Mobile Recruitment: A Guide for Talent Acquisition

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Mobile-Recruiting-BlogMobile Recruiting is a recruitment strategy that uses mobile technology to attract, engage and convert candidates. Whether your company uses such tactics as mobile career sites, mobile recruiting by text, mobile recruiting apps and social recruiting – or a combination of them all, this is one facet of search every company should invest their time in today. What is your company or staffing agency doing to leverage this trending technique?  How can an organization effectively increase their candidate pool through mobile recruiting?  Let’s take a look at the top 6 ways to utilize a quality mobile talent acquisition strategy.
  1. Candidates are 86% more likely to review your jobs on their mobile device than on their computer. A recent Deloitte survey revealed that 90 percent of people check their mobile device within one hour of waking up, 50 percent of people check their phones 25 times per day and 10 percent of us do it 100+ times per day.  The broad majority of candidates are already researching and applying to opportunities via mobile device and recruiters must be ready to instantly engage those individuals on any device, immediately. If your company or agency does not have an adequate mobile strategy now, you risk losing your candidate audience and being overtaken by your talent competition.  If you don’t have a mobile website, it’s crucial to invest and roll-out your fully optimized site as soon as possible.
  1. According to LinkedIn Talent, 74% of active candidates and 62% of passive candidates are opening and reviewing jobs sent to their inbox. Once you have your mobile site up and running, it’s important to incorporate a job alert option.  Candidates who visit your career page can search for jobs that match their background and experience, and elect to have new job openings sent via email on a regular basis.  Make sure all emails are automated and formatted appropriately for viewing across all types of mobile devices.
  1. SMS messaging is a quick and efficient way to connect and engage candidates after they have applied on your site. Over 60% of recruiters are using text messages to contact candidates, and it makes sense. Since most Millennials have their phone on or near them most of the time, recruiters want to reach them through their phones, using the same notification systems they use for contact with friends. It’s important to text candidates the right way, or you can turn them off to your company and your open position, very quickly.  For recruiters using an iPhone or Android mobile device, there are apps such as Text-Free Ultra, which allow you to set up a local phone number for texting and voicemail – so you don’t have to give out your private cell number.
  1. Utilize a tablet or mobile phone to capture talent at recruiting events. Whether you’re at a campus career fair or a networking event, leverage mobile Talent Network forms to easily collect candidate information via a mobile device such as a tablet.  Best of all, use CRM workflows to automatically tag and route candidate information into their own talent pipelines so you can engage with candidates when you get back in the office.
  1. Leverage social media pages to post jobs, and engage with current employees to grow your talent community. Posting job openings on social media is easy and free. Information spreads across your network and even if no one is interested or a good fit for that role, they might know a strong candidate. When building your online network, don’t forget your biggest resource: your current workforce. Everyone at an organization can support recruiting efforts. Internal recommendations and referrals are a great way to find reliable people. Having employees help announce job openings in their LinkedIn and Facebook status updates, expands your reach to people who aren’t directly connected to your company.  Social media recruiting doesn’t follow the rules of the old standard job posting: publishing a job ad and waiting for the inbound of resumes won’t work here. In this new environment, the best approach is to constantly work on building relationships that you can rely on when it’s time to hire, accessing a pipeline of candidates that already showed interest in working for you, or access trusted influencers that can help you connect to the right people.
Although many Fortune 500 companies have only begun to exploit the potential of mobile recruiting, innovators are plowing ahead with the next generation of mobile recruiting. RecruitAlliance is a Vendor Management portal that connects hiring companies with quality staffing agencies.  Employer access is available to qualified companies at no cost, and it simplifies the process of engaging and working with search firms and agencies.  To learn more, visit    

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