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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about,. 7 Strategies to attract passive Candidates, 6 Reasons to call your candidate instead of emailing, How can employee advocacy influence recruiting. If you are looking to hire, stop by and visit

7 Strategies to attract passive Candidates: inding the right people to fill positions can be hard. An online application process may be more convenient for you, but it also opens you up to a flood of applications that you have to wade through to separate the possible from the laughable, and that takes a ton of time. It is highly probable that the people you want are not even applying for the job. These are “passive” candidates“, and they actually comprise 75% of the workforce. However, since passive candidates exert very little to no effort to find employment, they can be much tougher to identify. …Read More…

6 Reasons to call your candidate instead of emailing: Let’s face it. We all rely on emails and most of us would be lost without them. Very rarely do we send letters out in the post but recently emails have put recruiters in the media spotlight for all the wrong reasons. A jobseeker in Kent, UK, received an email confirming an interview for a job she applied for to find derogatory comments made about her describing her as an ‘oddball’ and a ‘mushroom forager’ by someone from the company. …Read More…

How can employee advocacy influence recruiting?: What better way to promote and market your company than through your employees’ voice. And what better channels than through their social media accounts. Obviously this only work’s in the organisation’s favour if the content that’s being shared shines a glowing light on them but it’s something companies are doing more of. But just how much of an influence does employee advocacy have on recruitment? Our panel of 10 recruiting experts share their views. …Read More…

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