Recruitng Predictions for 2017….

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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about, 3 Recruiting predictions for 2017, Keeping distracted employees engaged this holiday season, New linkedin solutions expand talent pool for recruiters. If you are looking to hire, stop by and visit  RecruitAlliance.

3 Recruiting predictions for 2017: The world of recruiting software has been evolving, and 2017 will bring more drastic changes. According to a recently published article in Human Resources Today, next year will be marked by a shift from cloud to mobile, Equal Employment Opportunity enforcement, improved employee flexibility, team-based reviews and engagement, and more freelance workers rounding out the workforce. …Read More…

Keeping distracted employees engaged this holiday season: The most critical business outcomes for today’s organizations are sales/revenue, customer service, and employee productivity, and during the holiday season, these become even more critical for industries like retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and transportation and fulfillment. For these organizations, the holiday season can represent almost 30 percent of annual sales,” says Theresa Damato, vice president of global marketing at talent management tech company Saba. …Read More…

New linkedin solutions expand talent pool for recruiters: If you’re reading our digital magazine about human resources and recruiting and haven’t yet heard of LinkedIn, your office is probably somewhere in a deep, dark hole – and you should let us know if we need to send someone to save you. But chances are you already know that since its inception in 2002, the social media site for professionals has become a household name and a staple for both job seekers and recruiters. …Read More…

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