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Scalable Recruitment: Meet Headcount Requirements Starting NOW

Your talent acquisition department has just been tasked with hiring 350 employees to staff a new location for your growing company. Your internal recruitment staff is already struggling to reach their performance metrics, and their requisition count continues to increase on a weekly basis. Staff morale is quickly plummeting, because the team feels they are on a 'mission impossible'. As a Human Resources (HR) or Talent Acquisition (TA) leader, how do win this challenge?

You've looked in to hiring a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company, but you're weary of handing over such a large project to an outside vendor. What if the RPO doesn't deliver? How will you explain to the executive leadership and the Board of Directors that you can't reach the headcount goals? You know that your internal recruiting team will scramble to attract and recruit candidates to fill the open requisitions, but will quality be sacrificed? This vicious cycle gets worse, and is perpetuated in the retention issues you'll have down the road.

Are you ready to find a solution that provides your company with a flexible, cost-effective option to put you in control of scalable recruitment?

Leveraging a Vendor Management System is the smartest way to accomplish your staffing goals, quickly and efficiently. Here are just some of the benefits of using a VMS:
  • Simple registration process.  Upon account activation, your internal recruiters can post jobs on the platform, and begin receiving candidates to review.

  • An easy way to work with your current recruiting and staffing vendors, or accept candidates from other members of the network.  Competition ensures recruiters submit only the best candidates, with urgency.

  • You control the terms of the relationship.  You stipulate the fee you'll pay upon hire.  You identify the guarantee period for the candidate.

  • Risk is mitigated.  Vendor Management Systems ensure you OFCCP compliant, and tracks all Vendor activity for reporting purposes.
  • Receive more understanding of Recruitment Partner performance through enhanced data and analytics.  See who's performing, and who your 'go-to' agencies are.

  • Enhance your diversity partnerships.  Some VMS's, like RecruitAlliance, enable employers to see which partners are certified Diversity entities.

  • Receive candidates for International job openings.  Make sure the Vendor Management System you use has the ability to handle a global talent pool, and assist you in filling those roles.

  • Scalable recruitment, without handing over the process to an RPO.  You remain in control of the hiring process.  Your internal recruiters view candidates and move them through the process, just as they normally would.  Pay the fee you set, only upon hire.

  • Centralized vendor payment system.  No more setting up multiple Vendors with Accounts Payable, or going through multiple credit checks with a variety of agencies.

  • Post unlimited jobs on the platform, and make unlimited hires.  Have recruiting support, on-demand.  Gain the flexibility to scale as needed.  There is no cost to use a VMS, like RecruitAlliance.  They only take a small portion of the fee paid to the Vendor.

If you're internal recruiting team cannot meet its hiring objectives, it's time to implement a viable solution that will save your organization time, money, mitigate risk, and improve your recruiting process.  Vendor Management Systems have been helping employers solve hiring problems, effectively and efficiently.  To learn more about a VMS you can implement today, click here.

RecruitAlliance is a Vendor Management System with an employer referred network of staffing agencies and recruiting firms, waiting to fill your most urgent hiring needs. Employers may sign up for their free* account and immediately begin posting jobs to the recruiting vendor network. Employers choose the fee they're willing to pay, the terms of the contract, and drive the hiring process. Recruiter members agree to all terms before a candidate is ever submitted through the platform. To learn more or get started today, go to

Five Tips to Write an Amazing Job Description and Attract Top Talent

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You just posted a 'stock' job description on your corporate career page, and you're waiting for applicants. Have you read your job description? Did it leave you feeling excited to join your company? Instead, did you read the same mundane duties and day to day job requirements you read in every other job description?

Stop the insanity! There is a better way to attract top talent, and it all begins with a well written job description. In order to recruit, you have to sell the value of working for your company. It's an 'easy sell' to an active candidate who's currently unemployed—but that's not who we're targeting. You want your job description to make a connection with the right candidate, who can become a part of your team and who is a good fit for the organizational culture.

