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Using Video As A Retention Tool For Recruiters……..

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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about. Using video as a recruitment and retention tool, 5 tools to boost up your quality hire in 2017, 3 ways recruiters can reduce turnover in the healthcare industry. If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

Using video as a recruitment and retention tool: At many companies, there is a disconnect between workers on the ground and the C-suite. To workers at the bottom of the corporate ladder, executives often come across as distant leaders who don’t understand the problems and needs of those who keep the operation running. To executives, criticism from the lower rungs can seem like little more than vague complaints from workers who can’t see the big picture. In order to build a more cohesive corporate culture, executives must find ways to connect with their existing workforces and their prospective hires. While meeting regularly with each employee face to face for this purpose isn’t practical, there is another way: video. …Read More…

5 tools to boost up your quality hire in 2017: Big data, artificial intelligence, automation, video technology: These are just some of the topics that recruiting leaders are talking about today. Individually, they all stand to impact the recruitment sector in profound ways over the coming years. Collectively, they can also be used to improve one of the most important metrics in recruitment – quality of hire. At industry events and in recruitment publications, improving quality of hire is a goal that’s gaining momentum. It’s being talked about more, and we increasingly feel we’re developing the technologies to address this challenge. …Read More…

3 ways recruiters can reduce turnover in the healthcare industry: HR professionals in the healthcare industry have a crisis on their hands: the spiraling turnover problem among nurses. More than 17 percent of new nurses leave their jobs after just one year. After three years, that percentage jumps to 43 percent – a staggering figure, considering that the total national voluntary turnover rate for all industries is just 11.6 percent. Nurses are essential to any healthcare organization’s success, which makes the high turnover rate among this group extremely alarming. Nurses are healthcare providers’ first lines of defense against patient dissatisfaction. They’re the ones greeting sick people, attending to their harried calls, checking vitals, and providing a soothing presence ahead of complex procedures. …Read More..

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