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5 Effective Ways to Expand your Talent Pool

In the technological age we live in, it's ironic how difficult it is to attract and retain top talent, in any industry. The active candidate pool doesn't necessarily offer the highest caliber applicants, and for key roles--quality truly matters.

Building a solid candidate pipeline continues to be a struggle for nearly every organization. What if there were a way to effectively expand your talent pool, in a short amount of time? Today, we'll take a look at 5 ways you can begin expanding your talent pool, immediately.

1. Create and manage a talent community on Facebook. There are currently more than one billion active users on Facebook. The right candidates you are looking for are already using this social media tool. The problem with talent communities is most employers think about attracting applicants for their company, instead of delivering great content for the individual careers within their organization. For example, the information that interests someone in Information Technology is very different than content that would be suitable for someone in Accounting, Sales or even the C-Suite. To administer talent communities right, organizations need to create mini-groups that will cater to that specific pipeline. Think of it as a farming project. Pump out consistent and relevant content, conduct contests, and make your talent community fun. Watch how quickly your members share pages with other potential users. When it's done correctly, Facebook talent communities will provide needed exposure to your career brand.

2. Email blast candidates in your ATS. Companies often forget to leverage their past and present applicants to increase their candidate pool. Send out a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter with interesting content for potential candidates to re-engage them. Your newsletter can include items like a candidate referral bonus program, contests, hot job openings, and other interesting information. Leverage internal recruiters to manage this program, or hire an outside marketing firm to handle it.

3. Conduct regular virtual career fairs. In the past, employers had to spend lots of time, money and manpower to run a productive career fair. Today, with the help of the internet, companies can run a virtual career fair on a shoestring budget, and using limited resources. Simply pick a date and time, email blast your ATS candidates and everyone in your talent communities, have your website administrator place a strategic pop-up ad on your corporate career website, and have your recruiting staff share the information with their networks. To keep within a small budget, use a venue like GoToMeeting or another video conferencing platform. Create break-out rooms for specific departments, and have your recruiters prepared to present information on all the wonderful reasons why your company is the next step in their career. If you're team doesn't have time to conduct their own virtual career fair, you can check with an external marketing firm who will take care of it for you.

4. Leverage recruiting agencies as talent scouts. Search firms are able to attract candidates from competitors in a similar position, provide your organization's unique selling proposition, and move that individual through the hiring process, because that's their specialty. While more and more companies are trying to move away from using external recruiters, the fact is they deliver value and top talent. Internal recruitment teams and HR focuses on so much more than talent acquisition. As a business strategy, it doesn't make sense to have your internal team reach out to the competition to recruit them. This is one of the greatest values agencies offer to companies, whether it's a candidate or employer driven market. If you're not using recruiting agencies to scout top talent for you, you're losing competitive edge.

5. Use a Vendor Management System to managing your relationships with search firms. If your company regularly uses recruiting agencies to scout and place exceptional talent, you know that working with multiple firms can quickly become cumbersome. A Vendor Management System does not have to be a costly expense for employers. It doesn't have to include a long ramp up time for internal recruiters to learn how to use the system. A quality VMS will provide the employer with three key components: contract and fee control, simplification of communication with external recruiting partners, and time savings. Make sure the VMS you select can handle permanent and contract positions, and that you have the ability to distribute jobs on an International basis (if you hire overseas).

Technology is continually presenting new tools to increase the size and scope of your talent pool. Remember, often times the latest app or program may not deliver what is promised—quality candidates. Recruiting is a 'relationship business', so never lose sight of the human interaction that must occur in order to make a quality hire.
RecruitAlliance is a Vendor Management System with an employer referred network of staffing agencies and recruiting firms, waiting to fill your most urgent hiring needs. Employers may sign up for their free* account and immediately begin posting jobs to the recruiting vendor network. Employers choose the fee they're willing to pay, the terms of the contract, and drive the hiring process. Recruiter members agree to all terms before a candidate is ever submitted through the platform. To learn more or get started today, go to

Recruiting Top Talent in India: 5 Major Trends to Watch

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So your company is ready to expand operations in the Pacific Rim. The outlook for sustainable profitability in India is excellent, and will continue to increase. Consider the following about the region:

• Largest democracy in the world.
• 7th largest country on the globe.
• Current population is approximately 1.28 Billion.
• 50% of India’s current population is under 25 years old.
• 9th largest economy and one of the world’s fastest growing.
• Average annual GDP growth rate of 5.5% and anticipated to grow at an annualized average of 8%.
• The labor force is the world’s second largest.
• More than 70% of organizations propose to increase hiring across all levels, thanks to a stable political environment and macro-economic conditions.