How do you create a job description that really connects with the right people? How do you go about changing HR's encyclopedia of descriptions and craft a job marketing piece that will 'wow' your intended audience?

Here are five tips to help you create a stellar job description—every time!

1. Start with the attention-getting introduction. This is where you give a brief introduction to the position. Spell out who your ideal candidate is, and why they are going to love this job. Explain everything from the candidate's perspective—what's in it for them. Avoid writing a commercial about how great your company is. Keep the intro brief; preferably one paragraph. Stop saying "the ideal candidate," and say--"you." Make it about your reader.

2. Describe a day in the life. The right candidate will want to know about their day to day activities in this role. Use bullet points, and spell it out in a brief and even entertaining way. Connect with the hiring manager to get a better understanding of the position before writing this part. Help the candidate create a mental image of themselves in the role, by offering a descriptive story of what they will be doing in their new job. Help your candidates self-select and weed themselves out if, if it's not their area of expertise.

3. Include the problems they will be solving. Are you looking for a Project Manager who will handle disgruntled clients daily? Use wording to your advantage, and connect with candidates who have the skills, and love the challenge. After all, that's the type of individual you need to round out your team. "Do you love turning angry customers in to loyal and happy people? You'll use your PM prowess to create solutions and strong relationships, daily." Always use positive imagery in your verbiage to engage problem solving candidates.

4. Cut the company bio. The right candidate is going to conduct a ton of research on your company before they even apply. Don't waste valuable space in your job description with information about your organization. You can include links to your corporate website, and your company's social media profiles. Give your applicants the opportunity to learn more about you, on their own.

5. Include instructions for a simple application process. Don't ask a candidate to complete a 45-minute test before you speak with them. Antiquated recruiting processes rule out the best candidates. Instead, allow them to apply using social media, or to quickly upload their resume. Have your internal recruiters review the candidate's information, and set up a quick call with some basic questions to further qualify the candidate. Only if they are qualified, set up your testing process. As companies, do we expect candidates to waste their time, just so we don't have to engage them? It makes zero sense in today's competitive candidate-driven market.

The job description is an integral way to initially attract quality candidates. Optimize your job description, and you're maximizing your talent pool. Don't forget to include an introduction with sizzle, a brief description of what they'll be doing daily, what problems they will solve, and the instructions to apply for the job.

Is your company still using the outdated job description? It's time for a change!

RecruitAlliance is a Vendor Management System with an employer referred network of staffing agencies and recruiting firms, waiting to fill your most urgent hiring needs. Employers may sign up for their free* account and immediately begin posting jobs to the recruiting vendor network. Employers choose the fee they're willing to pay, the terms of the contract, and drive the hiring process. Recruiter members agree to all terms before a candidate is ever submitted through the platform. To learn more or get started today, go to

5 Ways Employers Maximize Relationships with Recruiting Firms

The number of apps that are introduced on an annual basis has skyrocketed in the past five years. There are solutions to help you find passive candidates, connect with active candidates, follow, friend and network with targeted candidates to help fill your open jobs. Job boards have moved to a pay-per-click model, so the cost per hire should be decreasing as all of these tools are implemented. Has your cost-per-hire for key roles actually reduced? Just as important, has your ability to retain quality workers expanded?

If attracting and recruiting top talent were as easy as running an advertisement or posting a job, all companies would be set. The truth is, the recruitment of quality candidates for important, revenue generating roles within your company is a challenge. Since the hiring process involves relationship building, all the apps and software in the world cannot accomplish this task. They can only help you manage the relationship that the human interaction created, to begin with.

This brings us back to one very important point: Recruiting agencies play a crucial role in the delivery of top talent to proactive hiring companies. Today, we're going to discuss 5 ways employers can maximize their relationships with external recruiters, to ensure they have the highest quality applicants.

