Do video interviews really decrease time to hire?

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In today’s busy HR office, there are increasingly more solutions to make your job easier, new technology to streamline your internal processes, and quite frankly, not enough time in the day to evaluate all of them. Add the challenge of having additional resources necessary to implement adopted software or cloud-solutions, and it only adds to the time taken away from your regular tasks. Video interviewing has been rapidly gaining momentum since approximately 2011. For companies who focus on reducing costs associated with candidate travel, increasing candidate engagement, and reduce overall time to hire, the data on implementing video interviewing is positive.

According to, “27 percent of organizations currently use video-enabled talent acquisition….for companies who have are not using it, 30 percent intend to invest in a video interviewing solution within the next 12 months.”

While adopting new technologies in human resources and recruitment can lead to greater efficiency and overall effectiveness, it must be part of a greater strategy to implement change organization-wide. Oftentimes, slow adopters can stifle the intended results of integration and cost-reduction. This can negatively impact:

  • time to hire
  • accurate reporting and metrics within HR and with external staffing and recruitment agencies
  • loss of branding opportunities
  • personalization of the recruiting process

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As hiring companies compete in “the war on talent,” they become more focused on consistently improving the candidate experience. While video interviewing is perceived negatively by some candidates with technology reluctance, most find it convenient, mobile, and time-saving.

Many quick adopters of video interviewing believe it will replace the phone and face-to-face meeting in the near future.

What are your thoughts on utilizing video interviewing?
If your company has already adopted the technology, have you seen an impact to your department’s bottom line?

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