Recruiters, automate candidate submissions to top clients with ease

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RecruitAlliance:  Automating the Candidate Submission ProcessWhen it comes to working as an independent or agency recruiter, timely candidate submissions are always required to earn a fee. Depending on whether you work with your client through a Vendor Management System or off-line, you may encounter specific challenges when sending candidate resumes and summaries to hiring managers. Regardless of your agency's internal process, you may be left with a submission that is never opened or received on a timely basis.

What can recruiters do to ensure their candidates are received, acknowledged and reviewed on a prompt basis? Is there a way to automate the entire submission process, and speed up the receipt of feedback from the client?

Have you heard of the Recruitment Marketplace--RecruitAlliance? If you're new to staffing and recruiting, or have not been looking at new ways to build a better agency, a Recruitment Marketplace is a virtual tool that connects employers with fee-eligible job openings to third-party recruitment agencies for the purpose of filling jobs faster and more efficiently. Agencies can generate more fees quickly, while hiring organizations can access top talent in the most effective manner possible.

One of the main benefits search firms find in leveraging recruiting marketplaces is they can automate their candidate submission process. The way this works is the recruiter logs in to their Vendor account using their unique user name and password. They access the job order posted by the client they want to fill, and click on the submit candidate button. The recruiter completes a brief submission form, attaches the candidate's resume, and adds any additional documentation they want the employer to review that further markets the applicant. Once everything is complete and uploaded, the recruiter simply clicks the submit button--and their candidate has been successfully delivered to the employer.

When you think about it, using a Recruiting Marketplace provides additional benefits that are not available when working directly with clients. The platform tracks and manages the candidate submission. This means once the candidate has been sent through the marketplace, both the recruiter and the employer receive an instant email notification, confirming the submission. This confirmation is both date and time stamped, preventing any potential future disputes of candidate ownership. Staffing agencies will continue to receive automatic updates, as their candidate(s) moves through the evaluation and review process, conducted by the hiring company.

Better yet, once a candidate is moved to 'accepted' status by the employer, the recruiter receives the contact information of the hiring authority, and may reach out directly to schedule candidate interviews or ask questions. The only time the recruiter may not reach out to the employer is prior to them reviewing and accepting the candidate. In the event the candidate is rejected (meaning they are not qualified for the position submitted for), the recruiter would not have access to the employer's name, phone number or email address. This streamlines the employers' process for working with external recruiters, and ensures they are more promptly connecting with those agencies who produce results.

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