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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about. The business benefits of happy employees, Spice it up: Attract better candidates with your linked in profile, Add employee reflections to employee. If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

The business benefits of happy employees: One of the biggest lies we’ve been told in our professional lives is that once you’re successful, you’ll be happy. You work hard, get ahead, make more money and all that is supposed to lead to happiness…right? Wrong. In the last several years, research has shown emphatically that the formula is …Read More…

Spice it up: Attract better candidates with your linked in profile: Do you like cheese dip? I like cheese dip. Actually, Liz loves cheese dip—specifically with jalapeños. Why? Because I don’t like boring, and neither do top-tier candidates who are looking to take their career up a few notches. They like it hot. By “hot” I mean candidates look for the following when they’re …Read More…

Add employee reflections to employee: When executed well, employee referral programs leverage the social media and other contacts of an organization’s workers to connect with high-caliber passive prospects. In most cases, however, the resulting outreach is narrowcast to the specific subset of individuals appropriate for a particular opening. While this approach does often generate applicants, it significantly underutilizes employee connections. Using a broadcast technique called “employee reflections,” an employer can touch all of an employee’s connections and thus effectively supplement their existing employee referral program. ….Read More…

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.- Mark Twain

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