1. Use a niche search firm for your niche jobs. A recruiting firm isn't one size fits all. They are specialized, and focus on specific types of candidates. Sure, you have large firms that specialize in a variety of areas, and the idea of making a call to one company may seem attractive to the busy HR executive or hiring manager. Have you tried working with multiple, niche firms who specialize in national searches? Often gaining access to multiple candidate sources can elicit the right fit for your culture and organization as a whole. Having an army of niche agencies at your disposal will exponentially increase the chances they have your next new hire in their database, just waiting for a phone call.

2. Gain control over contract terms and fees. The agency you're working with has the perfect candidate, but they are attempting to do an 11th hour negotiation of the fee. They also want to keep ownership of the candidate for two years after your final decision, so their contract is heavily weighted in favor of the agency. In order to prevent this situation, it's imperative to ask the recruiting firm to agree to your contract, fee and all terms, prior to you seeing their candidate. This is the only way a company can control costs and ensure they are receiving access to the highest quality candidates. If you find this task to be unachievable, try looking in to a Vendor Management System that requires the recruiter agree to your terms, before you receive any candidate submittals.

3. Shorten your hiring process. Time kills the ability to hire good candidates. If you see a glaring trend that your best candidates are being hired by your top competitor, it could be a problem with the length of the hiring process. To shorten your hiring process, start with your recruiting partners. Are they able to reach HR or the hiring manager to confirm candidate interviews? Is there a long delay in response time? This is an opportunity to shorten the hiring process. Are agencies expected to go through HR for all communication with hiring managers? That's an inefficient and ineffective process that will result in you losing out on the best candidates. Most importantly, stop putting roadblocks up to prevent good candidates from being seen, and start removing them. Remember, hiring isn't about weeding out the ineligible candidates, it's about promptly plucking the right ones out of the pool and moving them forward in the process. Get aggressive about shortening the time-to-fill, and you'll see real results.

4. Communicate consistently with the recruiting firm. You want your recruiter to give you regular updates on their search efforts. The recruiter needs your prompt feedback in order to focus on the right candidates. Communication is the key to every successful business relationship, so even if the search ends abruptly, or the hiring manager is interested in an internal candidate, let the recruiter know immediately. They will appreciate your honesty, and it will allow them to focus on other clients who are ready to make a hire.

5. Automate the method for informing your recruiting partners you have fee-eligible jobs for them to work on. When you work with multiple agencies to fill your jobs, it can be daunting to attend to all of their phone calls, answer emails, and conduct a basic job scope. You can spend an hour or more per recruiting firm on these items. To save time and money, consider using a Vendor Management System to work with multiple agencies, and automate communication with them. For example, when you post a job out to agencies on the VMS, each of them receive an email notification there is a new job available for them to work. They have all the information to review, and to easily begin submitting candidates. If they have questions, they can message you through the VMS. It's a simplifies everything.

In spite of the fact new recruiting apps and software is introduced regularly, there will always only be one way to recruit the best talent; through human interaction. For this reason, headhunters, recruiting agencies and search firms will always be an important component in smart company's talent acquisition strategy. Learning to work external recruiters in the most effective and efficient means possible is an important piece to recruiting top talent in any market. RecruitAlliance is a Vendor Management System with an employer referred network of staffing agencies and recruiting firms, waiting to fill your most urgent hiring needs. Employers may sign up for their free* account and immediately begin posting jobs to the recruiting vendor network. Employers choose the fee they're willing to pay, the terms of the contract, and drive the hiring process. Recruiter members agree to all terms before a candidate is ever submitted through the platform. To learn more or get started today, go to

5 Effective Ways to Expand your Talent Pool

In the technological age we live in, it's ironic how difficult it is to attract and retain top talent, in any industry. The active candidate pool doesn't necessarily offer the highest caliber applicants, and for key roles--quality truly matters.

