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Marketing For Employers………

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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about. Jobs 2 careers to unveil predictive analytics for job ads at HR tech, Content marketing for employers: 15 things to share that candidates will love, Using references as a screening tool. If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

Jobs 2 careers to unveil predictive analytics for job ads at HR tech: Jobs2Careers announces today it will reveal its new predictive pricing technology to industry leaders next month at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago. Jobs2Careers’ mission is to innovate the way talent effectively finds work, and employers find talent. Jobs2Careers made recruitment industry news in. …Read More….

Content marketing for employers: 15 things to share that candidates will love: There’s an old saying in our industry that recruiting is marketing. For many employers, marketing your jobs and company culture does not come easy. This makes sense, considering those in recruiting and HR were not trained to be marketers. …Read More…

Using references as a screening tool: The big challenge in recruiting is getting high quality information so that one can accurately match a candidate to a job. One potentially underutilized source of good information is references. Most companies use reference checking towards the end of the recruiting process and often it’s mainly to ensure there isn’t some derailer they’ve overlooked. …Read More…

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Need to hire faster? Consider a RecruitAlliance test-drive.

RecruitAlliance - the no-cost recruiting tool and sourcing marketplace.As we prepare for the last quarter of 2016, the struggle to recruit and acquire exceptional talent isn't getting any easier.  Companies who intend to gain competitive edge and continuous growth must compete to attract the best candidates, engage them quickly and proceed to hire them.  Using job boards, social media, talent communities, applicant tracking systems and vendor management systems, companies have access to the majority of candidates--there simply isn't enough time in the day to sift through all the options, quickly identify the A players, and engage them.

What can employers do to optimize their talent acquisition process?  How can your corporate recruiting team do more to engage the right candidates more quickly, so your competitor doesn't scoop them up first?  What can HR do to ensure they are leveraging every available resource to ensure hiring leaders are talking to qualified candidates who are ready to accept a job offer?

RecruitAlliance is a no-cost recruiting tool for hiring companies.  It's both a comprehensive, stand-alone vendor management system and a powerful sourcing marketplace that can easily integrate with most applicant tracking systems to create a seamless process for working with staffing/recruiting agencies more efficiently.  That's just the tip of the iceberg.

RecruitAlliance helps employers gain control of recruitment costs.  We all know the time and effort typically involved in working with external recruiting agencies, right?  You have to conduct an intake call with each agency, which can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.  You have to agree on a fee, negotiate the terms, and then hope that your selected search partners will deliver results.  It's a real time-waster for all ready busy hiring managers or your internal recruiters.

When you opt to use RecruitAlliance, everything changes.  Imagine a world where there are no more intake calls.  You're no longer going to have to conduct calls or answer questions over the phone about your job description, receive on-going call interruptions for candidate feedback, or even receive cold calls from agencies who are attempting to market their candidates to you.  Think of how much more efficiently your office would run with all of that time given back to you!

How important is saving money on talent acquisition costs to your organization?  RecruitAlliance understands that most employers would prefer to fill their jobs in-house, to save money.  Proactive companies who are winning the war on talent utilize agencies as part of their overall strategy to increase the size and quality of their candidate pool.  When you use RecruitAlliance, think of it as having a 24/7 team of talent scouts working on your behalf, to provide you with the candidates you don't have access to.  Let's face it--if quality candidates aren't applying on your corporate website or your internal recruiters aren't finding ways to attract applicants, your jobs are going to sit open for extended periods of time.  How much is that opening really costing your organization? How much is that opening impacting retention of your current employees, because they are carrying extended workloads and working over-time.  How much is over-time negatively impacting your bottom line?

In order to win the war for top talent, organizations must consider implementing a tool like RecruitAlliance, as part of their overall talent acquisition strategy.

If you're an employer who needs to hire faster, with a higher caliber candidate who will fit in your culture, RecruitAlliance would like to offer you a test-drive of their no-cost recruitment tool.  There's no cost, no obligation, no overwhelming implementation process and you'll see results.  To start your test drive, and post your fee-eligible jobs to hundreds of vetted agencies who specialize in your industry, click here.

Tech Tools for Corporate Recruiters…….

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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about. 5 Tips on how to conduct a confidential executive job search, Recruiter top 10: Tech tools for corporate recruiters, How to use content to build your personal brand. If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

5 Tips on how to conduct a confidential executive job search: Career advancement, a shift in passion, better benefits, burnout, or career transition are some of the triggers that might possibly motivate you to rewrite your executive resume and launch a confidential executive job search. We often consult with clients who are currently employed and in need of help with their job searches. …Read More…

Recruiter top 10: Tech tools for corporate recruiters: Welcome to Top 10,’s weekly rundown of the best of the best in recruiting! Every Friday, we release a list of some of our favorite people, things, and ideas dominating the industry. From awesome tech tools and cool companies to great books and powerful trends, no stone in the recruiting space will be left unturned. …Read More…

How to use content to build your personal brand: We often talk a lot about content in the marketing world. Broadly defined, “content” means creating and sharing relevant information. It can range from business-related articles and blog posts to videos and podcasts. Content can paint a picture of a company, explain what it sells, create engagement, and do so much more. …Read More….

