LinkedIn – What’s new for Corporate and Contingency Recruiters

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RecruitAlliance accomplishes recruitment results, where LinkedIn cannot!You may think you know all of the functions and features LinkedIn has to offer. Like Google, LinkedIn is involved in the race to remain competitive with all of the other sourcing tools available on the web today. There have been some new developments in the past week, and our article this week will serve as a resource for recruiters from a variety of backgrounds who rely on LinkedIn as one of their primary sourcing tools.

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Check out the news from this week with LinkedIn:

LinkedIn launched a few new tools and tinkered around with some existing ones at this week’s 2,000+ person event in Las Vegas. But that’s not all we walked away with from the user-group conference, including this: Read 14 Things we learned at the LinkedIn Conference.

Over the last two years, LinkedIn has used its fast-growing user conference to roll out products that have become such a part of the daily life of LinkedIn-o-philes that we barely remember when they didn’t exist. The idea of pushing really targeted jobs to passive job-seekers was highlighted in 2010. Read more about LinkedIn’s New Tools Measure Brand Power, and Get Your Job Listings Moved Up Top.

LinkedIn still has many flaws, but even with them, the power of the portal in the recruiting field is unmistakable. If you are a corporate recruiter and you are looking for a database or source that includes a large percentage of passive prospects, LinkedIn is simply alone at the top. Read more about the 20 Reasons Why LinkedIn Will Be the #1 Recruiting Portal of the Future.

In the past few weeks, LinkedIn has announced a doubling of revenue, acquired SlideShare, and crossed the 100-million-user mark. Facebook, meanwhile, had its much-anticipated IPO, which fell far short of optimistic expectations. Read more about Facebook Vs. LinkedIn: A Look Back.

LinkedIn has served as an exceptional tool for corporate and contingency recruiter for many years. RecruitAlliance has served the recruiting community as a liason between hiring organizations and third-party recruiters since 2001. Have you evaluated RecruitAlliance yet? The perfect time is now.....

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