Team Recruiting: How to Hire Talent Acquisition Professionals who Meet their Targets

If you speak with any recruiting agency owner, nearly all are tired of 'the revolving door' associated with finding and hiring a staff who can hit their placement goals. Staffing and recruiting is a sales role, and it's tough to find individuals who can get past the routine consistent rejection, routine cold calls, and the pressure to produce.

What can agency owner's do, to create a working environment to ensure recruiters can be their very best? How can you make your search firm more attractive to prospective personnel than your competition? In Six Things Recruiters Want, you'll see that creating a positive and desirable working environment doesn't always boil down to compensation. Read more.

Have you ever considered avoiding the pitfalls of hiring a recruiting team, and utilizing split partners to accomplish your goals? We've all heard about the pros and cons of working as part of a split network--but what if you could experience only the positives, and begin making more placements right away? Imagine no payroll, no additional office expenses, and the ability to fill more of your clients' jobs, faster. In The Split Networking Strategy: Happy Clients, Content Candidates, and Increased Billings, you'll see how splits can exponentially increase your business by simply adjusting the way your agency currently conducts business. Read more.

When it comes to enhancing the performance of your recruiters, what incentives do you offer or programs do you have in place to motivate the team? Earlier, we talked about the fact compensation isn't the number one driver for search professionals to join your firm, but it can certainly be used as a tool to increase billings. In Raise the Grade on Recruitment Performance with Quarterly Incentives, you'll see exactly how apply the right pressure, at the right time--and create the results you're looking for. Read more.

Are you running a "bricks and mortar" recruiting agency, or have you joined the ranks of many to become a part of the virtual business revolution? When you compare and contrast the expenses of remaining in an office environment versus working from home, you can quickly see the reasons operating a virtual agency is so attractive. In Making Virtual Teams Work: Ten Basic Principles, you'll discover how to set yourself up for success virtually, and create a winning game plan for your agency. Read more.


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