Candidate Marketing Tips – 3 Simple Steps to Create More Business for Your Recruiting Agency

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Regardless of whether the economy is down or on the upswing, understanding how to market your most placable candidate(s) or MPCs, is one key driver of revenue for any staffing and recruiting agency. How can you identify the right candidate to market, and what steps can you take to get them placed in the shortest amount of time? How can marketing your MPCs lead to increased business for your entire firm, and place you ahead of your competitors?

Here are three easy steps to ensure your candidate marketing efforts lead to an expanded bottom-line.

1. Identify your most placable candidates using a very strict set of guidelines, and obtain their buy-in. It's critical the individual you spend time 'pitching' to prospective and current clients has been thoroughly vetted and understands you will be actively selling them to the 10 - 20 companies the two of you have mutually identified as target employers. It's your job to have on-going communication with this candidate, to assure he/she continues to be on-board with the process. Remember, your MPC is almost always a passive candidate you've uncovered, who has an exceptional background and experience-level. Put together your candidate marketing plan promptly, and begin calling target companies immediately, or you risk losing a potential placement.

2. Research, identify, and know who you're marketing your candidate to. It has happened before - recruiters attempt to present their MPC to someone other than the hiring manager or other designated decision maker, thinking this may expedite the process. If you're talking with someone who can't pull the trigger on the hire, or contribute undue influence on the process, you're likely wasting your time. If you haven't identified who the actual hiring authority is spend some time on the phone calling in to each target organization. Gatekeepers, operators, and administrative assistants can be an excellent source of information. Get creative. Leveraging on line tools like LinkedIn, Hoovers, or ZoomInfo can quickly provide additional information before making the presentation call.

3. Prepare before you present. Write down a suitable candidate marketing script, and spend time practicing before you make the first call. Create your script around gaining the hiring manager's attention, eliminating spontaneous rejection, and quickly cultivating a mutually beneficial conversation.

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Candidate marketing, when done according to these suggestions, ensures you'll make more placements on a regular and consistent basis. This not only impacts the bottom line of your agency, but serves to enhance your firm's reputation. When you deliver exceptional talent to any entity through your consistent marketing efforts, you're not only increasing your revenue and value in the industry--you're creating a culture of satisfied clients and candidates.


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