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Why Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Matters: Tips for Successful Results

RecruitAlliance - Expanding diversityResearch shows that diversity and inclusion can attract more talent, help increase a business’ bottom line, drive innovation, and create more opportunities for growth. As such, organizations are more inspired to implement these initiatives and attempt to embed D & I in the workplace culture.

Diversity breeds innovation and innovation breeds business success. It is critical to an organization’s ability to adapt to a fast changing environment. It brings about a fresh and new outlook to perspectives, experiences, culture, gender and age. Companies with a diverse workforce perform better financially. Attaining a diverse workforce includes but is not limited to employees of different age, ethnicity, class, gender, physical abilities/qualities, race, sexual orientation, as well as religious status, gender expression, educational background, geographical location, income, marital status, parental status, and work experiences. A McKinsey Analysis Report says that 15% are more likely to outperform in a gender-diverse company and 35% are more likely to outperform in an ethnically diverse company.

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  RecruitAlliance helps companies reach diversity goals. Diverse companies are better able to win top talent, improve decision making, position themselves well with their customers. Diversity and inclusion creates a global mindset and cultural fluency within companies.

Successful organizations build diversity into the fabric of their firm. It all starts with a strategy or plan, and develops to become a mentality and a cultural movement. A business with a sound D & I strategy who makes this a priority will outperform their competitors.

In order to see results from diversity initiatives, it requires companies remain steadfast in their commitment to achieving the goals. Measuring results of the program is a critical component of success. Third-party companies, like RecruitAlliance can help organizations reach their diversity objectives, without increasing their talent or diversity partnership spend.

Why do 41% of companies still say they are too busy to focus on diversity? In reality, companies who opt not to focus on D & I will lose to their competition. Here are some helpful tips:

RecruitAlliance - expand diversity across your organization

  • Make it a team effort. Get support, insight, and feedback from other leadership members. Getting commitment from them creates a way for everyone to encourage diversity throughout the company.

  • Create a committee. This could be a small group of team members or managers that collaborate to establish diversity within the workplace. This group should be diverse in employee race, gender, age, etc.

  • Use third-party companies. Today, diversity is a group effort in that organizations of all types and in every industry are trying to be more inclusive. While it might unveil some of your own shortcomings, looking to others who are succeeding can inspire new ideas for your own company and help you start on your own path to a more diverse workforce.

  • Implement an equal opportunity policy. Make sure all employees understand how it works and know everyone has the same chance to progress.

  • Rethink how you do business. Think globally, act globally, and be known for not only diversity hiring but for a having a culture of diversity.

  • Communication is critical. Diverse individuals need to know they and their differences are respected and valued.

  • Training and education. Management must ensure that all employees understand where the other is coming from in their interactions in order to avoid conflict due to cultural misunderstandings or unconscious bias.

  • Ensure transparency in hiring. This will let current staff know diversity hiring is not about quotas but added value.

  • Work on your retention. If a minority employee decides to leave, find out why and correct any misstep.

  • Be flexible. Multiculturalism means just that. Diversity employees have different needs and expectations.

  • Have an open-door policy. This will swiftly head off any issues that might arise by making your hierarchy less rigid. Listen to new ideas.

  • Collaborate. Offer plenty of collaborative-type opportunities and give autonomy wherever possible to teams or individuals.

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Minority-owned Tech Firm Aims To Revolutionize Talent Acquisition With Single Payee Option


Florida-based HR technology firm RecruitAlliance, Inc. (RA), which specializes in optimizing the recruiting process for global hiring organizations, was recently acquired by a partnership lead by Lorentine Green, a committed professional dedicated to client service excellence. He excels at building winning teams and is focused on giving RA’s clients the results they need.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 07, 2018

Florida-based HR technology firm RecruitAlliance, Inc. (RA), which specializes in optimizing the recruiting process for global hiring organizations, was recently acquired by a partnership lead by Lorentine Green, a committed professional dedicated to client service excellence. He excels at building winning teams and is focused on giving RA’s clients the results they need.

Green states: “We want to thank our team, our clients, our partners, and our army of thousands of recruiting agencies for believing in us for 17 years. We are excited about our ability to serve your talent acquisition needs across all industries and around the world.”

Corporations have increased their budgets to partner with recruiting agencies to fill mission critical, management, and technical roles enterprise-wide. Human resource teams and hiring managers realize the complexity of the hiring process to effectively attract, screen, and organize recruiting agencies to fill multiple job orders in multiple locations.

RA is a managed services provider of recruiting agencies to effectively acquire talent worldwide., RA’s enterprise workflow and communication portal ensures employers gain access to top talent, while recruiters have a steady source of job orders from growing organizations. RA currently serves the following industries: Financial Services, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals & Life Science, Engineering, and Technology.