Building a solid candidate pipeline continues to be a struggle for nearly every organization. What if there were a way to effectively expand your talent pool, in a short amount of time? Today, we'll take a look at 5 ways you can begin expanding your talent pool, immediately.

1. Create and manage a talent community on Facebook. There are currently more than one billion active users on Facebook. The right candidates you are looking for are already using this social media tool. The problem with talent communities is most employers think about attracting applicants for their company, instead of delivering great content for the individual careers within their organization. For example, the information that interests someone in Information Technology is very different than content that would be suitable for someone in Accounting, Sales or even the C-Suite. To administer talent communities right, organizations need to create mini-groups that will cater to that specific pipeline. Think of it as a farming project. Pump out consistent and relevant content, conduct contests, and make your talent community fun. Watch how quickly your members share pages with other potential users. When it's done correctly, Facebook talent communities will provide needed exposure to your career brand.

2. Email blast candidates in your ATS. Companies often forget to leverage their past and present applicants to increase their candidate pool. Send out a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter with interesting content for potential candidates to re-engage them. Your newsletter can include items like a candidate referral bonus program, contests, hot job openings, and other interesting information. Leverage internal recruiters to manage this program, or hire an outside marketing firm to handle it.

3. Conduct regular virtual career fairs. In the past, employers had to spend lots of time, money and manpower to run a productive career fair. Today, with the help of the internet, companies can run a virtual career fair on a shoestring budget, and using limited resources. Simply pick a date and time, email blast your ATS candidates and everyone in your talent communities, have your website administrator place a strategic pop-up ad on your corporate career website, and have your recruiting staff share the information with their networks. To keep within a small budget, use a venue like GoToMeeting or another video conferencing platform. Create break-out rooms for specific departments, and have your recruiters prepared to present information on all the wonderful reasons why your company is the next step in their career. If you're team doesn't have time to conduct their own virtual career fair, you can check with an external marketing firm who will take care of it for you.

4. Leverage recruiting agencies as talent scouts. Search firms are able to attract candidates from competitors in a similar position, provide your organization's unique selling proposition, and move that individual through the hiring process, because that's their specialty. While more and more companies are trying to move away from using external recruiters, the fact is they deliver value and top talent. Internal recruitment teams and HR focuses on so much more than talent acquisition. As a business strategy, it doesn't make sense to have your internal team reach out to the competition to recruit them. This is one of the greatest values agencies offer to companies, whether it's a candidate or employer driven market. If you're not using recruiting agencies to scout top talent for you, you're losing competitive edge.

5. Use a Vendor Management System to managing your relationships with search firms. If your company regularly uses recruiting agencies to scout and place exceptional talent, you know that working with multiple firms can quickly become cumbersome. A Vendor Management System does not have to be a costly expense for employers. It doesn't have to include a long ramp up time for internal recruiters to learn how to use the system. A quality VMS will provide the employer with three key components: contract and fee control, simplification of communication with external recruiting partners, and time savings. Make sure the VMS you select can handle permanent and contract positions, and that you have the ability to distribute jobs on an International basis (if you hire overseas).

Technology is continually presenting new tools to increase the size and scope of your talent pool. Remember, often times the latest app or program may not deliver what is promised—quality candidates. Recruiting is a 'relationship business', so never lose sight of the human interaction that must occur in order to make a quality hire.
RecruitAlliance is a Vendor Management System with an employer referred network of staffing agencies and recruiting firms, waiting to fill your most urgent hiring needs. Employers may sign up for their free* account and immediately begin posting jobs to the recruiting vendor network. Employers choose the fee they're willing to pay, the terms of the contract, and drive the hiring process. Recruiter members agree to all terms before a candidate is ever submitted through the platform. To learn more or get started today, go to

Sourcing Strategies for 2017

RecruitAlliance.comAre you looking for ways to have a steady flow of candidates in the new year? Now that recruiting budgets are getting approved for 2017, it's time to get serious about finding new and innovative ways to tap in to your target candidate pool, and keep a steady stream of qualified applicants to your organization.

