Hiring Managers and Corporate Recruiters: Are you leveraging top strategies to attract high quality talent?

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Make RecruitAlliance part of your strategic recruiting plan. Building a successful sourcing talent acquisition model is a challenge today for most organizations. Finding smart and innovative ways to attract talent, while managing costs and increasing the quality of candidates is an end goal to the process. Posting your open positions on traditional job boards elicits a pool of active candidates who may or may not fit your specific criteria. When your internal recruiting team is already stretched so thin in their attempts to source and recruit quality candidates, and they're working on job orders that have aged more than 30 - 60 days, it's time to pivot to a better solution.

It's no secret that the race to hire top talent is alive and well. Only organizations who take a proactive approach to improve their staffing operations can expect to gain competitive edge. Here are 5 other ways to ensure you have an enhanced talent acquisition process:

1. Ensure your career site is search engine optimized. Since 80% of all job seekers start their job search on Google, it makes sense to have your career pages set up to receive inbound leads from the search engine giant. Add video to your job pages, and you will rank higher than your competition who posts strictly text.

2. Set up your career site to walk your candidates through 'a day in the life' with your company. Candidates aren't just interested in a job anymore. They want to make the right move, and connect with the right companies where they will be a cultural fit. Providing as much information as possible about how things work in your company, what they can expect in benefits, career paths, and the like are all additional selling points for today's top candidates.

3. Track your strategy. Changes you make to your career pages should be tracked and evaluated. Are you seeing changes that are receiving a large number of hits? Review what you did, and continue to perfect your site accordingly.

4. Have a career site that is mobile-friendly. More than 70% of all job seekers are accessing your company's website from their smartphone or mobile device. Companies who are not implementing a strong mobile strategy, will ultimately be left behind in the war for top talent. In order to remain competitive, it is essential that companies have a workable mobile career site.

5. Focus on pre-candidate engagement and the overall candidate experience. Whether it's through emails or social media, engaging candidates with your company prior to them applying sets up a successful hiring environment. Once the candidate applies and is proven viable, providing them with the best possible experience will continue to separate your company from others in your space.

RecruitAlliance is a sourcing and recruitment marketplace that empowers hiring companies to optimize their talent acquisition process. Employers post their jobs at no cost on the platform, and staffing/recruiting agencies compete to submit qualified candidates. Hiring managers can review and update all candidates in a simple web-based interface, and move quality candidates through the process. Employers choose the fee they're willing to pay upon hire, and agencies digitally agree to this prior to ever submitting their first candidate.

Here are just some of the benefits of hiring through RecruitAlliance:
1. No more cold calls to disrupt your day.
2. Agency members are fully vetted prior to receiving access to the platform.
3. Gain the ability to work with thousands of new agencies in specialties across all industries.
4. Never spend lengthy phone sessions with recruiters, explaining what you're looking for.
5. Have greater control of the recruitment process, when working with agencies.
6. RecruitAlliance enhances your overall talent acquisition process, by increasing the depth and breadth of your candidate pool, for tough to fill jobs.

Post your hard-to-fill jobs on RecruitAlliance, today!

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