Passive Candidate Search: Beginning Boolean Techniques

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Passive Candidate Search - Beginning Boolean TechniquesHave you ever worked with an exceptional Sourcer, who can literally uncover lists of qualified, passive candidates in a very short amount of time?  Do you have to pay hundreds of dollars per month for subscription-based services that provide you with the very same information you could easily obtain, if you knew Boolean?  Have you always wanted to learn how to conduct Boolean search, but just never had enough time to get started?

SplitAlliance, powered by RA, would like to invite you to download our latest, complimentary White Paper.

Download - Passive Candidate Search:  Beginning Boolean Techniques today.

If you have not used this powerful search technique previously, this is the perfect place to start.  When you download this compelling document, you'll learn:

~ What is Boolean search, and how can recruiters effectively use it to identify passive candidates.

~ Which search engines are best for use with Boolean, and what are the differences between them when conducting a search.

~ Success tips, tricks, and best practices for the beginning Boolean user - with 'Plug and Search'

If you've always wanted to learn Boolean search techniques, this White Paper will give you the foundation you need to grow as a Search Professional.  In coming weeks, we'll also be offering an Intermediate and Advanced report.

Download - Passive Candidate Search:  Beginning Boolean Techniques today.

Did you know that SplitAlliance, powered by RecruitAlliance, not only facilitates split placement between recruiters...but also connects you to full-fee eligible job orders, posted by clients?  Stop cold calling companies to market your best candidates, and submit them directly to some of the top companies from around the world.  Visit our website, or contact us to learn more.


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