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6 Tips to Scale Your Workforce Globally

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Growing organizations require flexibility to achieve their goals. Companies in growth mode are spending more money to make more money. Scaling a business is different. It focuses on increasing revenue exponentially, while adding resources incrementally.

Whether your company is in growth or scaling mode, it's crucial Talent Acquisition and HR have the ability to scale the workforce to meet demands. How can a global company achieve this goal, when hiring needs extend to far reaches of the world? Whether it’s hiring, recruiting, training, orientating, onboarding, or providing benefits, planning TA planning brings unique challenges to this scenario.


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Here are 8 tips to help you scale your workforce globally, to efficiently meet your business needs:

1. Continually assess the workforce ability, and proactively address deficiencies before they occur. Leverage reporting tools and analytics to see issues as they start, so you can ensure solutions are in place. Here are some items to consider:

  • How do your competitors compare? Consider how your workforce compares to theirs in terms of skills, knowledge, training, and look at the size in contrast to yours.  Visualize the differences between your companies, and realize  how growth will impact your staffing requirements.
  • Current employee abilities and skills.  Is your organization setting up employees for success as you grow?  Are you cross training employees to handle additional aspects of their current role, and creating further value to the organization?  Assess interpersonal, technical, knowledge, and leadership abilities regularly for important insight.

Ready to hire - think RecruitAlliance2.  Analyze and improve the hiring process.  Companies with global talent acquisition needs have to be smart.  Strategic partnerships with staffing and recruiting agencies who can deliver results is a critical element of any successful global hiring initiative.  Reduce the number of points in your current process that create delays and lead to lost hires.   Gain control of agency relationships, and automate the process of working with agencies as much as possible, to avoid additional stress on TA and HR.

3.  Align your talent acquisition strategy with best practices.  Having the ability to recruit and hire staff around the globe requires a detailed plan and the budget allocation to make it possible.  If your best practices are out of sync with your actions, you will fail to meet the global organizational goals.



4.  Conduct a gap analysis.  A gap analysis takes into consideration where your company is at now, versus where it is going and the anticipated needs for growth.  Analyze items such as:

  • Employee benefits. This includes such things as health insurance, retirement funds, vacation time, sick days and other items employees receive, as non-monetary compensation.
  • Job descriptions. Do they accurately reflect what the jobs are? Their accuracy, both in description and expectation, has an effect on employee retention.  Prior to implementing a global hiring initiative, review and analyze this data.
  • Current tools employees use. What tools do your employees currently use.  Are those needs evolving?  As you grow and scale your workforce, will they have the technology they need to make the company and the employees successful?

5.  Leverage data and analytics at every step in the scaling process.  Knowing the numbers for what is happening in your business is the best way to make informed decisions. When it comes to TA planning, data is required for:

  • Productivity. Are your employees as productive as they were when you were smaller? Productivity should scale alongside business growth.
  • Managerial effectiveness. Is management leading the workforce appropriately, or are there underlying issues?
  • Benefit costs. Are your benefit costs in tune with budgets and goals?  If they are not, this will negatively impact the bottom line.
  • Retention.  At what rate are employees leaving your company? What direction is this trending?

6.  Know when to scale down.  We tend to think of global scaling as adding staff.  In reality, scaling is also about knowing when to reduce workforce quickly.  A flexible company can assess results from leadership or departments, and determine where the deficiencies lie.  As a growing organization, it's important to subtract the people or processes that are slowing you down, and proceed to reach your goals.  It is critical to be able to review business traditions and roles without bias, to determine which ones have no place in a growing business.

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Scaling a global workforce to meet the needs and demands of your growing business requires diligence.  Talent acquisition leaders in organizations in growth mode must learn to serve as proactive leaders to effectively win at scaling their workforce, on demand.  To download a complimentary talent acquisition planner, click here.


Profiles in Transformational Talent Acquisition Leadership: Molly Weaver of Children’s Mercy, Kansas City

Profiles in Transformational Talent Acquisition Leadership: Molly Weaver of Children’s Mercy, Kansas City  
By Christina Archer 

RecruitAlliance Transformational Talent Acquisition LeadershipIn our new monthly series, “Transformational Talent Acquisition Leadership," we connected with Molly Weaver, Director of Talent Acquisition for Children’s Mercy, Kansas City.  Located in Kansas City, Missouri, the 367-bed pediatric hospital has an exceptional reputation, across the country.  Designated by U.S. News and World Report as one of America’s best children’s hospitals, and consistently voted one of the best places to work in Kansas City, Children's Mercy has taken a creative approach to war for top talent. 

And it begins with Molly. 

Molly has a talent acquisition (TA)career that spans nearly fifteen years. She started outside of the medical industry, working as an HR generalist with T-Mobile.  As her career with the mobile solutions company evolved, she found herself focused increasingly on talent acquisition and recruitment. 

Molly grew her career as a healthcare TA leader through a unique circumstance that fueled her passion to hire the best possible clinicians for Children's Mercy.  Two weeks before officially starting with the hospital, Molly visited Children's Mercy as the parent of a sick child—her son has a kidney issue that required treatment.  She was so impressed with the level of care her son and family received throughout the process, she wanted to help the organization continue hiring amazing care providers and personnel. 

During the interview with this dynamic and and forward-thinking talent acquisition professional, RecruitAlliance asked Molly help other recruitment professionalsRecruitAlliance - Talent Acquisition marketplace succeed in their industries.   

Children’s Mercy has a team of ten recruiters. Of the ten, four focus on hard-to-fill roles, and the other six are Molly’s volume recruiters. Molly said it’s important to separate high-volume from hard-to-fill recruiting because the skills necessary to be successful look very different. Her organization rarely uses outside recruiting agencies, because her team adequately serves that headhunting role, regularly making cold calls, and performing regular outreach to qualified candidates.   

The high-volume recruiters process applications and move candidates through the hiring process—a much different skill, Molly acknowledges. By splitting the duties of the recruiters, Molly has been able to leverage the team in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  

Although Children’s Mercy doesn't use traditional job boards it does take advantage of candidate sourcing and recruiting tools via LinkedIn, Facebook and Entelo. 

Molly also encourages her team to be proactive in creative and unique ways.  One of those is an outreach program with local schools in the Kansas City Metropolitan area that helps Children's Mercy groom more people for careers in pediatric healthcare.  Molly also has developed a program with a local college, to nurture students' interest in working as EEG techs—a job with talent shortages.  Children's Mercy also offers its employees tuition assistance, targeted towards positions of most critical need at the hospital.  

RecruitAlliance - Video Interview TechnologyChildren’s Mercy also was an early adopter of video interviewing technology—which allowed the organization to more quickly and efficiently interview candidates for its graduate nursing program.  It turned into a win-win for the candidates and her talent acquisition team. 

Molly implemented "Introduce Yourself" on the hospital's career web page, which allows candidates who don’t have time to fill out an application, or who may not meet all requirements for a particular job at the moment, to express interest in working at Children's Mercy via a video interview.   

The efforts are clearly working.  Children's Mercy has a clinical turn-over rate of 6.5%, well-below the healthcare industry average of 19.2% 

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