There has never been a better time to grow a business in India. If you’re already operating in this region, here are the top five trends to watch, the second half of 2016.

1. Employer branding remains a core focus of hiring companies. Businesses see the connection between quality branding and the ability to attract top talent. The increased use of social media has prompted more than 60% of companies to upscale the employer branding budget to stand out as an employer of choice. Indian-based companies identify such social media channels as LinkedIn with the best way to market their brand and engage candidates socially.

2. Mobile recruiting is gaining momentum. 59% of candidates are leveraging mobile to seek new jobs, and 52% use mobile to apply. In 2015, only 13% of employers invested in a mobile strategy. That number is expected to more than double, by the end of the year.

3. Job board recruitment activity in India continues to grow. According to the Employment Index for June, the increase is 17% year-on-year. The demand for senior management professionals expended by 50%. The education sector increased 65%, and the greatest decrease in online hiring was in the shipping and marine sector (down 14%).

4. HR technologies enable centralized recruitment processes. As human resources changes to a shared services model, with the goal of improving enterprise-wide efficiency, organizations are aligning talent acquisition with expanded business strategies. HR technology will become more streamlined as companies strive to achieve a single application for applicant tracking, vendor management, and video interviewing.

5. The top 10 companies in India growing at the highest rate. Organizations generally use a mix of four to five sourcing channels in order to access a diverse and varied talent pool. According to, these companies are implementing the best processes, creating a quality brand image, and attracting the highest quality talent. These are the competitors in the region to look out for: Google India, American Express India, Ujjivan Financial Services, Teleperformance India, Godrej Consumer Products, Marriott Hotels India, SAP Labs, The Oberoi Group, Lemon Tree Hotels, and Intuit India Product.

With a workforce in ready-mode, an expanding economy and markets waiting to explode, growing operations in the Pacific Rim in 2016 is like getting in on the ground floor of an amazing business opportunity. There has never been a better time to run an organization in India!

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Talent Acquisition Fail – 6 Mistakes Your Company is Making and How to Fix Them Now

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Talent Acquisition Fail - 6 Mistakes your Company is Making and How to Fix them NowTalent Acquisition Fail:  6 Mistakes Your Company is Making and How to Fix Them Now

Every small, medium and large business entity understands the importance of hiring good people.  Recruitment stands as one of the greatest expenses and operational challenges for most organizations.  Companies spend thousands of dollars per year to have the latest Applicant Tracking System, access the best job boards, and tap in to all of the niche resume databases.  They operate multiple career pages, manage social media platforms, and use staffing agencies—all to fill their jobs faster than their competitors.  What tools can companies’ leverage to gain access to top talent, while effectively managing the bottom line?  How can Human Resources and corporate recruiters expand their talent pool, without financial risk while focusing on retention—after the hire?

Let’s examine the top 6 mistakes most companies are making today, and discuss how to turn your recruitment process in to a well-oiled machine!

TA Fail #1:  Lack of a cohesive talent acquisition strategy.  When was the last time your TA team sat down to review the tools and systems currently in place?  Of those systems, which ones are providing the greatest return?  How often are you evaluating these methods, and getting rid of the ones that aren’t driving results?  In order to make a positive change that will impact the success of a company’s hiring process, you have to take a strategic approach.  Organizations’ who don’t adopt this way of thinking are sure to struggle in attracting, recruiting and retaining the right candidates.

TA Fail #2:  Under-utilization of staffing and search firms.  Recruiting agencies fill a lot of important jobs with top talent.  When you want to hire the CEO of your competitor, you’re not just going to give them a call and offer them a job.  (Imagine the talent war that action would start!) There are many examples of circumstances where agencies save the day and deliver quality hires—but the cost is directly related to the service they deliver.  When the Accounting Department is losing 15K per day in revenue because the CFO resigned, paying a 40K placement fee to fill the role seems like a bargain.  When your Emergency Department is down 11 nurses, and the 6 others on the team are ready to walk out because they’re being asked to work double-shifts without any days off, hiring Travel Nurses through an agency seems like a sound business decision.  There are tons of examples in the case to utilize staffing agencies.  You don’t pay unless you hire (unless it’s a retained search), and they offer guarantees that ensure you receive a reasonable ROI.  Forward-thinking companies today incorporate agencies in their overall recruitment strategy.

TA Fail #3:  No game plan for the internal recruiting team.  Let’s face it; recruiters today are inundated with apps, websites, tools, and more (usually with a cost) to source candidates.  Knowing what items work and what overlaps solutions you already have in place can be a daunting discovery process.  TA Directors and leaders should designate a point-person to review and demo new technologies, and share with the team before allowing individual recruiters to become distracted.  Always have the recruiting team focus on those areas that ensure results:  Direct communication with candidates, recruiter interviews and scheduled hiring manager interviews.

