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Why Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Matters: Tips for Successful Results

RecruitAlliance - Expanding diversityResearch shows that diversity and inclusion can attract more talent, help increase a business’ bottom line, drive innovation, and create more opportunities for growth. As such, organizations are more inspired to implement these initiatives and attempt to embed D & I in the workplace culture.

Diversity breeds innovation and innovation breeds business success. It is critical to an organization’s ability to adapt to a fast changing environment. It brings about a fresh and new outlook to perspectives, experiences, culture, gender and age. Companies with a diverse workforce perform better financially. Attaining a diverse workforce includes but is not limited to employees of different age, ethnicity, class, gender, physical abilities/qualities, race, sexual orientation, as well as religious status, gender expression, educational background, geographical location, income, marital status, parental status, and work experiences. A McKinsey Analysis Report says that 15% are more likely to outperform in a gender-diverse company and 35% are more likely to outperform in an ethnically diverse company.

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  RecruitAlliance helps companies reach diversity goals. Diverse companies are better able to win top talent, improve decision making, position themselves well with their customers. Diversity and inclusion creates a global mindset and cultural fluency within companies.

Successful organizations build diversity into the fabric of their firm. It all starts with a strategy or plan, and develops to become a mentality and a cultural movement. A business with a sound D & I strategy who makes this a priority will outperform their competitors.

In order to see results from diversity initiatives, it requires companies remain steadfast in their commitment to achieving the goals. Measuring results of the program is a critical component of success. Third-party companies, like RecruitAlliance can help organizations reach their diversity objectives, without increasing their talent or diversity partnership spend.

Why do 41% of companies still say they are too busy to focus on diversity? In reality, companies who opt not to focus on D & I will lose to their competition. Here are some helpful tips:

RecruitAlliance - expand diversity across your organization

  • Make it a team effort. Get support, insight, and feedback from other leadership members. Getting commitment from them creates a way for everyone to encourage diversity throughout the company.

  • Create a committee. This could be a small group of team members or managers that collaborate to establish diversity within the workplace. This group should be diverse in employee race, gender, age, etc.

  • Use third-party companies. Today, diversity is a group effort in that organizations of all types and in every industry are trying to be more inclusive. While it might unveil some of your own shortcomings, looking to others who are succeeding can inspire new ideas for your own company and help you start on your own path to a more diverse workforce.

  • Implement an equal opportunity policy. Make sure all employees understand how it works and know everyone has the same chance to progress.

  • Rethink how you do business. Think globally, act globally, and be known for not only diversity hiring but for a having a culture of diversity.

  • Communication is critical. Diverse individuals need to know they and their differences are respected and valued.

  • Training and education. Management must ensure that all employees understand where the other is coming from in their interactions in order to avoid conflict due to cultural misunderstandings or unconscious bias.

  • Ensure transparency in hiring. This will let current staff know diversity hiring is not about quotas but added value.

  • Work on your retention. If a minority employee decides to leave, find out why and correct any misstep.

  • Be flexible. Multiculturalism means just that. Diversity employees have different needs and expectations.

  • Have an open-door policy. This will swiftly head off any issues that might arise by making your hierarchy less rigid. Listen to new ideas.

  • Collaborate. Offer plenty of collaborative-type opportunities and give autonomy wherever possible to teams or individuals.

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Talent Acquisition: Global Recruitment Workforce Scaling

RecruitAlliance - providing global recruitment solutionsYour talent acquisition department has just been tasked with hiring 3500 employees to staff multiple locations, around the globe. Your internal recruitment staff is already struggling to reach their performance metrics, and their requisition count continues to increase on a weekly basis. Staff morale is quickly plummeting, because the team feels they are on a 'mission impossible'. As a Human Resources (HR) or Talent Acquisition (TA) leader, how do win this challenge?

You've looked in to hiring a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company, but you're weary of handing over such a large project to an outside vendor. What if the RPO doesn't deliver? How will you explain to the executive leadership and the Board of Directors that you can't reach the headcount goals? You know that your internal recruiting team will scramble to attract and recruit candidates to fill the open requisitions, but will quality be sacrificed? This vicious cycle gets worse, and is perpetuated in the retention issues you'll have down the road.

Are you ready to find a solution that provides your company with a flexible, cost-effective option to put you in control of scalable recruitment?

Leveraging a Vendor Management System is the smartest way to accomplish your staffing goals, quickly and efficiently. Here are just some of the benefits of using a VMS:

Simple registration process. Upon account activation, your internal recruiters can post jobs on the platform, and begin receiving candidates to review.

An easy way to work with your current recruiting and staffing vendors, or accept candidates from other members of the network. Competition ensures recruiters submit only the best candidates, with urgency.

You control the terms of the relationship. You stipulate the fee you'll pay upon hire. You identify the guarantee period for the candidate.

Risk is mitigated. Vendor Management Systems ensure you OFCCP compliant, and tracks all Vendor activity for reporting purposes. Receive more understanding of Recruitment Partner performance through enhanced data and analytics. See who's performing, and who your 'go-to' agencies are.

Enhance your diversity partnerships. Some VMS's, enable employers to see which partners are certified Diversity entities.

Gain the ability to source candidates for global job openings. Make sure the Vendor Management System you use has the ability to handle an International talent pool, and assist you in filling those roles.

Scalable recruitment, without handing over the process to an RPO. You remain in control of the hiring process. Your internal recruiters view candidates and move them through the process, just as they normally would. Pay the fee you set, only upon hire.

One payee, one MSP. No more setting up multiple Vendors with Accounts Payable, or going through multiple credit checks with a variety of agencies.

Post unlimited jobs in the talent marketplace, and make unlimited hires. Have recruiting support, on-demand. Gain the flexibility to scale as needed. Depending on the solutions provider, you will not encounter up-front costs or per user-fees. The Managed Solutions Provider will take a small percentage of the agency fees generated.

If you're internal recruiting team cannot meet its hiring objectives, it's time to implement a viable solution that will save your organization time, money, mitigate risk, and improve your recruiting process. Vendor Management Systems have been helping employers solve hiring problems, effectively and efficiently.

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