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Efficiently uncover top talent during the holidays

RecruitAlliance 2.0 is the perfect place to uncover top talent during the holidays.

The time between Thanksgiving and the first of the new year is traditionally challenging for recruiters. Prior to transitioning to a new role, candidates may prefer to remain in their present position or even take time-off while the kids are on winter break. For candidates who are looking for an immediate position, hiring companies often have budgetary constraints or they may not have the manpower for on-boarding, due to the increase of employee vacations during this time period.

As a recruiter, it's imperative to engage your candidates, so they are ready, willing and able to start at the right time, for all parties involved.

Here are 3 tips to uncover top talent during the holidays, while focusing on creating a positive candidate experience.

1. Begin your recruiting calls earlier. During the busy month of December, many candidates leave the office earlier for holiday parties, family commitments, PTO, etc. Catch them first thing in the morning, and you have a better chance of scheduling a phone interview. For those candidates you plan to move forward in the hiring process after the holidays, and early morning "check-in" call is the perfect time to stay connected.

2. Leverage SMS messaging (with candidate's permission), to stay in touch. Texting is a great way to send a quick reminder or check to see if it's a good time for a call. In today's mobile society, every recruiter should be obtaining their candidates' cell phone as early as possible in the relationship.

3. Snail mail is the new "competitive advantage" for recruiters, during the holidays. A great way to keep your valued candidates engaged this time of year is by sending a holiday card to his or her home. Consider including a small calendar or other personalized item, so your candidate will have quick-access to your contact information after the holidays.

Uncovering top talent during the holidays presents unique challenges, because it's such a busy time of the year for everyone. By making a few, common sense changes in your current workflow, you can keep your prized candidates engaged and ready to transition to their new position as soon as possible.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: RecruitAlliance releases the new, improved version 2.0

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Announcing the arrival of RecruitAlliance 2.0!  New, improved, with more functionality.

With the release of version 2.0 of the RecruitAlliance (RA) platform, hiring companies can look forward to accessing more top talent while increasing overall recruitment efficiency. This cloud-based recruitment platform was released on 11/17/2012, and the new version offers a clean, sleek design, coupled with a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

Since 2001, RecruitAlliance has helped employers and recruitment vendors successfully collaborate to fill over 17,000 critical job requisitions!

Some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies are using RA across their enterprises – reducing their spend, while increasing their overall efficiency. Some of the new features of Version 2.0 include:

~ the ability to track and keep internal notes of referred and external candidates
~ automatic fee calculation upon hire
~ snapshot of where every referred candidate is in the hiring process
~ a simple, one-page posting form that makes posting all fee-eligible requisitions to preferred vendors absolutely seamless
~ the RA platform is accessible across the internal recruitment team, and automatically logs the last activity; ensuring everyone is on the same page
~ updated release saves hiring organizations more time and gains greater overall recruiting effectiveness
~ employers control their relationships with third-party recruiters and the need for RFP is eliminated
~ employers who receive recruiter calls can easily refer those agencies to work on their open requisitions, directly through the RA platform with one click

Some of the benefits of joining and implementing RA across your enterprise include having a merit-based open market platform where recruiters can earn your business based on their performance, without having to cold-call your organization. Regular subscribers keep 100% of their fees and based on performance earn opportunities for exclusive and premium assignments.

Based in Stuart, Florida, RecruitAlliance has been facilitating quality relationships between hiring companies and recruiting agencies with their powerful communications and recruitment portal since 2001.

To learn more about RecruitAlliance 2.0, schedule a web-based demo by visiting

How to find the right recruiting agency to fill the job

Let RecruitAlliance connect your organization to recruitment agencies who produce results.

Depending on the size of your organization, your open requisition count may fluctuate from relatively low numbers into the hundreds at any given time. Effective management of your internal recruiting teams' req load can often require the assistance of a quality contingency recruitment firm.

How do you select the right third-party staffing company to efficiently increase your candidate pipelines, without wasting your time vetting outside vendors and haggling over fees and terms?

RecruitAlliance, the comprehensive recruitment communications platform, offers solutions to save your hiring company time and money. Serving as a powerful portal that connects vetted agencies with fee eligible requisitions, employers simply post their positions available to agency – and agencies submit their qualified candidates who meet all of the criteria set-fourth in your posting. Participating agencies agree, in advance to the terms and fees your company sets, so there's never any last minute fee negotiations.

Regardless of the number of recruiting solutions that continue to come to market, third-party recruiting agencies continue to be the number one source of top talent for most organizations. No software, social media, or email can replace the human interaction and connections that are created with external recruitment specialists.

To schedule a complimentary demo of the RecruitAlliance solution, visit

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