  • Why a sourcing strategy is required.

  • Questions to ask before developing your strategy.

  • How a quality sourcing strategy drives the talent acquisition process.

  • Effective efforts for internal and external sourcing of candidates.

  • Innovative sourcing strategies that create solid candidate engagement.

Download your copy of Sourcing Strategies for 2017, today!

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Candidate Sourcing Tips and Agency Usage Trends from “the Beehive.”

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Is your organization struggling to uncover and identify quality candidates for your most pressing openings? Are you looking for creative and innovative ways to source candidates, as part of a larger talent acquisition strategy?

We recently reached out to the Global Director of Talent Acquisition at Aerohive Networks; Marie C. Norman, to gain tips on how she's directed this growing company on such matters. Marie is a passionate talent leader with close to 20 years experience leading and building scalable talent acquisition teams and HR programs in the following industries: Wi-Fi networking, management consulting, internet technology, IT consulting, global contract electronics manufacturing, insurance, and financial services. She's been a leader at Aerohive for nearly two years.

Question: What is your number #1 tip for sourcing candidates?

Marie's Answer: While there are many interesting, effective and unique methods for sourcing great candidates, my #1 tip is to know (really, know) what you are looking for. Simply put, know the job as if you actually worked in the job of an X. Allow me to explain further. More often times than not, a recruiter or sourcer thinks they know the requirements of a position simply by reviewing the job description and asking the managers a few basic and rudimentary questions about the new requisition assigned to them. But how are you truly certain that your understanding of the job is a realistic and accurate job preview? Well, it’s pretty simple which I’ll explain in 3 simple steps.

Step 1:
Conduct a core competency exercise with the hiring manager. This starts with asking specific questions related to what are the core, essential and necessary job tasks. You need to zero in on skills that are 'Must Haves' for any applicant to have in order to perform the job responsibilities effectively, consistently and competently well. Next, ask the hiring manager, what skills are “Nice to Have” but not critical, and then separate those critical, essential skills vs. nice to have in a simple two box grid.

Step 2:
Observe or shadow the job being performed by an actual incumbent. This may seem like a lengthy and unnecessary process. If you are one that actually thinks this way, I challenge you to go back to a time where you spent hours, weeks and maybe even months sourcing candidates for a particular role only to find out key skills or requirements were excluded in your search. Don’t you wish you would have known about it earlier? Job shadowing eliminates wasted time and increases your understanding of the position in a way no other process does.

Step 3:
Evaluate the job description (JD) once more with the hiring manager to make sure that information you learned and extracted in Step 1 & 2 are included. If not, this is your chance to modify the JD before you post this or share with applicants via LinkedIn and other sources.

Question: To what extent is your organization continuing to leverage staffing/recruitment agencies or external sourcing servces in 2016, versus previous years?

Marie's Answer: Aerohive Networks uses external staffing and recruitment agencies sparingly. Since we employ an internal team of recruiters who are qualified and assigned to source, recruit and fill a number of positions for specific business units within our organization, our reliance on external staffing partners is limited to “niche” and specialized roles. This has been part of our staffing strategy in 2016. Our reliance and dependency on recruitment agencies has decreased as opposed to previous years primarily because the ability of our internal recruiters to scope job requirements using the Core Competency assessment process described above is an effective and permanent fixture of our overall recruitment process. In addition, we have a highly robust and unique employee referral program that has successfully led to 47% of Aerohive hires companywide.

To learn more about Marie C. Norman and her role at Aerohive, visit her LinkedIn profile at

Aerohive (NYSE: HIVE) enables its customers to simply and confidently connect to the information, applications, and insights they need to thrive. Its simple, scalable, and secure platform delivers mobility without limitations. Aerohive was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Milpitas, CA. For more information, please visit

RecruitAlliance - Sourcing and Recruitment Marketplace for Employers and Agencies

Power up your candidate flow with RecruitAlliance, the sourcing and recruitment marketplace for employers and staffing agencies. To learn more, visit

Interested in providing your input on talent acquisition trends in our future blog articles? Contact Christina at for details.

