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Profiles in Transformational Talent Acquisition Leadership: Molly Weaver of Children’s Mercy, Kansas City

Profiles in Transformational Talent Acquisition Leadership: Molly Weaver of Children’s Mercy, Kansas City  
By Christina Archer 

RecruitAlliance Transformational Talent Acquisition LeadershipIn our new monthly series, “Transformational Talent Acquisition Leadership," we connected with Molly Weaver, Director of Talent Acquisition for Children’s Mercy, Kansas City.  Located in Kansas City, Missouri, the 367-bed pediatric hospital has an exceptional reputation, across the country.  Designated by U.S. News and World Report as one of America’s best children’s hospitals, and consistently voted one of the best places to work in Kansas City, Children's Mercy has taken a creative approach to war for top talent. 

And it begins with Molly. 

Molly has a talent acquisition (TA)career that spans nearly fifteen years. She started outside of the medical industry, working as an HR generalist with T-Mobile.  As her career with the mobile solutions company evolved, she found herself focused increasingly on talent acquisition and recruitment. 

Molly grew her career as a healthcare TA leader through a unique circumstance that fueled her passion to hire the best possible clinicians for Children's Mercy.  Two weeks before officially starting with the hospital, Molly visited Children's Mercy as the parent of a sick child—her son has a kidney issue that required treatment.  She was so impressed with the level of care her son and family received throughout the process, she wanted to help the organization continue hiring amazing care providers and personnel. 

During the interview with this dynamic and and forward-thinking talent acquisition professional, RecruitAlliance asked Molly help other recruitment professionalsRecruitAlliance - Talent Acquisition marketplace succeed in their industries.   

Children’s Mercy has a team of ten recruiters. Of the ten, four focus on hard-to-fill roles, and the other six are Molly’s volume recruiters. Molly said it’s important to separate high-volume from hard-to-fill recruiting because the skills necessary to be successful look very different. Her organization rarely uses outside recruiting agencies, because her team adequately serves that headhunting role, regularly making cold calls, and performing regular outreach to qualified candidates.   

The high-volume recruiters process applications and move candidates through the hiring process—a much different skill, Molly acknowledges. By splitting the duties of the recruiters, Molly has been able to leverage the team in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.  

Although Children’s Mercy doesn't use traditional job boards it does take advantage of candidate sourcing and recruiting tools via LinkedIn, Facebook and Entelo. 

Molly also encourages her team to be proactive in creative and unique ways.  One of those is an outreach program with local schools in the Kansas City Metropolitan area that helps Children's Mercy groom more people for careers in pediatric healthcare.  Molly also has developed a program with a local college, to nurture students' interest in working as EEG techs—a job with talent shortages.  Children's Mercy also offers its employees tuition assistance, targeted towards positions of most critical need at the hospital.  

RecruitAlliance - Video Interview TechnologyChildren’s Mercy also was an early adopter of video interviewing technology—which allowed the organization to more quickly and efficiently interview candidates for its graduate nursing program.  It turned into a win-win for the candidates and her talent acquisition team. 

Molly implemented "Introduce Yourself" on the hospital's career web page, which allows candidates who don’t have time to fill out an application, or who may not meet all requirements for a particular job at the moment, to express interest in working at Children's Mercy via a video interview.   

The efforts are clearly working.  Children's Mercy has a clinical turn-over rate of 6.5%, well-below the healthcare industry average of 19.2% 

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Carreer Outlook For Virtual Assistant…..

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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about. Career outlook for virtual assistants,  How working for yourself can actually be less risky than changing jobs, Are employers required to give workers meal and rest breaks, Your company’s future leaders may be right under your nose. If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

Career outlook for virtual assistants: I’m not sure if that is because it’s a new field or because the tasks done by VA’s are as varied as the VA’s themselves. One has to examine similar fields and skill-sets to see how VA’s will fare in the years to come. The career outlook for Virtual Assistance is above average if you look at similar fields.  The question of “Will this job still be around in 20 years?” is answered by looking at the services that a specific VA is offering. Compare the VA’s services to closely-related “traditional” employment positions. …Read More…

