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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about. Thought leaders and experts: They have good insights, but not all of the answers, The key to success? It’s getting the hiring manager to really trust their recruiters, Cybersecurity consciousness for human capital management, A CEO 10 directors and mop!.  If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

 Thought leaders and experts: They have good insights, but not all of the answers: No one denies the fact that our world needs experts,thought leaders, and world-renowned specialists. That’s because it’s clear that we DO need people who are capable of dedicating their entire time and efforts to gaining as much experience as possible for one important thing — so they can teach and help others. There are experts in every field known to humankind, and here in the Internet Age, we make great use of the expertise of these people. However, there is a huge “but” connected to that.  …Read More..

The key to success? It’s getting the hiring manager to really trust their recruiters: You’ve spent years in therapy attempting to identify yourself, yet you think you can know me in 30 minutes? That my entire being, my soul, passions, knowledge, abilities, and creativity, can be assessed by you and your stone-faced, unpassionate behavioral questions – because you’ve been given the working title of “Recruiter?”

The dystopian Myers-Briggs test questions that I have to answer are pedantic questions from you, and standard answers cannot just be explained. Life, like work, is not always black and white. …Read More

Cybersecurity consciousness for human capital management: The more the access points are there for a device, the more is the vulnerability potential. It’s shocking how 71% of cyberattacks around the world are targeted on small and mid-sized companies because of the low allocation of the budgets for cyber protection. Human capital management is heavily dependent on software, tools, and platforms to access documents, give feedback, recruit candidates, and other such activities. To say the least, the entire spectrum of a chief human resources officer responsibilities like compensation and benefits, talent acquisition, employee engagement, talent retention, performance analysis, feedback, succession planning, and employee experience- fall within the ambit of cybersecurity consciousness.  …Read More…

A CEO 10 directors and mop!:   Does that sound like the hierarchy in your organization? I hope not- because it certainly is the case with a few. Organizations today have parted ways with the never ending hierarchical structure of executives climbing the ladder to reach the top.  Most millennial companies boast of having a flat structure, open door policy and have done away with traditional job titles for good.  They have instead reinvented new names like CFO- Chief Fun Officer, Innovation Guru and Chief Geek.  ….Read More…

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