Recruiter Connection: 4 Tips to writing more engaging sourcing emails

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RecruitAlliance.comYou’ve just located a batch of candidates who match your Client’s requirements, and need to craft a compelling email that will garner the recipients’ interest.  Writing quality, engaging networking emails to target candidates is an art, much like that of building relationships in any other business endeavor.  Many passive candidates are not available or reachable by phone initially, so as recruiters, we must do a better job attracting top talent through the use of email.

We can’t continue approaching A-players with a “cold call” approach, and expect to have a productive conversation that leads to a hire.  Instead, it becomes important to generate a cohesive and consistent message that warrants further discussion between the candidate and yourself.  In effect, you are putting together the building blocks of a consultative relationship between yourself, the candidate and the Client.

How does a recruiter create an email that will receive a response?  What ways can an initial email motivate the candidate to click through the email or pick up the phone and call you?

Here are 4 tips to write better sourcing emails that will glean positive results in your active and passive candidate email campaigns.

  1. Conduct the appropriate candidate research and keep the message tone personal. You may have a list of individuals who hold the experience and credentials that would be considered for your opening.  Take the time to review their LinkedIn profile, and get to know more about them.  Incorporate specific, personal information about them in the email, and relate it to the Client or job opportunity so they can visualize themselves as the read the message.  The recruiter must frame the email appropriately, so the candidate will open, read and respond to it.

  2. Grab the candidates’ attention by following them on social media—then sending the email. One of the best methods of researching any candidate is by reviewing their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts.  Recruiters should follow target candidates, and in turn, there may be name recognition once an email is sent.  Always focus on creating a warm contact environment, versus having to do the infamous cold contact.

  3. Keep the messaging brief and to the point. Recruiters need to remember that candidates want to know what’s in it for them.  They are too busy to read your agency bio, learn about your career as a recruiter, or review any unnecessary information.  When you receive a resume, think of the amount of time you take to review it.  The candidate has those same six seconds to determine whether your communication is of interest or worth their time to read.  Recruiters have to generate messages that pack a punch in a very small amount of verbiage.

  4. Drive results and make appropriate follow-up. Create a sense of urgency, and always let the candidate know what they need to do next.  Instead of closing your email with an open statement; “I look forward to hearing back if you’re interested,” provide a closed statement assuming their interest, and provide them with three times to connect.  Those candidates who are open to new opportunities will follow your instructions.  Individuals who are not looking at the moment, may keep your contact information for future reference or provide you with referrals.  Always ensure that the emails you send are sharable, and request any referrals they may have.  If you don’t hear back within 3 days, send a follow-up message to the candidate that provides them with additional reasons to connect with you.  When no response is received from this message, always send a third and final attempt, letting the candidate know you are closing out the job and moving on with other candidates.  The final email provides the recipient with closure, and allows you to referrals for a final time.

Engaging candidates via email can be an effective way to source top talent, when you use the 4 simple tips provided.  The following tips will also increase the chances that a passive candidate will open and respond to an unsolicited e-mail:

Uncovering and locating A-player candidates can present its own unique challenges, but email can certainly provide you that initial introduction that opens the door to many more hires annually.

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