How working for yourself can actually be less risky than changing jobs:  Since setting up Davidson Gray to invest in and support recruitment business start-ups, I must have had hundreds of conversations with recruiters considering working for themselves. The biggest reason by far most recruiters settle for a new job rather than setting up, is the desire for security. However, is moving jobs really more secure? …Read More…

Are employers required to give workers meal and rest breaks:  Employers may have a difficult time figuring out which employees are entitled to take meal and rest breaks and what rules they have to follow when offering those breaks. Do workers have to be paid for breaks? Do breaks have to be taken at a certain time during the shift? Here's what employment law attorneys told SHRM Online.…Read More…

Your company’s future leaders may be right under your nose: Maybe she stutters or is nervous speaking in front of others and so doesn't come across as self-confident. Maybe he's quite overweight and so you discount him as lazy or undisciplined. Or perhaps she's very young and new to your company, and you assume she's not ready for more responsibility.  Regardless, these employees may have the potential to be leaders in your organization, and you could be overlooking them. That happens more often than one might think, says Steve Hrop, vice president of organizational development services at Caliper, a Princeton, N.J.-based company that specializes in employee assessments and talent management. ...Readmore...

Talent Acquisition: Global Recruitment Workforce Scaling

RecruitAlliance - providing global recruitment solutionsYour talent acquisition department has just been tasked with hiring 3500 employees to staff multiple locations, around the globe. Your internal recruitment staff is already struggling to reach their performance metrics, and their requisition count continues to increase on a weekly basis. Staff morale is quickly plummeting, because the team feels they are on a 'mission impossible'. As a Human Resources (HR) or Talent Acquisition (TA) leader, how do win this challenge?

You've looked in to hiring a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company, but you're weary of handing over such a large project to an outside vendor. What if the RPO doesn't deliver? How will you explain to the executive leadership and the Board of Directors that you can't reach the headcount goals? You know that your internal recruiting team will scramble to attract and recruit candidates to fill the open requisitions, but will quality be sacrificed? This vicious cycle gets worse, and is perpetuated in the retention issues you'll have down the road.

Are you ready to find a solution that provides your company with a flexible, cost-effective option to put you in control of scalable recruitment?

Leveraging a Vendor Management System is the smartest way to accomplish your staffing goals, quickly and efficiently. Here are just some of the benefits of using a VMS:

Simple registration process. Upon account activation, your internal recruiters can post jobs on the platform, and begin receiving candidates to review.

An easy way to work with your current recruiting and staffing vendors, or accept candidates from other members of the network. Competition ensures recruiters submit only the best candidates, with urgency.

You control the terms of the relationship. You stipulate the fee you'll pay upon hire. You identify the guarantee period for the candidate.

Risk is mitigated. Vendor Management Systems ensure you OFCCP compliant, and tracks all Vendor activity for reporting purposes. Receive more understanding of Recruitment Partner performance through enhanced data and analytics. See who's performing, and who your 'go-to' agencies are.

Enhance your diversity partnerships. Some VMS's, enable employers to see which partners are certified Diversity entities.

Gain the ability to source candidates for global job openings. Make sure the Vendor Management System you use has the ability to handle an International talent pool, and assist you in filling those roles.

Scalable recruitment, without handing over the process to an RPO. You remain in control of the hiring process. Your internal recruiters view candidates and move them through the process, just as they normally would. Pay the fee you set, only upon hire.

One payee, one MSP. No more setting up multiple Vendors with Accounts Payable, or going through multiple credit checks with a variety of agencies.

Post unlimited jobs in the talent marketplace, and make unlimited hires. Have recruiting support, on-demand. Gain the flexibility to scale as needed. Depending on the solutions provider, you will not encounter up-front costs or per user-fees. The Managed Solutions Provider will take a small percentage of the agency fees generated.

If you're internal recruiting team cannot meet its hiring objectives, it's time to implement a viable solution that will save your organization time, money, mitigate risk, and improve your recruiting process. Vendor Management Systems have been helping employers solve hiring problems, effectively and efficiently.

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Retaining Digital Talent…..

