How to Build a Better Talent Acquisition Process in your Organization

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Regardless of the size or perceived prestige of your company, the chances are highly probable you are struggling to attract and hire top talent. Here are some interesting statistics to consider:

76% of job seekers want to know why the company is an attractive place to work
70% of candidates wish to know about compensation package details
60% of job seekers want to see an overview of the company's mission, vision, and values
62% of job seekers want details on the benefits package
55% of candidates want basic company details like office locations, number of employees, and revenue

Is your Human Resources department providing candidates with the information necessary to make a quality decision on a timely basis? Is your recruiting process well-defined and efficient, enabling you to provide your candidates with a hiring time-line that manages their expectations? Creating a positive candidate experience builds your talent brand while ensuring your company has the right people in place to move ahead of your competition. What improvements can HR make create the best experience for your internal and external customers?

Here are four tips to help you build a better talent acquisition process, across your enterprise.

1. Define your recruiting process. Train your team on their role in sourcing, screening, and hiring candidates. Leverage your external search partners to uncover those passive candidates who you won't otherwise gain access to. Making a great hire should be a simple, straight-forward procedure at all times.

2. Eliminate all candidate barriers from the recruitment process. From the time your candidate submits their application, they should feel like they have an open means of communication with you. If you aren't effectively communicating with your candidates when they want to work for you, how positive will the experience be as an employee? HR has the challenging job of creating a quality experience for all applicants.

3. Have a well-integrated Social Media campaign. Have your Social Media Manager personally invite your candidates to follow you on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Make your talent acquisition process as personal as possible for the candidate. A candidate referral is a valuable return for creating an amazing experience.

4. Consider implementing a program like Total Recruiter Management by RecruitAlliance - a no-cost solution to help you manage your external recruiting partnerships more efficiently and effectively. If working with third-party agencies is not centralized and managed, you are likely way over your recruiting buget. Total Recruiter Management helps you reduce costs, mitigate risk, use one contract - one fee, and offers a seamless and secure platform to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships with new and preferred recruiting partners. To learn more, click here.

Winning the war for talent requires eliminating inefficient processes and implementing solutions. When you focus on improving the candidate experience, building a better talent brand, and incorporating new technologies like Total Recruiter Management by RecruitAlliance, you're creating a win-win for your team and entire enterprise.


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