Also, with this acquisition, RA has added another benefit, minority business enterprise (MBE) status. Green states, “We intend to become certified as a MBE by the National Minority Supplier Development Council shortly. This will ensure that corporations can increase their diversity spend by having RA as a single payee to all talent acquisition agencies globally, thus offering tremendous value to our recruiting partners and clients!”

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Global Hiring Done Right: Tips to Simplify Talent Acquisition Worldwide

RecruitAlliance is your cloud-recruiting solutions.As companies grow and scale their workforce on a global basis, HR and Talent Acquisition professionals are challenged to source and attract quality candidates to fill organizational needs. Today, we're going to look at five different articles providing insightful tips to help International businesses attack this issue successfully.


Finding the Right Talent Around the Globe

Many U.S.-based companies fail to fully grasp how different recruitment can be in other parts of the world. Many U.S. organizations are taking a more strategic approach to finding overseas talent because they are seeing that job seekers no longer flock to them. Gone are the days when U.S. companies were considered the most desirable employers in the world and thus had their pick of the best available talent anywhere. Read more.

Top Global Executive Recruitment Challenges (And How to Address Them)

Companies attempting to compete in an increasingly global marketplace face challenges unheard of in years past. The pressure to expand globally to reap the economic rewards of globalization puts many organizations in foreign territory, both figuratively and literally.

What are some of the biggest challenges in global executive recruitment? More importantly, what can your organization do to mitigate those challenges and achieve global recruiting success? Read more.

5 Biggest Challenges Modern Recruiters Face

In today’s borderless global environment, companies face a vast array of challenges such as social & technological changes, cultural diversity, aging populations and political instability (Brexit!). A consequence of this is that there is an ever-increasing focus on effective recruitment. Hiring the right candidate has never been more important as a company’s ability to find, attract, and ultimately recruit skilled talent is going to determine how successful they are in meeting their business growth objectives. Read more.


3 Industry Trends Set to Define the 2018 Talent Acquisition Landscape

According to more than 4,000 corporate talent acquisition leaders across 35 countries, talent is the No. 1 priority for 2018. In addition, 56 percent of these leaders say hiring volumes will increase in 2018 – and, to accurately measure success and quality, they are placing more focus on tenure, hiring manager satisfaction, and time-to-fill. In brief, talent – your people – not only define but further develop and drive employment brand, culture, talent acquisition and management and, beyond that, strategic business objectives. To maximise the “business” aspect of talent strategy, leading organisations are empowering their candidates and workforces. Read more.

The Talent Acquisition Challenges of International Expansion

Developing your business in a new country will involve risks and there are certain factors you’ll need to carefully consider to ensure success in the future.

For some time now retail and consumer companies have looked outside of the UK to grow their businesses. In most cases, the UK is a saturated market and in order to placate shareholders and investors, smart money looks at developing markets and the growth they offer. Read more.

International Recruitment: Facing the Biggest Challenges in Talent Acquisition

Why look into international recruitment to fill your talent gaps? The benefits of international recruitment are well documented. It can help:

Eliminate skill gaps
Discover untapped talent pools
Diversify workplace culture
Introduce new ideas and mindsets
Open new avenues of trade
The list goes on.

Businesses of all sizes employ international talent as a way of improving and growing the company, but this vital source of workers could be under threat.

In a global study of recruiters, CEMS discovered nearly 50% struggled to successfully onboard international talent. A concerning prospect for HR professionals. Read more.

Is your organization struggling to attract and hire top talent for job openings around the world? Learn how one cloud-based solution can deliver results, while streamlining your process of engaging recruiting agencies, globally. Learn more.

The Key To Success…..

Today, we’re going to share some great articles about. Thought leaders and experts: They have good insights, but not all of the answers, The key to success? It’s getting the hiring manager to really trust their recruiters, Cybersecurity consciousness for human capital management, A CEO 10 directors and mop!.  If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

 Thought leaders and experts: They have good insights, but not all of the answers: No one denies the fact that our world needs experts,thought leaders, and world-renowned specialists. That’s because it’s clear that we DO need people who are capable of dedicating their entire time and efforts to gaining as much experience as possible for one important thing — so they can teach and help others. There are experts in every field known to humankind, and here in the Internet Age, we make great use of the expertise of these people. However, there is a huge “but” connected to that.  …Read More..

The key to success? It’s getting the hiring manager to really trust their recruiters: You’ve spent years in therapy attempting to identify yourself, yet you think you can know me in 30 minutes? That my entire being, my soul, passions, knowledge, abilities, and creativity, can be assessed by you and your stone-faced, unpassionate behavioral questions – because you’ve been given the working title of “Recruiter?”

