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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about. Stand out from the pack: Tips for group interviews, What recruiters think about your personal brand, Think of your resume like a google search result page- and prep for more tips. If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

Stand out from the pack: Tips for group interviews: You arrive for your job interview only to be ushered into a conference room where a half-dozen other candidates are already waiting. Being prepared for this sort of surprise can be the difference between embarrassment and success. Group job interviews are becoming more common. They’re intended to expedite the hiring process, but for most candidates they’re pretty intimidating. It’s exhausting to interview alongside other candidates who are all hoping for the same job, with everyone sizing each other up and trying to outdo one another to make a lasting impression. …Read More…

What recruiters think about your personal brand: According to Jobvite’s 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey, only four percent of recruiters don’t use social media in the recruiting process. Furthermore, the survey found that social media networks are the second most effective source of quality hires for recruiters after referrals. As the survey itself states, “social media is a gold mine for recruiters …Read More…

Think of your resume like a google search result page- and prep for more tips: When it comes to looking for a new job, the hardest part isn’t the actual hunt – it’s what happens as you prepare for the hunt. In particular, writing a great resume can be an incredibly stressful feat. Think about it: You’re asked to put an entire summary of your professional life down on paper – but it must fit on one or two pages, or it won’t be read. It must be 100 percent accurate, or you could be fired by your future employer. It must tell the story of your every career victory, or no one will take you seriously. It must not make you look too old or too young, or you could be perceived as incompetent. Oh, and it should be up to date – always. You never know when someone might ask for it. …Read More…

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory. George S. Patton

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