HR Reaches a Good Design in Technology

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Today, we’re going to share some great articles about, Employee confidence in pay and business outlook reaches new high, Good design in HR tech, How to find special recruits, if you are looking to hire. stop by and visit RecruitAlliance.

Employee confidence in pay and business outlook reaches new high: New findings from the Glassdoor UK Employment Confidence Survey1 reveal that employees are more confident than ever of a pay rise, yet women still lag behind men when it comes to expectations of earning more money. Forty one percent of employees …Read More…

Good design in HR tech: HR technologists have recently jumped on the bandwagon of good design, which is awesome. It’s about time. What is good design? Dieter Rams offered ten principles for good design, and it applies to almost everything in life. Simply speaking, good…Read More…

You complete me! How to find special recruits: I wonder how many directors have wanted to say those words when interviewing a star candidate. When that special someone says yes, the c-suite no longer feels so empty. Directors have the vision; their stars bring it to life. They finish each other’s mission statements, understanding that work is not just about “show me the money”, but how you inspire your peers and enhance your profession. Just look at …Read More…

“Determination – it’s the key to all human success.” - Thomas A. Edison

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