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Need a New Career?……..

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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about. 5 Signs you need a new career, What people want at work in 2016, How to write job posts that attract the best job seekers. If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

5 Signs you need a new career: Do you dread Mondays? Feel like Fridays can’t come soon enough? It’s normal to have a bad day at work from time to time, but if you hate your job week after week, that’s a sign it’s time for a change. But how do you determine whether you need a new job or an entirely new career? …Read More…

What people want at work in 2016: If you thought that your workers were tackling big tasks, hitting their deadlines at the office, and generally happy commuting into work, think again. According to a new survey from FlexJobs, the biggest thing that employees want at work in 2016 can be summed up in one word: flex. …Read More…

How to write job posts that attract the best job seekers: You feel like Usain Bolt running the 100-meter relay in Rio. The two-weeks-notice baton has been passed to you, and you’re off on the search for a new hire. The job post is out, but it’s not yielding the top talent you were hoping for. Maybe the problem is that your posts don’t appeal to the prospects you’re hoping to attract. …Read More….

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Recruiters, automate candidate submissions to top clients with ease

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RecruitAlliance:  Automating the Candidate Submission ProcessWhen it comes to working as an independent or agency recruiter, timely candidate submissions are always required to earn a fee. Depending on whether you work with your client through a Vendor Management System or off-line, you may encounter specific challenges when sending candidate resumes and summaries to hiring managers. Regardless of your agency's internal process, you may be left with a submission that is never opened or received on a timely basis.

What can recruiters do to ensure their candidates are received, acknowledged and reviewed on a prompt basis? Is there a way to automate the entire submission process, and speed up the receipt of feedback from the client?

Have you heard of the Recruitment Marketplace--RecruitAlliance? If you're new to staffing and recruiting, or have not been looking at new ways to build a better agency, a Recruitment Marketplace is a virtual tool that connects employers with fee-eligible job openings to third-party recruitment agencies for the purpose of filling jobs faster and more efficiently. Agencies can generate more fees quickly, while hiring organizations can access top talent in the most effective manner possible.

One of the main benefits search firms find in leveraging recruiting marketplaces is they can automate their candidate submission process. The way this works is the recruiter logs in to their Vendor account using their unique user name and password. They access the job order posted by the client they want to fill, and click on the submit candidate button. The recruiter completes a brief submission form, attaches the candidate's resume, and adds any additional documentation they want the employer to review that further markets the applicant. Once everything is complete and uploaded, the recruiter simply clicks the submit button--and their candidate has been successfully delivered to the employer.

When you think about it, using a Recruiting Marketplace provides additional benefits that are not available when working directly with clients. The platform tracks and manages the candidate submission. This means once the candidate has been sent through the marketplace, both the recruiter and the employer receive an instant email notification, confirming the submission. This confirmation is both date and time stamped, preventing any potential future disputes of candidate ownership. Staffing agencies will continue to receive automatic updates, as their candidate(s) moves through the evaluation and review process, conducted by the hiring company.

Better yet, once a candidate is moved to 'accepted' status by the employer, the recruiter receives the contact information of the hiring authority, and may reach out directly to schedule candidate interviews or ask questions. The only time the recruiter may not reach out to the employer is prior to them reviewing and accepting the candidate. In the event the candidate is rejected (meaning they are not qualified for the position submitted for), the recruiter would not have access to the employer's name, phone number or email address. This streamlines the employers' process for working with external recruiters, and ensures they are more promptly connecting with those agencies who produce results.

How can RecruitAlliance help your agency grow and automate future candidate submissions? To learn more, visit

Benefits of Happy Employees…..

