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5 Ways Employers Maximize Relationships with Recruiting Firms

The number of apps that are introduced on an annual basis has skyrocketed in the past five years. There are solutions to help you find passive candidates, connect with active candidates, follow, friend and network with targeted candidates to help fill your open jobs. Job boards have moved to a pay-per-click model, so the cost per hire should be decreasing as all of these tools are implemented. Has your cost-per-hire for key roles actually reduced? Just as important, has your ability to retain quality workers expanded?

If attracting and recruiting top talent were as easy as running an advertisement or posting a job, all companies would be set. The truth is, the recruitment of quality candidates for important, revenue generating roles within your company is a challenge. Since the hiring process involves relationship building, all the apps and software in the world cannot accomplish this task. They can only help you manage the relationship that the human interaction created, to begin with.

This brings us back to one very important point: Recruiting agencies play a crucial role in the delivery of top talent to proactive hiring companies. Today, we're going to discuss 5 ways employers can maximize their relationships with external recruiters, to ensure they have the highest quality applicants.

1. Use a niche search firm for your niche jobs. A recruiting firm isn't one size fits all. They are specialized, and focus on specific types of candidates. Sure, you have large firms that specialize in a variety of areas, and the idea of making a call to one company may seem attractive to the busy HR executive or hiring manager. Have you tried working with multiple, niche firms who specialize in national searches? Often gaining access to multiple candidate sources can elicit the right fit for your culture and organization as a whole. Having an army of niche agencies at your disposal will exponentially increase the chances they have your next new hire in their database, just waiting for a phone call.

2. Gain control over contract terms and fees. The agency you're working with has the perfect candidate, but they are attempting to do an 11th hour negotiation of the fee. They also want to keep ownership of the candidate for two years after your final decision, so their contract is heavily weighted in favor of the agency. In order to prevent this situation, it's imperative to ask the recruiting firm to agree to your contract, fee and all terms, prior to you seeing their candidate. This is the only way a company can control costs and ensure they are receiving access to the highest quality candidates. If you find this task to be unachievable, try looking in to a Vendor Management System that requires the recruiter agree to your terms, before you receive any candidate submittals.

3. Shorten your hiring process. Time kills the ability to hire good candidates. If you see a glaring trend that your best candidates are being hired by your top competitor, it could be a problem with the length of the hiring process. To shorten your hiring process, start with your recruiting partners. Are they able to reach HR or the hiring manager to confirm candidate interviews? Is there a long delay in response time? This is an opportunity to shorten the hiring process. Are agencies expected to go through HR for all communication with hiring managers? That's an inefficient and ineffective process that will result in you losing out on the best candidates. Most importantly, stop putting roadblocks up to prevent good candidates from being seen, and start removing them. Remember, hiring isn't about weeding out the ineligible candidates, it's about promptly plucking the right ones out of the pool and moving them forward in the process. Get aggressive about shortening the time-to-fill, and you'll see real results.

4. Communicate consistently with the recruiting firm. You want your recruiter to give you regular updates on their search efforts. The recruiter needs your prompt feedback in order to focus on the right candidates. Communication is the key to every successful business relationship, so even if the search ends abruptly, or the hiring manager is interested in an internal candidate, let the recruiter know immediately. They will appreciate your honesty, and it will allow them to focus on other clients who are ready to make a hire.

5. Automate the method for informing your recruiting partners you have fee-eligible jobs for them to work on. When you work with multiple agencies to fill your jobs, it can be daunting to attend to all of their phone calls, answer emails, and conduct a basic job scope. You can spend an hour or more per recruiting firm on these items. To save time and money, consider using a Vendor Management System to work with multiple agencies, and automate communication with them. For example, when you post a job out to agencies on the VMS, each of them receive an email notification there is a new job available for them to work. They have all the information to review, and to easily begin submitting candidates. If they have questions, they can message you through the VMS. It's a simplifies everything.