TA Fail #4:  Relying on an Applicant Tracking System to be the “Holy Grail” of recruiting.  Applicant tracking systems help employers save time and paper and help them stay organized. Without them, recruiters would have to spend much more time filing and shredding papers or moving and deleting emails. With applicant tracking systems, there is no risk of an employer accidentally deleting the email containing the resume of the applicant the company wants to hire. An ATS also makes it easy for employers to keep tabs on the hiring process and to communicate with applicants directly.  Those simple uses aside, ATS providers sell add-on modules that do everything from cross posting jobs to major job boards, email blasting the database, and even manage staffing vendors from within.  Has your team evaluated the ROI of your ATS?  Are you able to easily configure the system to do what you need it to, without spending thousands more on implementation, training, and roll-outs?  Applicant Tracking Systems are crucial in today’s business climate, but purchasing systems with too many add-ons may not be worthwhile in the end.

TA Fail #5:  Not using a Vendor Management Solution to manage third-party recruitment agencies.  We just talked about what an ATS should reasonably do.  A vendor management system (VMS) is an Internet-enabled, Web-based application that acts as a mechanism for business to manage and procure staffing services – temporary, and, in some cases, permanent placement services – as well as outside contract or contingent labor.  Imagine working with 20 staffing agencies to fill a set of jobs.  You have to have initial meetings with each agency, engage in regular phone conversations with the recruiters, go through negotiating the contract (fees, guarantee and terms), get everything approved through the legal department, and then wait to receive candidates.  Since time is money, this is a time-consuming and expensive way to manage these important Vendors.  When you leverage a VMS like RecruitAlliance, you have one contract, one fee and one platform to streamline the entire process—at no cost and with no implementation fees.  Vendor Management solutions like RecruitAlliance allow employers to manage their recruiting vendors and their agency talent pool more efficiently and effectively.  They even offer managed billing service, so you only have one payee versus sending checks out to multiple agencies.

TA Fail #6:  Avoiding evaluating the Customer experience in the recruiting process.  Corporate recruiters and HR have two sets of customers; internal and external.  There is a lot of discussion around providing a quality candidate experience—but isn’t the hiring manager’s experience just as important?  Talent Acquisition departments everywhere have lost their way when the spotlight is placed exclusively on how the candidate perceives the hiring process.  To ensure all parties have the best engagement possible, recruiters must openly communicate and stop hiding behind email.  Introductions can be made via email, but deals are closed either on the phone, through video conferencing, or in person.  The personal touch will never go out of style!

Technology has changed the way human resources and talent acquisition teams recruit top talent.  It’s imperative that we stop allowing tools and resources to distract us from recruiting the most qualified candidates, and focus on implementing a quality strategy that produces results.  TA fails are really just examples of recruiting challenges left to be won.  Organizations who take their fails and upgrade them to wins will experience an expanded talent pool, higher quality hires and an increased bottom line.

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Recruiters: How to protect your agency from a cyberattack, and leveraging technology to grow your business.

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RecruitAlliance provides technology for recruiters to grow their business.

Technology plays such a large role in any recruiting agency's operations. Imagine how your company would be impacted if you couldn't receive candidate resumes via email. What would happen if your Applicant Tracking System and/or candidate database was hacked?

In 4 email alternatives to lower your cyberterrorism risk, you'll learn some excellent pointers to help you reduce the possibility of stolen information as the result of a cyber attack. Read more.

While we're focusing on improving technology policies, there are a handful of simple fixes you can make to keep our search firm running efficiently. In 6 common tech tragedies you can avoid, you'll read practical tips to help keep your business fine tuned. Read more.

These days, recruiting in the IT space is 'hot', but regardless of what vertical or industry you specialize in, having the right team to identify and attract top talent is an on-going challenge. In Do you have the right talent for business growth, you'll gain insight about how to market key players to your clients, and attain a greater understanding of why they need your services, immediately. Read more.

When it comes to using secure recruiting technology to grow your agency, RecruitAlliance is a clear leader in facilitating quality partnerships between staffing companies and hiring organizations. Recruiter members, commonly referred to as Vendors, gain access to full-fee job orders posted by top employers. For those independent practitioners and agencies looking for split networking opportunities, members have the option to post split jobs or submit their candidates for other members' split job orders. For more details or to sign up for a free 30 day trial, visit

Headhunters versus technology: Who wins in the recruitment of passive talent?

