Recruiters and LinkedIn: Maximizing Results and Connections

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For many staffing and recruiting specialists, LinkedIn is their social network of choice, for a variety of reasons. It can literally serve as a directory of both passive and active candidates across all industries, the number of members increases daily, and it's geared to professional networking audiences.

How can recruiting agencies, independent recruiters, and search consultant's set themselves up for success on LinkedIn, and optimize their use of this popular social channel?

Let's explore the top five ways you can take control of your LinkedIn account, to ensure you develop more meaningful business relationships.

1. Open a dialogue immediately upon notification a connection request has been accepted. Whether you sent the invitation or accepted one, it's always a good idea to send your new contact a quick message letting them know a little more about what you do, and offering to assist them in their networking efforts. This small effort will open the door to future communication, and will help differentiate you from other connections on LinkedIn.

2. Focus on inviting and accepting only strategic connections. If you exclusively recruit director-level and above professionals in the engineering space, you want to focus on building a strong network that includes your clients and candidates. It doesn't make sense for you to accept random connection requests, and networking efforts with professionals other than your focus will not result in future placements.

3. Leverage an automated drip-campaign, to turn-on the flow of communication. Each time a new user is added to your network, add them to your email list. There are a variety of email marketing companies who offer customized services to assist recruiters in keeping the discussion moving. If you choose not to utilize a paid service, you can set up a spreadsheet, and manually email your list on a consistent basis.

4. InMails - give them a reason to respond. One of the benefits of purchasing a premium membership with LinkedIn, is the ability to contact 2nd and 3rd level connections through LinkedIn's messaging system, called InMail. Just like sending any other communication, you must have a compelling subject line, and engage your reader by writing from the viewpoint of "what's in it for them." Remember, if they are a passive candidate, a great job opportunity is not something they are even considering at this point. In many cases, finding another reason (other than a job) is an excellent reason for them to contact you.

5. Groups - a quick way to extend your reach and connections. Currently, on LinkedIn you may belong to up to 50 groups. In each group, you have the ability to send private messages to all of the members. The only exception is when a member opts out of receiving group messages (which is far less prevalent). Groups are an excellent way to connect with candidates in your recruitment space, or hiring clients.

LinkedIn continues to be the recruiters' social network of choice, because it provides multiple ways to enhance communication with candidates, clients and prospective clients.

Other than LinkedIn, what is your favorite social media venue for connecting and working with new prospects?


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