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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about. The business benefits of happy employees, Spice it up: Attract better candidates with your linked in profile, Add employee reflections to employee. If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

The business benefits of happy employees: One of the biggest lies we’ve been told in our professional lives is that once you’re successful, you’ll be happy. You work hard, get ahead, make more money and all that is supposed to lead to happiness…right? Wrong. In the last several years, research has shown emphatically that the formula is …Read More…

Spice it up: Attract better candidates with your linked in profile: Do you like cheese dip? I like cheese dip. Actually, Liz loves cheese dip—specifically with jalapeños. Why? Because I don’t like boring, and neither do top-tier candidates who are looking to take their career up a few notches. They like it hot. By “hot” I mean candidates look for the following when they’re …Read More…

Add employee reflections to employee: When executed well, employee referral programs leverage the social media and other contacts of an organization’s workers to connect with high-caliber passive prospects. In most cases, however, the resulting outreach is narrowcast to the specific subset of individuals appropriate for a particular opening. While this approach does often generate applicants, it significantly underutilizes employee connections. Using a broadcast technique called “employee reflections,” an employer can touch all of an employee’s connections and thus effectively supplement their existing employee referral program. ….Read More…

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Next Generation Sourcing ….

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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about. HR’s Emerging Role in Human Governance, The importance of speed sourcing, Next Generation Sourcing. If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

HR’s Emerging Role in Human Governance: Investors are shifting the goalposts for business accountability beyond the traditional quarterly reports on revenue, profit and growth. As well as traditional reporting, forward-thinking investors now want to see how a business maximizes its human capital without creating any associated harm or risk within the organization or in the wider community. …Read More…

The importance of speed sourcing: Why are some sourcers and recruiters more successful than others when using the same techniques?  Honestly, it’s as simple as speed. How fast a sourcer or recruiter produces a candidate is paramount to the success of the search. For over 15 years, Steven Mostyn has been training myself and other sourcers and recruiters al …Read More…

Next Generation Sourcing: Next generation sourcing is reliant purely on digital representation. With the era of big data, social profiles are analyzed in a detailed format that makes it easier to locate and categorize candidates on things such as those actively seeking employment, grouping candidates together by personal and professional interests. In this day and age, a social… Read More…

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5 ways a Vendor Management platform will provide an influx of talent without the hassle

RecruitAlliance:  The no-cost vendor management solution for hiring companiesThe war for talent refers to an increasingly competitive landscape for recruiting and retaining talented employees. It's not a set of superior Human Resources processes, but a mindset that emphasizes the importance of talent to the success of organizations. The term War for Talent comes from a late-'90s warning from McKinsey & Co. that alerted business to a coming talent shortage and urged companies to prioritize talent strategies around recruiting, retaining, and developing key employees. The statistics speak for themselves; by 2020, employers in the world’s richest nations are forecast to be short as many as 18 million college-educated workers.

What can organizations do to ensure they have access to top talent by the most efficient means, while increasing their candidate flow? Outside of cultivating talent from within, making learning on-demand, and redefining 'success' within a company, what can employers do to win the war for top talent?

A thoughtfully implemented and robust vendor management system (VMS) can completely optimize the disjointed and complicated process of the acquisition and management of a contingent and permanent workforce. A good VMS can result in significant cost savings through more efficient processes at every step of the workforce supply chain.

How can a VMS improve the talent pool for a growing company? Here are 5 ways a Vendor Management platform will provide an influx of talent on a consistent and scalable basis.

1. Significant cost savings across the enterprise. Many hiring companies do not have a centralized recruitment process. As such, fee negotiations with staffing and recruitment agencies is done by individual hiring managers, based on their approved talent acquisition budgets. By implementing a quality Vendor Management System, companies become empowered to reduce costs across the board.

2. Reduce time-to-fill metrics. For everyday a key position remains open, a department or business division loses precious revenue. Filling these jobs can impact an organization at every level. Time to fill is a measurement of how long it takes an organization to fill a position once the opening has been approved. It is an indicator of hiring efficiency but should be balanced with cost and quality hiring measures. Time to fill can provide valuable feedback in determining which sourcing methods and recruitment strategies can most quickly produce the needed candidates. Cost of vacancies in jobs can be significantly reduced by driving down the time it takes to fill a job. When hiring companies opt to utilize a VMS, they choose to take control of the speed at which their roles are filled with the right people.

3.  Source higher quality talent.  When a company works with staffing agencies to fill a specific role, they are often unsure which agency will deliver results. They may spend hours seeking one or more external recruiters who specialize in the area of their openings, and even more time completing an intake session with each recruiter.  Utilizing a Vendor Management System, matching recruiting agencies receive an instant email notification of the newly posted job, access the job order, and begin submitting candidates.  This process significantly streamlines the entire talent acquisition process, and ensures candidates are submitted who match the job specifications.

4.  Consolidated invoicing.  When an employer works with multiple search firms, they must receive and process multiple invoices based on different payment terms.  The process is taxing to the Accounts Payable department within the business, and can create further customer service issues for the hiring manager.  When working through a quality VMS, they offer managed billing or consolidate invoicing.  The agency simply invoices the Vendor Management company, and the Vendor Management provider processes everything.  When billing questions arise, it is the VMS company who handles the additional phone calls, emails and inquiries.

