Implementing the best passive sourcing plan for your organization

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In spite of the disappointing numbers provided by the U.S. Department of Labor earlier this week, forward-thinking companies are continually looking for the best tools and resources to improve the quality of their workforce. Designing and implementing a quality passive sourcing plan is the key to differentiate your company from the competition.

What's the best approach to success in passive sourcing and recruiting? How can your HR team create a pipeline of passive candidates in the most efficient manner? Let's take a look at three expert opinions:

Recruiting industry trainer, Lou Adler believes if you want to accelerate your passive recruiting efforts and believe your company is in a talent scarcity situation for most critical positions while raising the level of talent, you should consider implementing a 20/20/60 plan. Read more.....

Maureen Sharib, telephone sourcing trainer and owner of TechTrak, Inc. states approaching passive candidates requires a completely different approach by recruiters. Read more about Maureen's approach to engaging passive candidates over the phone.

Scott Love, recruiter trainer and public speaker articulates his belief that a long list of passive candidates is useless if you don't know how to engage them on the phone. Learn his methods for moving the "fence-sitting" candidate from hesitant to hired. Read more....

One proven tool that will increase quickly increase your passive candidate flow while giving you more control over the recruitment process is RecruitAlliance (RA). RA is a website that connects organizations with third-party recruiters to effectively fill your most challenging requisitions with top talent. There's never a cost for employers to become members, and this resources is an excellent way to leverage external recruiting resources without increasing costs. To learn more or receive a personal demo, click here.


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