Your jobs are sitting open….what’s that costing your organization?

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RecruitAlliance.comSmart hiring companies realize that every day a key position remains open, they are losing money. They turn to recruiting agencies to fill the gap between what their internal talent acquisition team can produce, and what remains open. Companies attempt to negotiate reduced fees and fair terms with staffing agencies, knowing their external recruiting partner has the perfect candidate they needed to hire--yesterday. How can organizations and savvy HR departments position themselves to leverage agencies as part of their overall talent acquisition strategy, versus taking a reactive stance and partnering only when requisitions have been sitting open for extended times?

For progressive organizations who understand the value of having filled jobs with top talent, they take measures to ensure they have a steady candidate flow from a variety of sources. Whether they're leveraging multiple staffing agencies, utilizing the latest niche job boards, sending out regular email blasts to their candidate database, reaching out via social media channels, or tapping in to sourcing marketplaces...successful corporate human resources and talent acquisition teams know the importance of using all the tools available to produce qualified candidates.

RecruitAlliance is the solution that puts employers back in control of their relationships with agencies, and sets hiring companies up for success in their recruitment struggles. Registered employers post their fee-eligible jobs in the sourcing marketplace, and recruiting vendors compete to submit their most qualified candidates. The employers select the fee they are willing to pay upon successful placement, and recruiters digitally agree to the terms and conditions before ever submitting their candidates through the portal. All submissions are tracked and managed, so it creates a simplified and streamlined process for managing external candidates and agency results. Membership for hiring companies is available at no cost, so there's no risk or obligation. RecruitAlliance is an important component of any organization's talent acquisition strategy.

RecruitAlliance has helped many clients achieve cost savings of up to 50%, increase candidate flow, gain critical data through on-demand reports, and streamlined the process of working with third party recruiters. They offer superior customer support and hiring managers are always pleased with the level of professionalism displayed by each RA employee, as they have questions, concerns or issues.

To learn more about how this tool can help your organization fill open jobs faster, as part of an overall recruitment strategy, click here.

Need to hire faster? Consider a RecruitAlliance test-drive.

RecruitAlliance - the no-cost recruiting tool and sourcing marketplace.As we prepare for the last quarter of 2016, the struggle to recruit and acquire exceptional talent isn't getting any easier.  Companies who intend to gain competitive edge and continuous growth must compete to attract the best candidates, engage them quickly and proceed to hire them.  Using job boards, social media, talent communities, applicant tracking systems and vendor management systems, companies have access to the majority of candidates--there simply isn't enough time in the day to sift through all the options, quickly identify the A players, and engage them.

What can employers do to optimize their talent acquisition process?  How can your corporate recruiting team do more to engage the right candidates more quickly, so your competitor doesn't scoop them up first?  What can HR do to ensure they are leveraging every available resource to ensure hiring leaders are talking to qualified candidates who are ready to accept a job offer?

RecruitAlliance is a no-cost recruiting tool for hiring companies.  It's both a comprehensive, stand-alone vendor management system and a powerful sourcing marketplace that can easily integrate with most applicant tracking systems to create a seamless process for working with staffing/recruiting agencies more efficiently.  That's just the tip of the iceberg.

RecruitAlliance helps employers gain control of recruitment costs.  We all know the time and effort typically involved in working with external recruiting agencies, right?  You have to conduct an intake call with each agency, which can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.  You have to agree on a fee, negotiate the terms, and then hope that your selected search partners will deliver results.  It's a real time-waster for all ready busy hiring managers or your internal recruiters.

