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Spring Clean your Recruiting Desk and Fill More Jobs with Quality Candidates

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RecruitAlliance helps recruiters and employers spring clean their unfilled requisitions more efficiently.The flowers are in full-bloom and the weather is slowly warming up. Spring has sprung, and it's time eliminate those tough-to-fill requisitions and produce results. Whether you're a corporate talent acquisition specialist, hiring manager or third-party recruiter, Spring is the perfect time to clean up those unfilled reqs and become more productive.

RecruitAlliance is a cloud-based solution that saves hiring organizations and recruiters time while creating a more efficient workflow process.

    For Hiring Companies

1. There's no cost to utilize this solution.
2. Post the fee-eligible positions on the RecruitAlliance website you would normally send out to agencies. Don't worry, your jobs are not accessible by the general public.
3. Recruiter members send you highly qualified candidates who meet your parameters and criteria, and agree in advance to the fee you're offering upon fill.
4. Say goodbye to lengthy RFP processes and endless cold calls by recruiters--communication is done through the RA portal, unless you choose otherwise.

    For Third-Party Recruiters

1. Increase efficiency by decreasing time-spent on business development.
2. Membership expands your client portfolio, and offers you the option to place candidates in a variety of verticals.
3. Submit your matching candidates for opportunities directly through the RecruitAlliance website, and receive real-time updates when an employer accepts, rejects or hires your candidates.
4. Focus on income producing activities that increase your billings and grow your recruiting business.
5. Build new relationships through delivering results.

RecruitAlliance creates a win-win for both employers and recruiters alike. To sign up for a comprehensive demo of the site, go to

Get ready for a new look with many upgrades--coming soon!


What Social Media Recruiting Won’t do for your Organization

Comments Off on What Social Media Recruiting Won’t do for your OrganizationWritten on January 30th, 2012 by
Categories: Corporate Recruiters, Human Resources, Third-Party Recruiters
RecruitAlliance is your cloud-recruiting solutions.Since 2009, Social Media has been termed "the game changer" in the world of recruiting. Candidates and their contact information is more widely accessible than at any other time in history, and all employers have to do is create engaging content to easily reel in top talent. Has this been your company's experience? Are the A-players in your space knocking down doors to join your company, because you have a presence on social media sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs like WordPress or Blogger?

Here are three things Social Media will NEVER accomplish for your recruiting efforts, and the one tried and true way to hire top talent in any environment.

1. Social media is like a huge Rolodex; if you don't reach out to your target prospects, you can't recruit them. In the old days, headhunters and staffing specialists used the phone book to find candidates. Sites like LinkedIn and others are merely another way to gain access to contact information. If your company can't attract and hire these candidates before your competitors do, the social networks have really only taken over where the Yellow Pages left off.

2. Does your internal recruiting department have time to research and reach out to target candidates on the social networks, one by one? That doesn't sound like a reasonable solution for most HR departments. It's more likely that your job posting activities have transferred from print ads and online job boards, to one or more social networks. Essentially, you're still connecting with those active candidates you probably would have gained access to previously.

3. Social media allows you to build a more engaging employment brand, but that's not free. Creating, updating, managing, and maintaining profiles on all the major social networks is time consuming and costly; not to mention the fact it requires that someone consistently engage in reputation management. Now more than ever, disgruntled employees or customers can post negative things on your social networks and the web in general, that must be addressed immediately. In days past, complainers contacted the Better Business Bureau, where these types of matters were investigated before being added to your file. Today, individuals can post whatever they want, without challenge.

While the unemployment numbers have remained high, there's been no shortage of candidate flow for most organizations. Most of us in recruiting realize good candidate flow does not always equal quality talent options. While social media has provided employers with greater access to candidates and their contact information, the problem remains--how to take those individuals from just another entry in the "social media rolodex" to a new hire.

Certainly, social media has a place in recruiting, but it only takes organizations a step closer to the best of the best candidates. Essentially, it provides unlimited access to the candidate pool you always had access to. Third-party recruiters and agencies continue to remain one of the top solutions for companies who want to fill key positions with exceptional talent. Employers can simplify the process of working with external recruiters when they utilize their complimentary membership with RecruitAlliance. To learn more about this powerful, cloud-based recruiting solution, go to

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