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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about. To Develop and Retain Digital Talent in the digital age, challenge them, Why Corporate Sustainability Should Matter to Recruiters, Why Corporate Sustainability Should Matter to Recruiters, The Best Leaders Are Great Teachers.If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company,stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

To Develop and Retain Digital Talent in the digital age, challenge them: There isn’t much room in today’s market for businesses that don’t stay in touch with the latest technologies. The problem, however, is that many companies have trouble finding and retaining the talent they need to fully embrace the era and implement digital transformations in their organizations. More than half of companies report that their digital talent gap is widening, according to a new study from LinkedIn and Capgemini..Read More..

Why Corporate Sustainability Should Matter to Recruiters: Corporate sustainability – a strategy that takes into account how a business operates in ethical, social, environmental, cultural, and economic realms – can have a positive ripple effect on the environment, the economy, and our communities. In 2016, Harvard Business Review published “The Comprehensive Business Case for Sustainability,” which argues the benefits of corporate sustainability far outweigh the costs. Across all industries, the authors write, “embedded sustainability efforts clearly result in a positive impact on business performance.” …Read More…

7 Key Steps for Better Training And Development:  Training new and existing employees can be a company’s biggest challenge, especially in a rapidly changing business environment. When I was chief human resources officer at Mirage and Wynn resorts in Las Vegas, training and developing our teams could not have been more important. But that’s not the case at many companies, where the struggle to convince leadership to invest in training and development is ongoing. …Read More…

The Best Leaders Are Great Teachers: Kundapur Vaman Kamath was a teacher. But he didn’t work at a school or stand in front of a class. Instead, he delivered his lessons at the office—to the employees who served under him during his four decades as a senior executive at, and then CEO of, India’s ICICI Bank. Whether he was offering tips on stakeholder communication or explaining the importance of ambitious goals, Kamath treated each day as an opportunity to provide his direct reports with a customized master class in management. Over time, this approach transformed the company into a hothouse of leadership talent, accelerating its growth. ICICI became one of India’s largest, most innovative banks, and Kamath has been credited with molding a whole generation of the country’s banking executives.   ..Read More…

Download eBook: Inbound Recruitment Marketing 2018

Download RecruitAlliance's free eBook - Inbound Recruitment Marketing 2018Are you seeing your cold calling and outbound outreach sourcing efforts results diminish? Is your competition making offers to candidates you've also interviewed--only to accept their offer? Are your recruiters posting their open requisitions on job boards, only to receive numerous unqualified applicants? What is the secret sauce of candidate recruitment in 2018?

The answer is a quality inbound recruitment strategy.

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Inbound versus interruption marketing - RecruitAlliance

Hot Technologies That May Disrupt Recruiting….

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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about. The good and the bad about hiring an overqualified candidate, 3 Hot technologies that will disrupt recruiting in 2018, How you promote people can make or break a company’s culture, How to hire. If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

The good and the bad about hiring an overqualified candidate: Over the years of reading countless LinkedIn posts, which normally make no sense, there are always a few that group together and stand out. The group usually starts with a recruiter complaining that they gave a Hiring Manager the resume of someone that was “fully” but really an overqualified candidate for the job, and they can’t even begin to comprehend why the  …Read More…

 3 Hot technologies that will disrupt recruiting in 2018: It’s that time of year again when we dust off our crystal ball and try to gaze into the future of recruiting. So after making my standard resolution to lose that 15 pounds in the New Year, I’ve given the stars another gander to see what the future of recruiting will hold. …Read More…

How you promote people can make or break a company’s culture: Managing promotions effectively is one of the most powerful ways leaders can drive their company’s success. We surveyed over 400,000 U.S. workers in the past year and found that when people believe promotions are managed effectively, they’re more than twice as likely to give extra effort at work and to plan a long-term future with their company. They are also five times as likely to believe leaders act with integrity …Read More…

How to hire: I really dislike the term “A player.” It implies a grading system that can determine who will be best for a position. HR people always ask how Netflix, where I served as chief talent officer from 1998 to 2012, managed to hire only A players. I say, “There’s an island populated exclusively by A players, but only some of us know where it is.” …Read More…

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