5.  Positively impact retention, while providing employers with the ability to measure recruiting agency performance.  It's no secret--when top talent comes your way, and a replacement or money back guarantee is in place, your hires are far more likely to remain in their new role.  Leveraging a Vendor Management solution impacts retention, which ultimately affects profitability.  With full-reporting capability, most VMS's provide employers with a wealth of statistical data to analyze their Vendors' results, to determine if maintaining the relationship is worthwhile for future endeavors.

RecruitAlliance is a no-cost Vendor Management Solution preferred by small, medium and large business entities.  This recruiting tool has successfully helped Clients reduce talent acquisition costs, reduce time to fill, improve retention, and provides employers with more control over cost, contracts and compliance.  To learn more, visit

Staffing Agencies: Gain access to more quality job orders, with less business development efforts

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RecruitAlliance:  More job orders with less business developmentWhether you're focused on running a full-desk, exclusively on the candidate side, or working in client services, recruitment and staffing agencies who have access to more job orders with quality companies have more opportunities to generate higher billings.  In today's war for top talent, permanent placement and temporary placement firms must find new and creative ways to increase their client base, without spending additional time and resources on business development.  What is the most efficient way for independent recruiters, boutique agencies and multi-office staffing companies to generate additional clients, with limited effort?

Here are 3 ways every recruiting agency can increase business and move forward in perpetual growth mode:

1.  Focus on a specific niche.  The more narrowed your focus within an industry or vertical, the more you're able to recycle qualified candidates for multiple opportunities.  Firms who work within a specific space have the time necessary to know their clients' needs and gain greater insight in to their candidate needs.  It also affords agencies the ability to identify emerging needs within their scope, and yield a much greater understanding of the market.

2.  Have a search engine optimized website for your agency, and direct Clients to your site.  In spite of the fact we think all firms today have websites, the truth is many independent and boutique recruiting agencies simply do not believe this is a necessity.  This is a mistake in today's competitive business climate.  Agencies can easily hire a web developer to design and create a professional website for posting their jobs, providing additional information about how they conduct business, and to list links to their social media sites for less than $2500.00. Hiring an SEO consultant further ensures the agency will have a regular flow of inbound client and candidate leads.

3.  Leverage a quality recruitment marketplace to have a steady flow of job orders.  A recruiting marketplace is a website that connects agency recruiters with clients who have fee-eligible jobs orders.  One caveat to using recruiting marketplaces is not all are created equally.  Some allow clients to post their job and offer fees that are far below the acceptable average.  Others offer terms and conditions that can be deemed unacceptable by the agency, and make it nearly impossible to generate a steady cash flow.  As an external recruiter, make sure you research each marketplace before choosing the appropriate one(s) for your business.

RecruitAlliance is a recruitment marketplace that has generated millions of dollars in fees for agencies since 2001.  Their simple, easy-to-use interface tracks and manages all candidate submissions to real job orders with exemplary hiring companies.  They offer state of the art Customer Service, to support user issues with the platform, and regular web conferences to show Recruiters (Vendors) how to best use their website.  In addition, the platform is a split network, so recruiters can post jobs assigned to them by their clients, and receive candidate referrals from other Vendor members.  To learn more about RecruitAlliance and how it can help build your agency without additional business development efforts, visit

Is your agency using Google Apps for Work yet?

Business email for your domain
Looking professional matters, and that means communicating as Gmail’s simple, powerful features help you build your brand while getting more done.

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Enterprise-level management tools
Robust admin settings give you total command over users, devices, security and more. Your data always belongs to you, and it goes with you if you switch solutions.

Sign up for your complimentary trial today!

Handling Career Gaps…..

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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about. 5 Simple tricks to get more interviews, You don’t have to include everything on your resume, How to handle a career gap on your resume. If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

5 Simple tricks to get more interviews: Whether you’re in the middle of a job hunt or planning to start one soon, there are a few resume changes you should make if you want to immediately stand out and get more interviews. Read through the steps below and use this as a checklist to make sure your resume is doing as much as possible to help you get hired! …Read More…

You don’t have to include everything on your resume: As a certified professional resume writer, I’ve noticed that one mistake a lot of job seekers make is trying to include everything on their resumes. Of course, it is important to include pertinent qualifications, achievements, and so on, but you don’t have to cram every single detail of your professional life into your resume. ..Read More…

How to handle a career gap on your resume: I and my career consultant colleagues are used to fielding a broad array of questions from job seekers. One of the questions we hear most often is some variation of, “How do I overcome a career gap on my resume?” Today I’ll show you how to keep a period of unemployment from sinking your chances of landing a job: …Read More…

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