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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about, How to build a high performance sourcing department, Job search round table podcast, Why Talent acquisition is one of the best jobs in HR, If you are looking to hire, stop by and visit  RecruitAlliance.

How to build a high performance sourcing department: In my over 16+ years of experience in sourcing, I have built successful sourcing models in corporate, RPO, and agency organizations. These successful sourcing models have spanned multiple industries, such as financial services, technology, consulting, and health care. During this time, I have learned some valuable lessons on the keys to building a high-performance sourcing. … Read More…

Job search round table podcast: Hannah Morgan ( and Chris Fields ( are back for another great conversation about all things job search. In this jam packed episode we will discuss the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft that just occurred hours earlier. Plus we’ll cover topics such as job hunting while living …Read More…

Why Talent acquisition is one of the best jobs in HR: Talent Acquisition, or Recruitment, is a critical HR function. We’ve all heard about the “war for talent” and staffing services is now a $122 billion dollar industry (according to the American Staffing Association). Recruiting is both an art and a science and good recruiters are worth their weight in gold. Here are 5 reasons why Talent Acquisition is one of the best jobs in HR ... Read More…

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