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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about, How to make the most of a performance review, Why your talent management practices should center on top talent, The 5 Most common resume mistakes and how to fix them. Take time to negotiate stop by and visit  RecruitAlliance.

How to make the most of a performance review: Do you wish you were making more money? Do you feel frustrated that you haven’t received the promotion you’ve been waiting for? Well, now’s the time to make a case for yourself – when your annual employee performance evaluation is coming up. One of the biggest mistakes people make at work is not taking performance reviews seriously enough. Many of us see them as yet another item we have to check off our to-do lists by a certain date. With so much else on our plates, we often rush through the process. There’s just too much going on to waste time on this silly administrative task! …Read More…

Why your talent management practices should center on top talent: In a world of multigenerational workforces and falling unemployment levels, traditional methods of attracting, retaining, and engaging employees are losing their effectiveness. Cerno, which provides adventure learning programs to organizations, recently published a white paper entitled “The Talent Challenge: How Leading Companies Attract, Retain, and Engage Top Talent.” The paper outlines several of the factors that complicate employee retention efforts today, including declining unemployment, generational differences in engagement, and the higher expectations employees have of their employers. The paper also offers a potential solution to these challenges: focusing on what top talent needs. …Read More…

The 5 Most common resume mistakes and how to fix them: On average, a corporate job opening receives roughly 250 applications. In order to stay in the running for an interview, you’ll need a great resume. Even if you have impressive work experience and the perfect skill set for the posted position, one simple resume mistake can get you rejected. As the team success manager at One Click, I’d like to offer some advice on a few of the most common resume mistakes I see and what you can do to fix them: …Read More…

“ You’ve got to get up every morning with DETERMINATION If you’re going to go to bed with SATISFACTION“ George Morimer

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