RecruitAlliance helps organizations quickly identify top talent, while saving money.Headhunters, agency and independent third-party recruiters have one major advantage over any recruiting technology available today - they can interact with prospective candidates and effectively close the gaps where recruitment tools and technology leave off. When an organization requires tangible hiring results, the services of a professional search firm are far more likely to surface and refer viable candidates, versus any of the latest computer programs, job boards and cloud-based tools.

Why the push to find alternatives to staffing companies and third-party recruiting agencies when new recruiting technologies provide more access to higher quality candidates?

Here are three reasons your organization must focus on leveraging headhunters to fill your toughest positions as an ongoing strategy:

1. Your internal recruitment team does not have the manpower or the training to quickly identify the top candidates quickly. This is an ongoing problem across many small, medium, and large companies. Your team is so focused on filling entry and mid-level positions that carry a higher turn-over, the high-level searches are not approached appropriately. Search professionals fill this gap by providing you with pre-qualified candidates who are ready to meet with you; effectively reducing your time to fill.

2. The HR and Recruiting team process active applicants - not cold call and passively source. Your recruitment marketing budget drives candidates to your ATS, and the team is supposed to process them on a timely basis. In reality, most organizations would end up paying overtime to incorporate passive sourcing in their internal recruitment plan - driving up the cost-per-hire. Realistically, third-party recruitment solves this problem immediately.

3. Companies who pair technology with their use of external recruitment providers gain the highest level of results. RecruitAlliance is a powerful communication tool and recruiting agency management solution available to hiring companies at no cost. This solution provides power insights into the key metrics that assess performance - while empowering organizations to remove the RFP process and control costs.

To learn more about RecruitAlliance, click here.

Manage Recruiting Agency Relationships with Ease

Manage your recruiting vendors more efficiently with RecruitAlliance.It's no secret that executive search firms and niche recruiting partners provide access to some of the most desirable and sought-after passive talent available. Managing a high number of relationships with outside recruitment vendors can be both expensive and time-consuming. Adding vendor management "modules" to your current applicant tracking system may be a possible consideration, but most of these solutions are not set-up to specifically address talent acquisition vendors, while enabling your team to fill jobs faster, manage costs and completely automate the process.

RecruitAlliance is the web-based recruiting platform no business should be without. Organizations can obtain their no-cost membership, and gain immediate access to an army of professional, vetted agencies and independent recruiters who are waiting to refer their best qualified candidates. The user-friendly interface empowers hiring managers and Human Resources representatives to quickly receive referrals for their most urgent and difficult-to-fill positions. Best of all, employer members set the fee they are willing to pay upon successful placement, and THEIR terms and conditions, while the recruiters on the site agree before ever submitting their matching candidates.

If you have an established group of recruiting agencies you prefer to utilize, it's easy to continue utilizing their services on the RecruitAlliance platform. When you become an employer member, the RA staff contacts your preferred recruiting vendors, and brings them on to the site. It's a completely care-free process that makes working with agencies easier and more efficient.

When you have a job your regular talent acquisition vendors cannot fill, you can quickly make your open position available to additional recruiters with ease. This way, your company can "cast a wider net," and find the perfect fit for the job.

To learn more about the RecruitAlliance solution, click here.

Recruit Smarter in 2011

As talent acquisition professionals begin to prepare for 2011, the Executive Job Creation Index (EJCI) held positive for the ninth consecutive month, and the latest quarterly Boyden Executive Outlook has revealed increases in upper management hiring activity in several industry sectors (See Source 1). Anticipating the need for quality talent over the next year, the question many recruiting directors are asking themselves is how to effectively manage and/or reduce costs. The goal remains to attract the most qualified candidates in the marketplace. How does an organization meet the challenge of today's quest for top talent, without exceeding the budget?

Leverage Technology:

Recruiting leaders survive in a business climate where there seems to be an endless array of computer programs, web-based resources, and ATS platforms designed to make the recruitment process easier. In fact, many technology options offered today are cost prohibitive and difficult to master. Training a team of recruiters to utilize these tools can present an even greater challenge.

RecruitAlliance offers a no-cost recruiter and candidate management platform that is changing the way companies uncover high-caliber talent. Whether the technology is implemented for a single-user, or across the entire internal recruiting department, users can seamlessly post their jobs to their preferred search agencies and receive targeted candidates. When preferred vendors do not perform quickly, the job can easily be made available to all external recruiter members, for a quick hire.

For employers who regularly utilize the services of third party recruiters, the RecruitAlliance technology enables them to have their positions out to agency with the click of a mouse. As qualified candidates are submitted, the organization is immediately alerted. Provide instructions to recruiters, arrange for interviews, and perform the essential operations of the hiring process with ease. RecruitAlliance empowers talent acquisition leaders to succeed, with no additional costs.
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