Twitter and Recruiting: Candidate Sourcing Made Simple

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Are you using Twitter to locate, identify and source candidates in your recruiting practice? If not, you may be missing out on thousands of dollars in placement fees annually.

How do you leverage this social networking site to effectively increase candidate flow? Today, we'll focus on how search professionals can utilize Twitter and begin uncovering more quality talent than ever before.

    First Thing First

If you haven't already done so, go to, and sign up for your free account. Once you've confirmed your email address, immediately take the time to upload your photo and complete your profile. This way, you are searchable within the network, and you're ready to begin tweeting as needed.

    Increase Interest in Your Jobs

You have up to 140 characters to capture the attention of potential candidates. Keep your job ads short and pithy, and be sure to use hashtags, so your keywords are searchable. Some of the most widely searched terms used by recruiters include: #job, #employment, #hiring, #salesjob, #recruiting, #career, #nursingjob, etc. Pick and choose your hashtags wisely, because they are a part of your total character count.

    Build a Following

The goal in using Twitter is to build relationships with clients and job candidates. To find these individuals, go to, and search by industry, hashtag, location, etc. Using this method, you'll successfully source numerous relevant contacts. Follow targeted people, and they often will reciprocate.

Twitter is one social networking tool that can lead you to more canddidates and potential clients. Other sites, such as, further assist recruiters in sending their tweets to targeted audiences, with limited effort.

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