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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about, Overcoming past legal issues to land the job, Your company can get top talent for less- by earning great reviews, Put on the spot? Here is how to own your response. Take time to negotiate stop by and visit  RecruitAlliance.

Overcoming past legal issues to land the job: Questions around past legal trouble have come up multiple times recently, so it’s worth addressing. A reader writes, “I’m a job seeker with a felony record and a college degree. I can’t expunge the record, and I’m not sure what to do. Where should I begin?” First, I’m sorry to hear that this is a common issue people face in the work world. It can be difficult from both the employee’s and the employer’s perspective. One common scenario is someone making a mistake at a young age, learning from the experience, growing up, and moving on. Unfortunately, their legal record doesn’t move on with them. …Read More…

Your company can get top talent for less- by earning great reviews: When it comes to employees, you get what you pay for. Offer competitive salaries, and you’ll have a better chance of attracting the best. But those salaries don’t necessarily have to be higher than everyone else’s if your company earns great reviews on Glassdoor, according to a new study conducted independently by academics at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain. Not only did the study find that candidates are more likely to apply to jobs after reading good reviews of the company, but it also found that candidates would accept lower salaries from positively reviewed companies than they would from competitors.. …Read More…

Put on the spot? Here is how to own your response: No one likes being put on the spot, but the experience does teach you to anticipate the unexpected. That’s a lesson forever useful in life and in business. While technological advances in communication have diminished the frequency of in-person interactions, face-to-face exchanges are still among the most preferred forms of business communication, according to marketing strategy firm Ballantine. In one survey conducted by Verizon, 87 percent of respondents said in-person meetings were more creative and productive than virtual meetings …Read More…

““Nothing worth having comes easy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

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