanding their needs is critical to managing everyones' expectations.

The journey of making more placements during the holiday months is simple, but not necessarily easy for many Recruiters. It requires adopting a new system, called RecruitAlliance, leveraging a quality split network, like SplitAlliance, and consistently communicating with your candidates. Are you ready to increase your billings?

Third-Party Recruiters: Increase your earnings in 2012

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RecruitAlliance can connect TPRs with viable, fee-eligible opportunities to fill.As we near the end of 2011, it's a good time to reflect on your current business practices; what's working, and what you must change in order to increase revenue in the upcoming year. One of the key mistakes many agency recruiters make, year after year, is continuing to do the same process over and over, instead of tweaking it to gain the highest level of productivity.

Let's talk about some basic tips to increase your billings in the new fiscal year, and how to grow professionally and financially in 2012.

1. Evaluate your relationships with Human Resources, with all of your valued clients. Contingency recruiters tend to have "stressed" relations with HR for a variety of reasons. HR Directors and Managers have the ability to completely shut out a recruiting agency, should they choose to. Take a look at each individual relationship with your clients, and determine whether it's time to connect with someone from HR. Create friends with them, and offer to provide them with value. As HR's role continues to expand and evolve in 2012, it's important to have them on your side, versus in an adversarial position.

2. Take the time to understand your client's internal recruiting process. Working as a headhunter or staffing specialist is about cultivating solid relationships with hiring companies. The days of making a "hard sell" in recruiting are long gone. In order to remain competitive, and garner respect from your clients, you must take a consultative approach to this relationship. To successfully accomplish this task, ask probing questions to uncover their needs. Offer viable solutions that address their pains.

3. Human Resources can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Whether TPRs address it or not, the fact remains that HR is a powerful department within any organization. They have the ability to approve your partnership within their organization, or deny you altogether. Doesn't it make sense to partner with this group to gain more business from your current clients? Perhaps you're currently providing talent acquisition services for one department within a particular firm. With human resources buy-in, you could be managing the recruitment effort across the board. Work smarter, and increase your income potential.

In 2012, the importance of building solid relationships across organizations will be more important than ever. After all, as more technology-based solutions continue to flood the market, companies will realign their recruiting budgets to coincide with the latest, greatest tool that fills jobs. The only true way to differentiate yourself in the new year is to build better relationships, provide better customer service, and to deliver results.

Let RecruitAlliance connect your recruiting agency with viable, fee-eligible positions to fill. To learn more, visit the RecruitAlliance website.

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