Your jobs are sitting open….what’s that costing your organization?

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RecruitAlliance.comSmart hiring companies realize that every day a key position remains open, they are losing money. They turn to recruiting agencies to fill the gap between what their internal talent acquisition team can produce, and what remains open. Companies attempt to negotiate reduced fees and fair terms with staffing agencies, knowing their external recruiting partner has the perfect candidate they needed to hire--yesterday. How can organizations and savvy HR departments position themselves to leverage agencies as part of their overall talent acquisition strategy, versus taking a reactive stance and partnering only when requisitions have been sitting open for extended times?

For progressive organizations who understand the value of having filled jobs with top talent, they take measures to ensure they have a steady candidate flow from a variety of sources. Whether they're leveraging multiple staffing agencies, utilizing the latest niche job boards, sending out regular email blasts to their candidate database, reaching out via social media channels, or tapping in to sourcing marketplaces...successful corporate human resources and talent acquisition teams know the importance of using all the tools available to produce qualified candidates.

RecruitAlliance is the solution that puts employers back in control of their relationships with agencies, and sets hiring companies up for success in their recruitment struggles. Registered employers post their fee-eligible jobs in the sourcing marketplace, and recruiting vendors compete to submit their most qualified candidates. The employers select the fee they are willing to pay upon successful placement, and recruiters digitally agree to the terms and conditions before ever submitting their candidates through the portal. All submissions are tracked and managed, so it creates a simplified and streamlined process for managing external candidates and agency results. Membership for hiring companies is available at no cost, so there's no risk or obligation. RecruitAlliance is an important component of any organization's talent acquisition strategy.

RecruitAlliance has helped many clients achieve cost savings of up to 50%, increase candidate flow, gain critical data through on-demand reports, and streamlined the process of working with third party recruiters. They offer superior customer support and hiring managers are always pleased with the level of professionalism displayed by each RA employee, as they have questions, concerns or issues.

To learn more about how this tool can help your organization fill open jobs faster, as part of an overall recruitment strategy, click here.

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