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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about, The Future of recruiting mobile, 5 Tips to make your remote sales reps connected and successful, The case for developing a recruitment website for your company. Here is how to own your response. Take time to negotiate stop by and visit  RecruitAlliance.

The Future of recruiting mobile: It wasn’t even half a decade ago that top-of-the-line smartphones were out of the question for most. Today, we reach for our phones as a reflex. Faced with an unanswered question, a moment of free time, or virtually any unmet need, we turn to our smartphones. Because we shop, pay, talk, meet, and learn on our phones, it only makes sense that we would start to look for new jobs on our phones as well. Indeed, the future of recruiting is mobile. What Is Mobile Recruiting?  …Read More…

5 Tips to make your remote sales reps connected and successful: Together, new technologies and changing philosophies on work/life balance have created an increasingly mobile workforce. In a survey of business leaders at the Global Leadership Summit in 2014, more than a third of respondents said half their full-time employees would be working remotely by 2020. A quarter of respondents said more than 75 percent of their employees would not be working in traditional offices by 2020. A massive shift like this will have a profound impact across all industries and fields, but perhaps the effects will be even more pronounced in sales. Salespeople thrive on the energy of engaging with others, and they need to be motivated on a daily basis. ..Read More..

The case for developing a recruitment website for your company: Recruiting is no longer an activity that only takes place when a company has a vacancy to fill. Today, recruitment happens 24/7/365. Smart employers are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to reach and engage prospective hires. How a Recruitment Website Can Help In an improving job market where candidates have increased leverage and multiple opportunities, it’s the employer that has to do the selling. In an effort to differentiate themselves, many companies are trying to enhance their images through recruitment websites that are specifically designed to target and engage candidates. … Read More…

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