When you opt to use RecruitAlliance, everything changes.  Imagine a world where there are no more intake calls.  You're no longer going to have to conduct calls or answer questions over the phone about your job description, receive on-going call interruptions for candidate feedback, or even receive cold calls from agencies who are attempting to market their candidates to you.  Think of how much more efficiently your office would run with all of that time given back to you!

How important is saving money on talent acquisition costs to your organization?  RecruitAlliance understands that most employers would prefer to fill their jobs in-house, to save money.  Proactive companies who are winning the war on talent utilize agencies as part of their overall strategy to increase the size and quality of their candidate pool.  When you use RecruitAlliance, think of it as having a 24/7 team of talent scouts working on your behalf, to provide you with the candidates you don't have access to.  Let's face it--if quality candidates aren't applying on your corporate website or your internal recruiters aren't finding ways to attract applicants, your jobs are going to sit open for extended periods of time.  How much is that opening really costing your organization? How much is that opening impacting retention of your current employees, because they are carrying extended workloads and working over-time.  How much is over-time negatively impacting your bottom line?

In order to win the war for top talent, organizations must consider implementing a tool like RecruitAlliance, as part of their overall talent acquisition strategy.

If you're an employer who needs to hire faster, with a higher caliber candidate who will fit in your culture, RecruitAlliance would like to offer you a test-drive of their no-cost recruitment tool.  There's no cost, no obligation, no overwhelming implementation process and you'll see results.  To start your test drive, and post your fee-eligible jobs to hundreds of vetted agencies who specialize in your industry, click here.

Recruiters, automate candidate submissions to top clients with ease

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RecruitAlliance:  Automating the Candidate Submission ProcessWhen it comes to working as an independent or agency recruiter, timely candidate submissions are always required to earn a fee. Depending on whether you work with your client through a Vendor Management System or off-line, you may encounter specific challenges when sending candidate resumes and summaries to hiring managers. Regardless of your agency's internal process, you may be left with a submission that is never opened or received on a timely basis.

What can recruiters do to ensure their candidates are received, acknowledged and reviewed on a prompt basis? Is there a way to automate the entire submission process, and speed up the receipt of feedback from the client?

Have you heard of the Recruitment Marketplace--RecruitAlliance? If you're new to staffing and recruiting, or have not been looking at new ways to build a better agency, a Recruitment Marketplace is a virtual tool that connects employers with fee-eligible job openings to third-party recruitment agencies for the purpose of filling jobs faster and more efficiently. Agencies can generate more fees quickly, while hiring organizations can access top talent in the most effective manner possible.

One of the main benefits search firms find in leveraging recruiting marketplaces is they can automate their candidate submission process. The way this works is the recruiter logs in to their Vendor account using their unique user name and password. They access the job order posted by the client they want to fill, and click on the submit candidate button. The recruiter completes a brief submission form, attaches the candidate's resume, and adds any additional documentation they want the employer to review that further markets the applicant. Once everything is complete and uploaded, the recruiter simply clicks the submit button--and their candidate has been successfully delivered to the employer.

When you think about it, using a Recruiting Marketplace provides additional benefits that are not available when working directly with clients. The platform tracks and manages the candidate submission. This means once the candidate has been sent through the marketplace, both the recruiter and the employer receive an instant email notification, confirming the submission. This confirmation is both date and time stamped, preventing any potential future disputes of candidate ownership. Staffing agencies will continue to receive automatic updates, as their candidate(s) moves through the evaluation and review process, conducted by the hiring company.

Better yet, once a candidate is moved to 'accepted' status by the employer, the recruiter receives the contact information of the hiring authority, and may reach out directly to schedule candidate interviews or ask questions. The only time the recruiter may not reach out to the employer is prior to them reviewing and accepting the candidate. In the event the candidate is rejected (meaning they are not qualified for the position submitted for), the recruiter would not have access to the employer's name, phone number or email address. This streamlines the employers' process for working with external recruiters, and ensures they are more promptly connecting with those agencies who produce results.

