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Download eBook: Inbound Recruitment Marketing 2018

Download RecruitAlliance's free eBook - Inbound Recruitment Marketing 2018Are you seeing your cold calling and outbound outreach sourcing efforts results diminish? Is your competition making offers to candidates you've also interviewed--only to accept their offer? Are your recruiters posting their open requisitions on job boards, only to receive numerous unqualified applicants? What is the secret sauce of candidate recruitment in 2018?

The answer is a quality inbound recruitment strategy.

You can download the free eBook, presented by RecruitAlliance, and learn more about the following:

~ What is the Recruitment Marketing Funnel for an Inbound campaign?
~ What are the critical four stages of the Inbound Recruitment Marketing process?
~ How to engage candidates at each stage of your Inbound Marketing plan.
~ What are the most necessary skills for the recruiting team, in 2018?
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