Need to hire faster? Consider a RecruitAlliance test-drive.

RecruitAlliance - the no-cost recruiting tool and sourcing marketplace.As we prepare for the last quarter of 2016, the struggle to recruit and acquire exceptional talent isn't getting any easier.  Companies who intend to gain competitive edge and continuous growth must compete to attract the best candidates, engage them quickly and proceed to hire them.  Using job boards, social media, talent communities, applicant tracking systems and vendor management systems, companies have access to the majority of candidates--there simply isn't enough time in the day to sift through all the options, quickly identify the A players, and engage them.

What can employers do to optimize their talent acquisition process?  How can your corporate recruiting team do more to engage the right candidates more quickly, so your competitor doesn't scoop them up first?  What can HR do to ensure they are leveraging every available resource to ensure hiring leaders are talking to qualified candidates who are ready to accept a job offer?

RecruitAlliance is a no-cost recruiting tool for hiring companies.  It's both a comprehensive, stand-alone vendor management system and a powerful sourcing marketplace that can easily integrate with most applicant tracking systems to create a seamless process for working with staffing/recruiting agencies more efficiently.  That's just the tip of the iceberg.

RecruitAlliance helps employers gain control of recruitment costs.  We all know the time and effort typically involved in working with external recruiting agencies, right?  You have to conduct an intake call with each agency, which can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.  You have to agree on a fee, negotiate the terms, and then hope that your selected search partners will deliver results.  It's a real time-waster for all ready busy hiring managers or your internal recruiters.

When you opt to use RecruitAlliance, everything changes.  Imagine a world where there are no more intake calls.  You're no longer going to have to conduct calls or answer questions over the phone about your job description, receive on-going call interruptions for candidate feedback, or even receive cold calls from agencies who are attempting to market their candidates to you.  Think of how much more efficiently your office would run with all of that time given back to you!

How important is saving money on talent acquisition costs to your organization?  RecruitAlliance understands that most employers would prefer to fill their jobs in-house, to save money.  Proactive companies who are winning the war on talent utilize agencies as part of their overall strategy to increase the size and quality of their candidate pool.  When you use RecruitAlliance, think of it as having a 24/7 team of talent scouts working on your behalf, to provide you with the candidates you don't have access to.  Let's face it--if quality candidates aren't applying on your corporate website or your internal recruiters aren't finding ways to attract applicants, your jobs are going to sit open for extended periods of time.  How much is that opening really costing your organization? How much is that opening impacting retention of your current employees, because they are carrying extended workloads and working over-time.  How much is over-time negatively impacting your bottom line?

In order to win the war for top talent, organizations must consider implementing a tool like RecruitAlliance, as part of their overall talent acquisition strategy.

If you're an employer who needs to hire faster, with a higher caliber candidate who will fit in your culture, RecruitAlliance would like to offer you a test-drive of their no-cost recruitment tool.  There's no cost, no obligation, no overwhelming implementation process and you'll see results.  To start your test drive, and post your fee-eligible jobs to hundreds of vetted agencies who specialize in your industry, click here.

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