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Five Tips to Write an Amazing Job Description and Attract Top Talent

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You just posted a 'stock' job description on your corporate career page, and you're waiting for applicants. Have you read your job description? Did it leave you feeling excited to join your company? Instead, did you read the same mundane duties and day to day job requirements you read in every other job description?

Stop the insanity! There is a better way to attract top talent, and it all begins with a well written job description. In order to recruit, you have to sell the value of working for your company. It's an 'easy sell' to an active candidate who's currently unemployed—but that's not who we're targeting. You want your job description to make a connection with the right candidate, who can become a part of your team and who is a good fit for the organizational culture.

How do you create a job description that really connects with the right people? How do you go about changing HR's encyclopedia of descriptions and craft a job marketing piece that will 'wow' your intended audience?

Here are five tips to help you create a stellar job description—every time!

1. Start with the attention-getting introduction. This is where you give a brief introduction to the position. Spell out who your ideal candidate is, and why they are going to love this job. Explain everything from the candidate's perspective—what's in it for them. Avoid writing a commercial about how great your company is. Keep the intro brief; preferably one paragraph. Stop saying "the ideal candidate," and say--"you." Make it about your reader.

2. Describe a day in the life. The right candidate will want to know about their day to day activities in this role. Use bullet points, and spell it out in a brief and even entertaining way. Connect with the hiring manager to get a better understanding of the position before writing this part. Help the candidate create a mental image of themselves in the role, by offering a descriptive story of what they will be doing in their new job. Help your candidates self-select and weed themselves out if, if it's not their area of expertise.

3. Include the problems they will be solving. Are you looking for a Project Manager who will handle disgruntled clients daily? Use wording to your advantage, and connect with candidates who have the skills, and love the challenge. After all, that's the type of individual you need to round out your team. "Do you love turning angry customers in to loyal and happy people? You'll use your PM prowess to create solutions and strong relationships, daily." Always use positive imagery in your verbiage to engage problem solving candidates.

4. Cut the company bio. The right candidate is going to conduct a ton of research on your company before they even apply. Don't waste valuable space in your job description with information about your organization. You can include links to your corporate website, and your company's social media profiles. Give your applicants the opportunity to learn more about you, on their own.

5. Include instructions for a simple application process. Don't ask a candidate to complete a 45-minute test before you speak with them. Antiquated recruiting processes rule out the best candidates. Instead, allow them to apply using social media, or to quickly upload their resume. Have your internal recruiters review the candidate's information, and set up a quick call with some basic questions to further qualify the candidate. Only if they are qualified, set up your testing process. As companies, do we expect candidates to waste their time, just so we don't have to engage them? It makes zero sense in today's competitive candidate-driven market.

The job description is an integral way to initially attract quality candidates. Optimize your job description, and you're maximizing your talent pool. Don't forget to include an introduction with sizzle, a brief description of what they'll be doing daily, what problems they will solve, and the instructions to apply for the job.

Is your company still using the outdated job description? It's time for a change!

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