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Twitter and Recruiting: Candidate Sourcing Made Simple

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Are you using Twitter to locate, identify and source candidates in your recruiting practice? If not, you may be missing out on thousands of dollars in placement fees annually.

How do you leverage this social networking site to effectively increase candidate flow? Today, we'll focus on how search professionals can utilize Twitter and begin uncovering more quality talent than ever before.

    First Thing First

If you haven't already done so, go to, and sign up for your free account. Once you've confirmed your email address, immediately take the time to upload your photo and complete your profile. This way, you are searchable within the network, and you're ready to begin tweeting as needed.

    Increase Interest in Your Jobs

You have up to 140 characters to capture the attention of potential candidates. Keep your job ads short and pithy, and be sure to use hashtags, so your keywords are searchable. Some of the most widely searched terms used by recruiters include: #job, #employment, #hiring, #salesjob, #recruiting, #career, #nursingjob, etc. Pick and choose your hashtags wisely, because they are a part of your total character count.

    Build a Following

The goal in using Twitter is to build relationships with clients and job candidates. To find these individuals, go to, and search by industry, hashtag, location, etc. Using this method, you'll successfully source numerous relevant contacts. Follow targeted people, and they often will reciprocate.

Twitter is one social networking tool that can lead you to more canddidates and potential clients. Other sites, such as, further assist recruiters in sending their tweets to targeted audiences, with limited effort.

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How to destroy your talent brand (and tips to avoid it)

RecruitAlliance helps HR and hiring organizations streamline their workflow, and build a better talent brand.

RecruitAlliance helps HR and hiring organizations streamline their workflow, and build a better talent brand.

Today, companies and specifically Human Resources departments, work tirelessly to create a positive talent brand.  What types of situations can quickly damage their reputation and create a permanent, negative image in the minds of current employees, applicants, and prospective candidates?  Let's take a closer look.

Here are three essential areas that equal disaster, if not managed properly by HR and Senior Management:

1.  No Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to a business practice that involves participating in initiatives that benefit society.  More organizations are implementing processes that allow them to lower pollution and resource use, increase recycling activities, and give back to the communities in which they do business.  With social media use so common and information instantly accessible via the Internet, it's easy for potential customers to see what their favorite companies are doing to better the planet.  With this trending focus on corporate social responsibility policies, failure to establish, maintain, and highlight what your organization is doing to meet objectives can hurt the organization, quickly.

2. Customer Service Failures

Nothing hurts branding worse than when your employees don't understand the impact they make on their external customers.  From inbound phone calls in HR, to insincere responses to consumer email inquiries, a negative experience by your customers can create major waves in your organization's reputation.  Those who have a poor experience may complain to potential customers and prevent them from working with a company or even take their issues to social media sites. This can cause a client's bad experience to go viral and hinder an organization's attempts to improve its reputation.  By providing teams with access to training and implementing a quality management strategy, customer service failures can be minimized.  This simple solution stands to protect and ultimately enhance your company's reputation.

2. Low Employee Satisfaction

As a company, if you're not focused on keeping your employees happy, you're not only harming your talent brand; you're profitability is likely suffering.  A Towers Perrin-ISR study found a staggering difference between high-engagement and low-engagement companies. Operating margin was 3.74 percent for high-engagement firms versus -2.01 percent for low-engagement firms. Additionally, net profit margin was 2.06 percent for high-engagement companies versus -1.38% for low-engagement companies. Satisfied teams are more likely to feel positively about their jobs and have a stronger sense of attachment to their employers. This makes it easier for them to encourage others to try a brand's products or services and promote the company even when they aren't on the job.  Brands with good reputations, such as Google, Whole Foods Market and Facebook, are often known for being some of the happiest places to work.

In 4 Ways to Prevent Damage to your Talent Brand, you'll learn that angry customers and bad product reviews certainly take their toll, but the worst publicity from a talent-brand standpoint comes from employees or former employees, who now have the power to broadcast their dissatisfaction through social networking.  Read more.

RA launches RecruitAlliance India, as part of International Expansion

RA Clear Crisp no shadow RA launches RecruitAlliance India, as part of International Expansion

RecruitAlliance is a Vendor Management Solution for hiring organizations that saves them time and money, while drastically improving their workflow.

Since 2001, RecruitAlliance has been connecting employers and recruiting agencies, through their proprietary, cloud-based, vendor management portal.  Headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, the company recently launched operations in Hyderabad, India.

In the U.S., RA’s recruiting tool has aided some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 organizations in reducing their spend per hire, mitigating risk, and optimizing the talent acquisition process, across their enterprises.

Over the company’s 15 years in operation, RecruitAlliance has helped employers and recruiting vendors successfully collaborate to fill more than 17,000 critical requisitions and earn millions of dollars in fees.   The website is user-friendly, while effectively tracking and managing candidate submissions for fee-eligible openings at entities of all sizes.  RA’s solution works alone or in tandem with other applicant tracking systems on the market.  Employers may join the website and utilize this powerful tool at no cost.

According to the company’s Director and Chief Technology Officer, Chandra Shekar Reddy, the decision to begin operations in India is the result of several key factors.  “India is a fast growing economy and with the recent change in government, the focus has shifted to employment, industry, and skill development.  The business community is very optimistic on high growth in both the short and long-term.   Massive growth in e-commerce has led to volume hiring, and successful organizations such as Amazon and Alibaba are already considering India as their next potential investment.”

Existing U.S. clients, such as Wells Fargo, Bayer, American Greetings, Dollar General, Wesco Distribution, TRW and others are poised to benefit from RA’s International growth, as they can access a single platform for their global talent acquisition operations.  Enterprises and businesses who are looking for expansion in both countries can use RA to quickly ramp up their headcounts and gain competitive edge.

RecruitAlliance offers a proven and validated vendor marketplace, reducing their cost per hire and time to fill ratios.  Employer members can build a network of recruiting partners who produce results, while positively impacting their organizational retention rates.  To learn more about RecruitAlliance India, contact their office directly:

Hyderabad Office:  +91-99084-66996

Email: or


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