Candidate Sourcing Tips and Agency Usage Trends from “the Beehive.”

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Is your organization struggling to uncover and identify quality candidates for your most pressing openings? Are you looking for creative and innovative ways to source candidates, as part of a larger talent acquisition strategy?

We recently reached out to the Global Director of Talent Acquisition at Aerohive Networks; Marie C. Norman, to gain tips on how she's directed this growing company on such matters. Marie is a passionate talent leader with close to 20 years experience leading and building scalable talent acquisition teams and HR programs in the following industries: Wi-Fi networking, management consulting, internet technology, IT consulting, global contract electronics manufacturing, insurance, and financial services. She's been a leader at Aerohive for nearly two years.

Question: What is your number #1 tip for sourcing candidates?

Marie's Answer: While there are many interesting, effective and unique methods for sourcing great candidates, my #1 tip is to know (really, know) what you are looking for. Simply put, know the job as if you actually worked in the job of an X. Allow me to explain further. More often times than not, a recruiter or sourcer thinks they know the requirements of a position simply by reviewing the job description and asking the managers a few basic and rudimentary questions about the new requisition assigned to them. But how are you truly certain that your understanding of the job is a realistic and accurate job preview? Well, it’s pretty simple which I’ll explain in 3 simple steps.

Step 1:
Conduct a core competency exercise with the hiring manager. This starts with asking specific questions related to what are the core, essential and necessary job tasks. You need to zero in on skills that are 'Must Haves' for any applicant to have in order to perform the job responsibilities effectively, consistently and competently well. Next, ask the hiring manager, what skills are “Nice to Have” but not critical, and then separate those critical, essential skills vs. nice to have in a simple two box grid.

Step 2:
Observe or shadow the job being performed by an actual incumbent. This may seem like a lengthy and unnecessary process. If you are one that actually thinks this way, I challenge you to go back to a time where you spent hours, weeks and maybe even months sourcing candidates for a particular role only to find out key skills or requirements were excluded in your search. Don’t you wish you would have known about it earlier? Job shadowing eliminates wasted time and increases your understanding of the position in a way no other process does.

Step 3:
Evaluate the job description (JD) once more with the hiring manager to make sure that information you learned and extracted in Step 1 & 2 are included. If not, this is your chance to modify the JD before you post this or share with applicants via LinkedIn and other sources.

Question: To what extent is your organization continuing to leverage staffing/recruitment agencies or external sourcing servces in 2016, versus previous years?

Marie's Answer: Aerohive Networks uses external staffing and recruitment agencies sparingly. Since we employ an internal team of recruiters who are qualified and assigned to source, recruit and fill a number of positions for specific business units within our organization, our reliance on external staffing partners is limited to “niche” and specialized roles. This has been part of our staffing strategy in 2016. Our reliance and dependency on recruitment agencies has decreased as opposed to previous years primarily because the ability of our internal recruiters to scope job requirements using the Core Competency assessment process described above is an effective and permanent fixture of our overall recruitment process. In addition, we have a highly robust and unique employee referral program that has successfully led to 47% of Aerohive hires companywide.

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