In spite of the fact new recruiting apps and software is introduced regularly, there will always only be one way to recruit the best talent; through human interaction. For this reason, headhunters, recruiting agencies and search firms will always be an important component in smart company's talent acquisition strategy. Learning to work external recruiters in the most effective and efficient means possible is an important piece to recruiting top talent in any market. RecruitAlliance is a Vendor Management System with an employer referred network of staffing agencies and recruiting firms, waiting to fill your most urgent hiring needs. Employers may sign up for their free* account and immediately begin posting jobs to the recruiting vendor network. Employers choose the fee they're willing to pay, the terms of the contract, and drive the hiring process. Recruiter members agree to all terms before a candidate is ever submitted through the platform. To learn more or get started today, go to

Aligning with Results-Oriented Recruiting Agencies

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Categories: Corporate Recruiters, Human Resources
Job boards create interest in a position, how many of those resumes received are actually qualified applicants? It is essential for organizations to align themselves with qualified third party recruiters who can produce the right candidate on demand. How can a corporate talent acquisition leader increase their reach to quality agencies as needed, without spending countless hours interviewing and researching search firms who specialize in your field or industry? RecruitAlliance connects employers with contingency recruiters who are fully screened prior to approval on the platform. The vetting process includes a reference check, complete telephone interview, as well as length of business verification. When an employer posts a job on the site, recruiters receive notification of the new position. They can access the complete description, view the job specifications, and submit only those candidates who meet the minimum requirements. The staff at RecruitAlliance have set up specific safe-guards that prohibit external recruiters from submitting individuals who are not “on-target,” saving the recruiting/hiring authority time and money. Implementing a Cost-Saving Recruiting Strategy: One of the most challenging issues for talent acquisition leaders is implementing a new recruiting solution, once it's been identified. With RecruitAlliance, this is a stress-free process, that can be accomplished immediately. The steps to implementing the RecruitAlliance solution are: 1. Sign up for an employer account at 2. Sign in with your user name and password. 3. Post any and all jobs you would normally send to agency, or any especially difficult to fill positions your internal staff is struggling with. 4. Choose the fee you wish to pay for the referral of the winning candidate. 5. Webinar-based training is available for organizations who wish to participate, with on-going support. Once you've tried the platform, you'll discover just how easy it is to use. For organizations with multiple locations and internal recruiters, RecruitAlliance offers a full-enterprise roll-out.

The uneasy relationship between corporate recruiters and agency recruiters…..

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In an 'ideal' world corporate recruiters would provide a detailed job requisition with pertinent, not boiler plate information, including realistic salary targets, specific knock-outs or must- haves and then respond in a timely manner when a candidate is submitted. Conversely the agency recruiter would carefully read the job requirements and vet each interested candidate by thoroughly interviewing the candidate, and then only submit the very best of the lot, no more than 2 or 3. Once your candidate is accepted,  determine the time frame from the corporate recruiter as to next steps, keep you candidate in the loop and don't bug the corporate recruiter, until they do not live up to their end of the agreement. In reality too many corporate recruiters simply abuse the relationship they have with agency recruiters by not reviewing submissions quickly or at all. By not providing any feedback or very little the agency recruiter cannot refine their search.  In some cases the corporate recruiter receives the referral and THEN searches their resume data base to determine if the candidate is in it and then rejects the agency referral. Agency recruiters can be just as bad; re-posting the job requisition verbatim all over the net and then submitting any candidate who looks reasonably qualified to the employer, hoping against hope that one of the submissions may make it through. The relationship between the corporate recruiter and agency recruiter is complex but should not be viewed as adversarial. Both want the same conclusion, a placement or filled requisition. A wise corporate recruiter knows that a good agency partner will be there, when needed to help fill a critical position; and a smart agency recruiter will understand that corporate recruiters have a lot on their plate besides feeling requisitions. Their job source candidates not active and to shoulder the responsibility of thoroughly qualifying candidates BEFORE they are submitted and then work within the parameters set by the corporate partner.
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