The dystopian Myers-Briggs test questions that I have to answer are pedantic questions from you, and standard answers cannot just be explained. Life, like work, is not always black and white. …Read More

Cybersecurity consciousness for human capital management: The more the access points are there for a device, the more is the vulnerability potential. It’s shocking how 71% of cyberattacks around the world are targeted on small and mid-sized companies because of the low allocation of the budgets for cyber protection. Human capital management is heavily dependent on software, tools, and platforms to access documents, give feedback, recruit candidates, and other such activities. To say the least, the entire spectrum of a chief human resources officer responsibilities like compensation and benefits, talent acquisition, employee engagement, talent retention, performance analysis, feedback, succession planning, and employee experience- fall within the ambit of cybersecurity consciousness.  …Read More…

A CEO 10 directors and mop!:   Does that sound like the hierarchy in your organization? I hope not- because it certainly is the case with a few. Organizations today have parted ways with the never ending hierarchical structure of executives climbing the ladder to reach the top.  Most millennial companies boast of having a flat structure, open door policy and have done away with traditional job titles for good.  They have instead reinvented new names like CFO- Chief Fun Officer, Innovation Guru and Chief Geek.  ….Read More…

6 Tips to Scale Your Workforce Globally

RecruitAlliance is your cloud-recruiting solutions.

Growing organizations require flexibility to achieve their goals. Companies in growth mode are spending more money to make more money. Scaling a business is different. It focuses on increasing revenue exponentially, while adding resources incrementally.

Whether your company is in growth or scaling mode, it's crucial Talent Acquisition and HR have the ability to scale the workforce to meet demands. How can a global company achieve this goal, when hiring needs extend to far reaches of the world? Whether it’s hiring, recruiting, training, orientating, onboarding, or providing benefits, planning TA planning brings unique challenges to this scenario.


RecruitAlliance - Metrics Matter

Here are 8 tips to help you scale your workforce globally, to efficiently meet your business needs:

1. Continually assess the workforce ability, and proactively address deficiencies before they occur. Leverage reporting tools and analytics to see issues as they start, so you can ensure solutions are in place. Here are some items to consider:

  • How do your competitors compare? Consider how your workforce compares to theirs in terms of skills, knowledge, training, and look at the size in contrast to yours.  Visualize the differences between your companies, and realize  how growth will impact your staffing requirements.
  • Current employee abilities and skills.  Is your organization setting up employees for success as you grow?  Are you cross training employees to handle additional aspects of their current role, and creating further value to the organization?  Assess interpersonal, technical, knowledge, and leadership abilities regularly for important insight.

Ready to hire - think RecruitAlliance2.  Analyze and improve the hiring process.  Companies with global talent acquisition needs have to be smart.  Strategic partnerships with staffing and recruiting agencies who can deliver results is a critical element of any successful global hiring initiative.  Reduce the number of points in your current process that create delays and lead to lost hires.   Gain control of agency relationships, and automate the process of working with agencies as much as possible, to avoid additional stress on TA and HR.

3.  Align your talent acquisition strategy with best practices.  Having the ability to recruit and hire staff around the globe requires a detailed plan and the budget allocation to make it possible.  If your best practices are out of sync with your actions, you will fail to meet the global organizational goals.



4.  Conduct a gap analysis.  A gap analysis takes into consideration where your company is at now, versus where it is going and the anticipated needs for growth.  Analyze items such as:

  • Employee benefits. This includes such things as health insurance, retirement funds, vacation time, sick days and other items employees receive, as non-monetary compensation.
  • Job descriptions. Do they accurately reflect what the jobs are? Their accuracy, both in description and expectation, has an effect on employee retention.  Prior to implementing a global hiring initiative, review and analyze this data.
  • Current tools employees use. What tools do your employees currently use.  Are those needs evolving?  As you grow and scale your workforce, will they have the technology they need to make the company and the employees successful?

5.  Leverage data and analytics at every step in the scaling process.  Knowing the numbers for what is happening in your business is the best way to make informed decisions. When it comes to TA planning, data is required for:

  • Productivity. Are your employees as productive as they were when you were smaller? Productivity should scale alongside business growth.
  • Managerial effectiveness. Is management leading the workforce appropriately, or are there underlying issues?
  • Benefit costs. Are your benefit costs in tune with budgets and goals?  If they are not, this will negatively impact the bottom line.
  • Retention.  At what rate are employees leaving your company? What direction is this trending?

6.  Know when to scale down.  We tend to think of global scaling as adding staff.  In reality, scaling is also about knowing when to reduce workforce quickly.  A flexible company can assess results from leadership or departments, and determine where the deficiencies lie.  As a growing organization, it's important to subtract the people or processes that are slowing you down, and proceed to reach your goals.  It is critical to be able to review business traditions and roles without bias, to determine which ones have no place in a growing business.

RecruitAlliance rivals RPOs in reducing recruitment costs and time to fill.

Scaling a global workforce to meet the needs and demands of your growing business requires diligence.  Talent acquisition leaders in organizations in growth mode must learn to serve as proactive leaders to effectively win at scaling their workforce, on demand.  To download a complimentary talent acquisition planner, click here.

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