Intel is focusing on Diversifying its Workforce, and why your organization should, too.

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RecruitAlliance helps organizations meet their diversity objectives.

RecruitAlliance helps organizations meet their diversity objectives.

Intel's CEO has announced they will invest $300 Million to support Diversity recruitment and retention in technology and gaming. At the helm, Brian Krzanich further stated "he will tie executive compensation to the progress on building a more diverse workforce." What is prompting such a bold move in Intel's strategy? Is it time for more organizations to take a microscopic look at diversity in their culture, and make similar adjustments to their diversity recruitment strategy? Read more.

Companies that make diversity a priority are winning the war for talent. Not only are they recruiting people from underrepresented groups at a faster rate, but studies show young people—including straight, white, able-bodied men—want to work at inclusive workplaces. In What's Missing from your Diversity Recruitment Strategy, you learn what great companies like AT&T and Toyota are bringing to the table on this issue. Read more.

The business case has been made: workforce diversity will help your organization reach new markets and develop greater intellectual capital. Fortune magazine's "50 Best Companies for Asians, Blacks and Hispanics" continue to outperform the S&P 500. But to leverage diversity, you must first have it--at all levels. In Getting People in The Pool: Diversity Recruitment that Works, you'll see the business case for why your organization should look for diverse staff as well as gain access to information and tools you can implement immediately. This is "must-read" material for CEOs, department managers and association professionals engaged in human resources and staff recruitment. Read more.

Within organizations where diversity recruiting is recognized as a business case issue, many of them struggle with achieving the level of employee diversity desired or often required for success. Unfortunately, far too many hiring officials who are responsible for creating diversity in their organizations fail to realize that recruiting diversity is truly a science. In Strategic Diversity Recruiting Process: It’s the Process That Creates Success, you'll discover how failure to understand this basic truth leads to abortive and fruitless forays and the mistaken conclusion that the problem is one of “supply and demands” (i.e., too few diverse candidates to fill the large demand). The solution to the problem often lies in the process used for recruiting. Read more.

Key objectives for an effective recruitment strategy are:

  • Outreach to the most diverse candidate pools about your department’s employment opportunities at the time of posting or sooner
  • Attracting qualified candidates where the diversity of the applicant pool is less than desired, specifically with regard to women and minorities. The development of a diversity recruitment strategy should include a formal review of your department’s current business processes (i.e. internal controls) and modifying them to complement your current diversity recruitment strategy.

  • The University of Michigan has put together a Diversity Hiring Toolkit that serves as an excellent resource for companies of any size. Review the toolkit now.

    Intel's goal is to "lead by example" in the diversification of its workforce. If your organization has struggled in the War for Top Talent, it's time to take stock of your Diversity strategy.


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