How can RecruitAlliance help your agency grow and automate future candidate submissions? To learn more, visit

5 ways a Vendor Management platform will provide an influx of talent without the hassle

RecruitAlliance:  The no-cost vendor management solution for hiring companiesThe war for talent refers to an increasingly competitive landscape for recruiting and retaining talented employees. It's not a set of superior Human Resources processes, but a mindset that emphasizes the importance of talent to the success of organizations. The term War for Talent comes from a late-'90s warning from McKinsey & Co. that alerted business to a coming talent shortage and urged companies to prioritize talent strategies around recruiting, retaining, and developing key employees. The statistics speak for themselves; by 2020, employers in the world’s richest nations are forecast to be short as many as 18 million college-educated workers.

What can organizations do to ensure they have access to top talent by the most efficient means, while increasing their candidate flow? Outside of cultivating talent from within, making learning on-demand, and redefining 'success' within a company, what can employers do to win the war for top talent?

A thoughtfully implemented and robust vendor management system (VMS) can completely optimize the disjointed and complicated process of the acquisition and management of a contingent and permanent workforce. A good VMS can result in significant cost savings through more efficient processes at every step of the workforce supply chain.

How can a VMS improve the talent pool for a growing company? Here are 5 ways a Vendor Management platform will provide an influx of talent on a consistent and scalable basis.

1. Significant cost savings across the enterprise. Many hiring companies do not have a centralized recruitment process. As such, fee negotiations with staffing and recruitment agencies is done by individual hiring managers, based on their approved talent acquisition budgets. By implementing a quality Vendor Management System, companies become empowered to reduce costs across the board.

2. Reduce time-to-fill metrics. For everyday a key position remains open, a department or business division loses precious revenue. Filling these jobs can impact an organization at every level. Time to fill is a measurement of how long it takes an organization to fill a position once the opening has been approved. It is an indicator of hiring efficiency but should be balanced with cost and quality hiring measures. Time to fill can provide valuable feedback in determining which sourcing methods and recruitment strategies can most quickly produce the needed candidates. Cost of vacancies in jobs can be significantly reduced by driving down the time it takes to fill a job. When hiring companies opt to utilize a VMS, they choose to take control of the speed at which their roles are filled with the right people.

3.  Source higher quality talent.  When a company works with staffing agencies to fill a specific role, they are often unsure which agency will deliver results. They may spend hours seeking one or more external recruiters who specialize in the area of their openings, and even more time completing an intake session with each recruiter.  Utilizing a Vendor Management System, matching recruiting agencies receive an instant email notification of the newly posted job, access the job order, and begin submitting candidates.  This process significantly streamlines the entire talent acquisition process, and ensures candidates are submitted who match the job specifications.

4.  Consolidated invoicing.  When an employer works with multiple search firms, they must receive and process multiple invoices based on different payment terms.  The process is taxing to the Accounts Payable department within the business, and can create further customer service issues for the hiring manager.  When working through a quality VMS, they offer managed billing or consolidate invoicing.  The agency simply invoices the Vendor Management company, and the Vendor Management provider processes everything.  When billing questions arise, it is the VMS company who handles the additional phone calls, emails and inquiries.

5.  Positively impact retention, while providing employers with the ability to measure recruiting agency performance.  It's no secret--when top talent comes your way, and a replacement or money back guarantee is in place, your hires are far more likely to remain in their new role.  Leveraging a Vendor Management solution impacts retention, which ultimately affects profitability.  With full-reporting capability, most VMS's provide employers with a wealth of statistical data to analyze their Vendors' results, to determine if maintaining the relationship is worthwhile for future endeavors.

RecruitAlliance is a no-cost Vendor Management Solution preferred by small, medium and large business entities.  This recruiting tool has successfully helped Clients reduce talent acquisition costs, reduce time to fill, improve retention, and provides employers with more control over cost, contracts and compliance.  To learn more, visit

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