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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about, Recruiter Top 10: Mobile Recruiting tools, Hiring Stories: What to expect when you enter the work force, Training might be the best way to keep employees engaged. If you’re an agency recruiter or hiring company, stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

Recruiter Top 10: Mobile Recruiting tools: Welcome to Top 10,’s weekly rundown of the best of the best in recruiting! Every Friday, we release a list of some of our favorite people, things, and ideas dominating the industry. From awesome tech tools and cool companies to great books and powerful trends, no stone in the recruiting space will be left unturned. …Read More….

Hiring Stories: What to expect when you enter the work force: Welcome to Recruiter Q&A, where we pose employment-related questions to the experts and share their answers! Have a question you’d like to ask? Leave it in the comments, and you might just see it in the next installment of Recruiter Q&A! …Read More…

Training might be the best way to keep employees engaged: Increased rates of job hopping and decreased rates of employee engagement pose significant challenges to employers in today’s day and age, but there may be a way to combat both of these problems at once: relevant training and development. According to a survey conducted by learning management system (LMS) provider Bridge, training ranks highest on many employees’ workplace wish lists – higher even than mentorships, tuition reimbursement programs, sabbaticals, and international fellowships …Read More…

“Do the things you like to be happier, stronger & more successful. Only so is hard work replaced by dedication.” – Rossana Condoleo

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